Coalesce In Darkness ✧ Frerard by vampirexchild
Coalesce In Darkness ✧ Frerardby ✧
At a young age, Frank Iero is exposed to the hidden world of vampires. After never finding or seeing the man who saved his life one night again, Frank is on a desperate...
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Adopted By My Chemical Romance by BlackArrow95
Adopted By My Chemical Romanceby BlackArrow95
Jade, a sixteen year old girl, is trying to escape her past. She's spent most of her life being passed around families and adoption centres that didn't particularly want...
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  • mikeyway
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Whore //Ddlb Frerard  by papiraymondo
Whore //Ddlb Frerard by papiraymondo
In which Gerard, a sweet and kind, innocent Christian little boy's whole world is turned upside down when he finds out that Frank is being transferred to his side of the...
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  • ddlb
  • raytoro
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You Wouldn't Understand- Frerard by papiraymondo
You Wouldn't Understand- Frerardby papiraymondo
A story in which one faithful night, Frank Iero's dragged into a bar, only to meet the person who's going to change everything. Meeting Gerard, a scarce teen with major...
  • gerardway
  • mikeyway
  • mychemicalromance
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Multi x reader smutshots. by TheMadAntiFan
Multi x reader Steph Mahoney
it's in the title what else do you wanna know . OK ill tell you it includes. fall out boy. panic at the disco. twenty one pilots and my chemical romance. peirce the veil...
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Gerard Way Imagines | Book 1 | COMPLETE ✔ by LastThief
Gerard Way Imagines | Book 1 | -xoZowie
ya'll need Geesus.
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Band Pictures You Didn't Know You Needed // Volume 2 by -xFallOutGirlx-
Band Pictures You Didn't Know ♡ time to get spoopy ♡
Ayyy, here's book 2 of the trash
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  • gerardway
  • brendonurie
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Truth Or Dare ⇾ Frerard  by FlockOfBullets
Truth Or Dare ⇾ Frerard by Sam
Gerard Way is the school's Norman Bates. He's freaky, he acts like he's constantly anticipating something, and he does taxidermy. People fear him, and quite honestly, he...
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Venus As A Boy (Frerard) by violetmoreviolence
Venus As A Boy (Frerard)by v i o l e t
Gerard is an art teacher going through a sexuality crisis. Frank is a decidedly gay teen who like to dress as a girl. When Frank is put in Gerard's class, Frank is certa...
  • teacher
  • gerardway
  • frerard
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(COMPLETED) Book Two: Ablaze by tragician_child
(COMPLETED) Book Two: Ablazeby parker
based on New Moon "I knew we were both in mortal danger. Still, in that instant, I felt well. Whole. I could feel my heart racing in my chest, the blood pulsing hot...
  • frankiero
  • newmoon
  • twilight
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Frerard Smut  by paridox
Frerard Smut by paridox
My friends always joke around how I'll grow up to be a porn director someday, so I'll just embrace that gift rn 👌🏽
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B.F.F. (frerard) by iamcatastrophic
B.F.F. (frerard)by Cat
Gerard Way has wanted to be a dad ever since he was a kid but as he gets older he fears he might not be able to and tries to adopt. Unfortunately, they won't let him bec...
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Personal Bully | Gerard Way x Reader ✔ by LastThief
Personal Bully | Gerard Way x -xoZowie
"Look at you. You're such a freak." - High school was never going to be easy, you knew that from the start only travelling to America very recently. Before you...
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▽ emo memes ▽ by grrIII
▽ emo memes ▽by `ʰᵒᵖᵉˡᵉˢˢ`
memes ○ band trash emo trinity + tøp ⚝ my chemical romance ▿ panic! at the disco ▿ fall out boy ▿ +twenty øne piløts ▿ 130917
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My Chemical Romance Imagines by Courtneh_Lashton
My Chemical Romance Imaginesby Courtneh_Clifford
Read the Title sweetheart!
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#1 Frerard 08/2018. Frank is so utterly tired of his life, the routine of being broken down and told to just take it, and there are a hell of a lot of people he'd happil...
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  • romance
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Don't Look Down by xxfallout_mcrxx
Don't Look Downby Kayla
Gerard way and Frank Iero have always passed each other in the hallway but never spoke a word to one another. They are both alike in many ways. Both loners who feel like...
  • frankiero
  • frerard
  • gay
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30 Day Smut Challenge ✨Frerard✨ by fronkiethesweetbaby
30 Day Smut Challenge ✨Frerard✨by NICO AND THE NINERS
Basically the title. Enjoy my inconsistent updates and dirty minded shit. ranked #3 in #gerard #2 in #way #2 in #iero #1 in...
  • mcr
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Gay Club | Frerard + Petekey AU by stoplightglow
Gay Club | Frerard + Petekey AUby kelso
The last thing Gerard Way wants to do is join his school's Gay-Straight Alliance. He's already a loser - why would he purposely paint a bigger target on his back? Yet, a...
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  • thefirstruleofgayclub
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'did you just assign gender roles to your cat?'
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