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This Is Going To Suck. (Sam fan fiction) by honeybeesgobuzzz
This Is Going To Suck. (Sam fan Summer
Rose lived the same routine everyday. Eat, work, sleep, repeat. Working for Joja started to chip away at her soul. In dire need for a change she turned to the letter her...
Mirroring the Endless Night | Elliott x Female Farmer | by SomberSummerRain
Mirroring the Endless Night | SomberSummerRain
With a silent huff slipping past his lips, Elliott pulled his notepad closer to him and clicked the end of his pen, scratching it's tip on the edge of the paper to get t...
Shane(Stardew Valley) x Reader shots by MyLifeAsAPygmyPuff
Shane(Stardew Valley) x Reader MyLifeAsAPygmyPuff
These are my ShaneShots. They're Shane x reader oneshots taking place in Pelican Town in the Stardew Valley video game. They're all romantic little short stories, no lem...
Stardew Valley Sebastian x Reader by AsinineK9
Stardew Valley Sebastian x Readerby AsinineK9
Fem!Reader You are just starting to get a feel for this strange new town. It's not easy, but it sure is easier than learning how to farm. Through all the meeting people...
Fandom Memes by Maddiepost_stuff
Fandom Memesby Maddiepost_stuff
It's just filled with Memes I think are funny.
Skater boy (Sam x reader) by LK_11037
Skater boy (Sam x reader)by Fletch
It my bf (sadly not irl) from Stardew Valley SAM!!! He doesn't get enough appreciation in my opinion, so here we are!! When Y/N moves into Pelican Town for a fresh start...
Elliott x Reader One Shots - Stardew Valley by EssentiallyEccentric
Elliott x Reader One Shots - M. Adele
Listen, I think we could all use a little fluffy escape to get through the day so I'm gonna write some entirely self-indulgent Stardew inspired one-shots. You don't nece...
Sebastian <3 by blueberrynjoypods
Sebastian <3by blueberrynjoypods
Made for the touch starved Stardew valley players who simp over tall skinny emo dudes. Contains ~smut~ and ~angst~ Art is NOT mine, credits to cynical.stith on tumblr ...
The Blossom of Spring[ Stardew Valley ] by FeelBadInc_
The Blossom of Spring[ Stardew BadInc
( A story based off a game called Stardew Valley ) Lemon, who is a normal human being has been working for Joja Corporation for a few years now since she graduated fr...
Willows of Riverside by shadowlightslol34
Willows of Riversideby Ash Yoshida
A strange person who dons a mask whenever she goes out moves into Stardew Valley as the new farmer. The people are confused by her strange actions and attire and rumors...
The Other Problem :: Sebastian x Sam  by stardew_babe
The Other Problem :: Sebastian x anonymous
Abby says that we're just having fun, that we make eachother feel good and it doesn't hurt anyone, which, I guess, is true. She doesn't know that every once and a while...
Farmer's Life For Two (A Stardew Valley Alex X Reader Love Story) by Alpha-Shewolf
Farmer's Life For Two (A Stardew Rachael Aizawa
Y/n is the new farm girl in town. She came to Stardew Valley for a new start. She makes some friends, and finds one boy interesting but so does someone else. Read to fin...
The New Face || Shane x Reader (Stardew Valley) by lameb0ii
The New Face || Shane x Reader ( dank
After quitting your old job at an exploiting company in the city, you decided to pack your belongings and permanently move to Pelican Town to where your grandfather's fa...
Stardew Valley Group Chat by pastelrose69
Stardew Valley Group Chatby Pastel Rose
WARNING: very memey and definitely on crack
𝖊𝖙𝖊𝖗𝖓𝖆𝖑𝖑𝖞. (stardew valley) by yourlocalcostco
𝖊𝖙𝖊𝖗𝖓𝖆𝖑𝖑𝖞. (stardew zomi ☺︎
every night she tries to sleep, she awakes to an aggressively violent nightmare where the world is desolate and on fire, forcing her to face her fears and insecurities. ...
Stardew Valley || Oneshots and Scenarios by mistercontract
Stardew Valley || Oneshots and Video Games
A collection of oneshots, scenarios and stories of the residents of Stardew Valley. Featuring you, the reader! Cover Art: meyoco on Instagram
A Stardew Story/ Male reader x Stardew valley Girls by thekahootlord
A Stardew Story/ Male reader x TheKahootLord
You are a young man who just quit his job so he could run a farm, who said it was going to be easy. All these girls in the town don't think so either but you will try y...
Isolated (Stardew Valley) by deceiviing
Isolated (Stardew Valley)by mae
As June settles back into Pelican Town for a fresh start, she expects a calm and peaceful life devoid of any haunting memories from the city. Little does she expect the...
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Inspiration (Elliott x Female Reader) by CTTheSeaWing
Inspiration (Elliott x Female #IHAVEWAYTOOMANYOTPS
A Character x Reader story for everyone's favourite writer, Elliott. Highest rank: #1 in #stardewvalley
The Farmer's Sister (Sam x reader) by exloverofyours
The Farmer's Sister (Sam x reader)by Emo shawty
You've read a lot of Stardew fanfics where y/n is the farmer. But have you ever read one where y/n is the farmer's little sister. Well that's what this is. -Sam x reader...