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An interesting "Drone" by xXsnipercraft55
An interesting "Drone"by MWladFrFr
After the events of Destiny 2, Cayde 6 finds himself waking up in a earth where a mysterious company wants him to go on a mission on a planet called copper nine. Since c...
Sonic x Murder Drones by FireyAngelBoi
Sonic x Murder Dronesby FireyAngelBoi
So I just thought of this cool story thing since I been binging murder drones a bit. If this does well I'll make more. Update 5/13/23: holy shit I'm #2 on murderdrones...
Worker!Drone x V by Zamasu1226
Worker!Drone x Vby Zamasu1226
The non-mature story of you and a psycho drone working your romance out. #1 Non-mature Murder Drones story half of the time.
N X Reader - Lover Drones~ by TattletailPasta
N X Reader - Lover Drones~by ❦~𝐓𝐓𝐏
Since the moment (Y/N) and N met, they've been murdering together, and being useless together! One day, they meet Uzi, who becomes a great friend to them. Uzi notices th...
Titanfall: Murder Drones by BlazeSaber00
Titanfall: Murder Dronesby Ghost Recon
(Titanfall x Murder Drones Crossover) ========== Summary: On an exoplanet known as Copper 9, which is owned by a mining corporation known as JCJenson, suddenly explodes...
H U N G E R (Y/N x Murder Drones) by SHARKSANS
H U N G E R (Y/N x Murder Drones)by Sharksans697
Twisting, & Turning it never stops, it never ends, you always feel it. H U N G E R Murder Drones owned by Glitch Studio. I don't even know how but as of 4...
Human Male Oc X Murder Drones | Frozen Tomb by ShaggyhoboJoe
Human Male Oc X Murder Drones |
The story begins by a lone wanderer by the name of Y/N L/N getting hired to JCJenson. Y/N former work for Robco (fallout universe) and now heading towards copper-9 to as...
Of drones and logic by Jackattack90909
Of drones and logicby Jackattack90909
What if in the 3rd season finally, deadlock, Shockwave suffered a fatal injury by Optimus prime and forced into stasis, descending to Earth's oceans to be found 90 years...
Murder drones N x Reader  (PILOT) by That_oneWeirdo123
Murder drones N x Reader (PILOT)by Ur mom
You a non-binary disassembly drone, and three other drones named V, J, and N go to this planet to kill off a race of robots named worker bots and it seems Serial Designa...
Murder Drone Isekai by ItztrishaYamato
Murder Drone Isekaiby GlemdaAoki
I was bored k and i kept having this imagination in my mind, Both Uncanon and Canon Inspired by the Other Murder Drone isekai I stealed the title because i don't have be...
Murder Drones: Hidden Code by AzureusTheGreatJoker
Murder Drones: Hidden Codeby Azureus TheGreatJoker
The story of an aloof big brother of Uzi, a Drone of customization, with the program of a Worker Drone, and the body of a Disassembly Drone replica. French speaker, dadd...
Dead Dreams by Grilled_Tomato_SaUcE
Dead Dreamsby Tomato SauCe
This is a Uzi x V fanfiction <3 After the random outburst at the camp (this story's taking place from ep.4- cabin fever) N forces V to help out with Uzi. After V and...
𝐁𝐎𝐎𝐓𝐈𝐍𝐆 𝐔𝐏[?] // his visor doesn't show his eyes, it shows nothing but pitch black, a void inside of it, a blackhole trapped within yet he can see the light shi...
Drone Swap-Murder Drones by Serial_Designation_S
Drone Swap-Murder Dronesby xzombie adrianx
A story swapping N and Uzi, N is now a worker drone with a down right awful mother and Uzi is a dissasembly drone that never seems to do well enough. Some other characte...
Skater Drone (Murder Drones X Male Reader) by MoltenFreddyFan38
Skater Drone (Murder Drones X Molten Studios
A heart-warming story of "destroy all humans." Uzi, a sardonic teen helper robot gone rogue befriends N, an excitable optimistic Murder Drone sent to destroy h...
Cheer Captain [Lizzy x Doll MD] by BillzoButYoung
Cheer Captain [Lizzy x Doll MD]by Samuel
This is a Lizzy X Doll LESBAIN fanfic (if you are homophobic or transphobic do not read as this has headcannons such as trans Thad and lesbian Lizzy and Doll.) More head...
✿ "I'm Serial Designation (L)." ✿ by Demon_Murder
✿ "I'm Serial Designation (L)." ✿by Demonslayermurder
Her real name was Y/n, yet she doesn't trust anyone but still can be a great help no matter what. She just doesn't want others to call her by her actual name. (L) - Let...