2. Are you still mine? (Tokio Hotel/Tom Kaulitz Fanfiction) by LouNeverWanted2Dance
2. Are you still mine? (Tokio Lou B.
Tom and Jo have been best friends for so long it seems like a lifetime, but how can you turn friends into lovers? Maybe Tom is ready for the commitment, but what if now...
  • romance
  • bill
  • tokiohotel
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Tom Kaulitz - What if I would love you till the end? by BTKaulitz483
Tom Kaulitz - What if I would BTKaulitz483
Sel ist eher ein zurückhaltendes ehrgeiziges Mädchen was es in ihrer Familie nicht immer leicht hatte. trotzdem ist Tom Ihr bester Freund, bis Bill sich in ein Mädchen v...
  • againstthecurrent
  • tomkaulitz
  • chrissycostanza
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Temporary (Georg Listing Fanfic) by Maria_candy__
Temporary (Georg Listing Fanfic)by Dulce Maria
"Georg I can't keep doing this," I said softly. "Tana, you know I can't," he said stroking my cheek, wiping my tears in the process. I pushed his han...
  • billkaulitz
  • tokiohotel
  • tomkaulitz
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Un cuerpo diferente by 17Draven
Un cuerpo diferenteby 17 Draven
Bill y Tom son chicos muy diferentes ,pero tiene muchas cosas en común;ambos viven en el mismo vecindario, van a la misma escuela y al mismo grado escolar . Tanto Bil...
  • twincestnr
  • yaoi
  • tokiohotel
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To Purchase An Angel by Pinkrainbowcorn
To Purchase An Angelby Pinkrainbowcorn
On a cold night, Thomas finds himself in a red light district. There he spots a boy who he doesn't know will change his life forever. I'm not giving you more than that...
  • ephebophilia
  • homosexual
  • twincest
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Forever And Always- Tom Kaulitz. by XxThexFallenxAngelxX
Forever And Always- Tom Ginni-Lee
Add this to your reading list to get a private message as soon as a new chapter is uploaded!! This story is about two bands who meet, (The girl's are Gustav Schafer's co...
  • love
  • sarcasm
  • fanfic
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Next Door Prankster [Tokio Hotel, Bill Kaulitz] by MyTroubledMind
Next Door Prankster [Tokio Queen
After a traumatic experience Roselle moves to LA, where she is forced to live with her neighbours when her mom gets a new job. Three months of hatred is ahead of them bu...
  • shaymitchell
  • billkaulitz
  • daniellecampell
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Misión 2: Robarnos a los Novios by ximix483
Misión 2: Robarnos a los Noviosby Ximix Kaulitz
***Esta es la continuación de MISION 1: Recuperar a Ria Sommerfeld y la 2da parte de la Saga "The Missions"*** Es necesario leer la primera parte para entender...
  • billkaulitz
  • samclaflin
  • twins
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Humanoide (Tokio Hotel) by KvitkaHeo
Humanoide (Tokio Hotel)by Kvitka Heo
Después de la repentina muerte de su esposa, la vida del Científico Thomas Kaulitz se volvió un total desastre, sumido en la depresión y el abandono, toma una decisión d...
  • toll
  • gay
  • billkaulitz
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Hide and sick by Sorabu
Hide and sickby ° Sora °
Bill à été diagnostiqué dépressif il y a 3 mois, juste après la perte douloureuse de son ex petit ami, décédé dans un accident de voiture. Autant dire que la vie n'est p...
  • souffrance
  • amour
  • gay
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Segurança Particular | Bill Kaulitz by DirectionHeart
Segurança Particular | Bill Kaulitzby DAY
Bill Kaulitz estava em perigo e cabia a mim a missão de protegê-lo, o que, modéstia a parte, seria uma missão bastante simples. Afinal, eu não era a chefe de equipe mais...
  • gustavshafer
  • comedia
  • tomkaulitz
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Deseo concedido by Uniq8-3
Deseo concedidoby Uniq8-3
-Mi mejor regalo nacio 10 minutos despues de mi - Tom Kaulitz
  • toll
  • twincest
  • lemmon
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Doll: Unpublished Chapter (OS) || Sarae by MySacred
Doll: Unpublished Chapter (OS) || MySacred
Tom goes to jail... again. --- Source: Original Version: CAPÍTULO INÉDITO by SARAE. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED©
  • twc
  • sarae
  • âu
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Summer music camp with Tokio hotel by Alexxisnotok
Summer music camp with Tokio hotelby Alex Kaulitz
Alex and her friends attend music summer camp every year. However...this time her band have to face the real competition when Tokio hotel appears on a camp. Will the ban...
  • musician
  • emo
  • rock
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Locked Away by AshleyPurdy143
Locked Awayby Ashley.A.Purdy
A sequel to 'In Love With a Criminal' ~Ashley has been locked away for over 4 years now , and he thinks that that is enough. Over the years Ashley has made others his a...
  • bvb
  • gay
  • bxb
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My Angel || Bill Kaulitz x Reader by Cranbrry
My Angel || Bill Kaulitz x Readerby Cranbrry
Melanie has never been anything special, not the prettiest, relatively shy and overall living a boring life. But everything changes one afternoon where she would meet he...
  • romantisch
  • kaulitz
  • ff
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T'es qu'un gosse [OS] by Sorabu
T'es qu'un gosse [OS]by ° Sora °
"Trying to consume, the drug in me is you, and I'm so high on misery, can't you see ?"
  • tokiohotel
  • love
  • gay
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The Drug In Me Is You by Karyla
The Drug In Me Is Youby M.K.
I know they want us to pretend but I can't help but love him. They tell us to keep our relationship secret but how can I do that when all I want to do is hold him when h...
  • boyxboy
  • disorder
  • kaulitz
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Irresistible [Oneshot Bottom] by MissAnunnaki
Irresistible [Oneshot Bottom]by Anunnaki
Les traigo un oneshot Bottom... REPITO BOTTOM. Algo que no había escrito (bueno sí, pero lo había borrado) Espero que les guste. Y ya saben que me gusta lo cliché, está...
  • shota
  • tomkaulitz
  • aliens
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TH by Mel by EvelynSeroka
TH by Melby Evelyn Seroka
Melania Gregory ma 19 lat, kiedy postanawia w końcu odnaleźć swoich przyjaciół z dzieciństwa, z którymi rozdzielili ją 5 lat wcześniej rodzice przez przeprowadzkę do K...
  • emo
  • dramat
  • romans
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