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Murder Drones: Back in Action (A Looney Tunes Fanfic) by OrangeIdol12
Murder Drones: Back in Action (A Orange Idol
I don't really know why I made this (Warning: this fanfiction contains mild language, censored strong language, mention of polarizing historical figures, & ANGST) Murder...
Murder Drone U by Jss2141
Murder Drone Uby Jss2141
Life and Death is a choice all species have, even drones. But what happens when something occurs and you WISH you were dead? I do NOT own Murder Drones. Co-Written by...
Murder drones N x Reader  (PILOT) by That_oneWeirdo123
Murder drones N x Reader (PILOT)by Ur mom
You a non-binary disassembly drone, and three other drones named V, J, and N go to this planet to kill off a race of robots named worker bots and it seems Serial Designa...
lovers in crime ,, N x reader !! by starrynyxii
lovers in crime ,, N x reader !!by nyx
- you, Y/N, an engineer and artist, who lived a normal life before N, a disassembly drone, came into your life. - watch your life go up and down as you develop a close...
Three Girls one Guy (An N x Y/n Murder Drones Fanfic) by JJPuff0
Three Girls one Guy (An N x Y/n JJPuff0
Murder Drones X Shy Male Reader (Hiatus Until Episode 8) by ChancePaull
Murder Drones X Shy Male Reader ( That Unlucky Gamer
Murder Drones with a Shy New Character added into the mix. Pretty self-explanatory. Murder Drones belongs to Glitch Productions. May 30th: Holy crap, my first ever story...
On the other world (Human male OC x Murder Drones) by Furia512
On the other world (Human male Teutoniqe
JcJenson really screw this up - we can't argue with that. Now they try to cover their sins by... selling the planet ? What if one crafty man 'll buy it ? How he'll react...
Chaos On The Ice Sheet by SuperSpino
Chaos On The Ice Sheetby Woweebro
It's exactly what it sounds like. My continuation of Episode Five's painful cliffhanger, in which our two trios finally meet. Uzi and V misunderstand the plan and begin...
Three lifes, one drone (MURDER DRONES OC ORIGIN STORY || FANFIC) by NekoFukaa
Three lifes, one drone (MURDER Raya :^
This is a story of my murder drones oc SD-CR-025 (or just CR-025). Also this is made just for fun. Thank you and enjoy! ^^
Serial Designation? by Lun-1c
Serial Designation?by Lun1c
A five year old Izuku has just been diagnosed quirkless, and his mother dying in a villain attack that ends up destroying his home, homeless he wanders Takoba Municipal...
Don't Leave Me by Super_Trexation
Don't Leave Meby Super Trexation
When will you realize you can't apologize to your friend after they died? When will you reject the fact they're gone? A certain Disassembly Drone never asked those quest...
Only Human (Female Murder Drones x Male Human Reader) by The_Cosmic_Jester
Only Human (Female Murder Drones Marx/TMK
Upon landing on Copper 9 after escaping Earth's destruction, you find that the planet is inhabited by a bunch of drones. One of them, Uzi Doorman, finds you and quickly...
Murder Drones Oneshots (mostly Nuzi) by PrincessWizzy1
Murder Drones Oneshots (mostly PrincessWizzy1
Oneshots based of the amazing YouTube series murder drones. I'm open to requests in the comments, this is my first ever book (:
yo en murder drones by CiroToledo
yo en murder dronesby Ciro Toledo
esta historia hare que el prota un woker drone que despierta pero la memoria ram del robot que esta el prota hace que tenga amnesia
Of Drones and Logic by Jackattack90909
Of Drones and Logicby Jackattack90909
After he threw himself off the Nemisis when he sustained a fatal injury, Shockwave awakens in a new body on a new planet but he isn't alone. He makes peace with the disa...
The Spider Drone by Stormi1012
The Spider Droneby Stormi
A worker drone leaves his home in the middle of the night to find a place for himself in the desolate ruins of Copper-9. Out here, he encounters a disassembly drone unli...
"I Can Fix Her" Serial Designation J X (M) Reader [Murder Drones Fanfic] by SwimmingInNowhere
"I Can Fix Her" Serial SwimmingInNowhere
After a near death experience, you met what others fear, the murderous and distinctive J. Something inside her stopped her from killing you after a short interaction. an...
Murder Drones J-sekai by gatekeeper66
Murder Drones J-sekaiby gatekeeper66
So, unexpectedly, I ended up in Murder Drones as J. Honestly not the worst thing ever to happen to me, and that's a very in a nutshell description, but let's see where t...