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That's a Beautiful Smile by anaverageasparagus
That's a Beautiful Smileby nyelien
Soulmate au where you only see black and white until you see your soulmate smiling at you. Kageyama knew Hinata was his soulmate. He's known it for a while. But Hinata d...
  • shouyou
  • completed
  • volleyball
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Fujoshi Trapped in a Seme's Perfect Body (Yaoi) (BoyxBoy) by theyaoiarmy
Fujoshi Trapped in a Seme's The Yaoi Army
Misa Nanase is a normal senior high school student except for the fact that she is a self-proclaimed ultimate-mega-ultra omnipotent fujoshi queen of the intergalactic mu...
  • romance
  • fujoshi
  • boyxboy
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Transmigrated Into An Otome Game Please Leave Me Alone, Okay? by Ayanami09
Transmigrated Into An Otome Game Ayanami09
Miyazaki Naoki, 16 years old. He has appearance, wealth, great both in academy and sports, many friends, popularity and become a favorite student by the teachers. His pa...
  • boyxboy
  • shounen-ai
  • strongprotagonist
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Emperor's New Clothes by avengenemesis
Emperor's New Clothesby Zaide Chelle Calixtro
Gerald Michaels was shot to death by his only friend but he woke up with his body back to the time people fawns on him. With vengeance in tow, find out how he will take...
  • reborn
  • maleprotagonist
  • bl
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Nefarious Emperor's Male Empress by AsperNeon
Nefarious Emperor's Male Empressby OlliWalli
Poisoned on his way to get married, the Empress of Qinlong was the laughingstock of the whole continent. Ignored by the Emperor, plotted against by the Imperial Concubin...
  • shounenai
  • bl
  • emperor
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Villain System by XiaoSunXun
Villain Systemby Xun Sun
What happens when a naive, adorable, and goody-goody MC forms a contract with a villain system? Arc 1 System: You are to scam people XXX amount of money. MC: (๏д๏) Ok, I...
  • school
  • boyxboy
  • shounenai
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You Be the Princess, and I'll Be Your Knight {bxb} by _Hayoru_
You Be the Princess, and I'll Be -•-{Hayoru}-•-
Sexy, rich, loving delinquent seme X Erotic, intelligent, and prodigious uke. Satsuki, a beautiful boy who suffered from abuse since a young age, is finally freed but m...
  • mxm
  • bxb
  • abuse
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Story of Earth (BL) by almabrown199
Story of Earth (BL)by Alma Brown
"why don't you become my wife?..." "I'm not gay, I only like girls!" "You will get used to it, I'm much better!" ........... I, Earth Orwi...
  • lightnovel
  • featured
  • fantasyadventure
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Fight me! (Mikaela x Yuu Hyakuya B x B) by ObscureLucidity
Fight me! (Mikaela x Yuu Hyakuya Lucy
[Owari no Seraph AU: Mika x Yuu | Boy x Boy] Around the age of 6, Yuu had lost his best friend, Mikaela, during a kidnapping incident. Both of them were victims, but l...
  • seraph
  • mikaxyuu
  • shounenai
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Master, Please Eat Me! by Miu_Chama
Master, Please Eat Me!by miu usagi (。・ω・。)
"Wh-why won't master eat me!" "I want to be eaten ;-;" "Dear Pudding Lord, turn me into something more edible for master, amen ;-;" . . . ...
  • bxb
  • boyxboy
  • randomshit
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Reincarnated : HE'S MY WHAT? by Fuelrock
Reincarnated : HE'S MY WHAT?by Fuelrock
About a guy named Tayoma Saito who was a regular Japanese college stu dent who was then reincarnated in a fantasy world as the second prince of the Adtris Forest elves a...
  • romance
  • lightgore
  • adventure
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From Green To Gray by Cammers5
From Green To Grayby Camille Mosley
Blind Izuku Midoriya AU I was inspired by a comic I found on Pinterest. Also, I don't own the art or the idea, just enjoyed it. Please enjoy!
  • fighting
  • kirishimaeiji
  • shoutotodoroki
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One Hell of a Master by PandoraButler
One Hell of a Masterby Death Herself
Black Butler AU What if the roles were switched? What if Ciel was actually the servant and Sebastian the master? How would it turn out?
  • sebastian
  • shounenai
  • ciel
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Yui's Older Brother - Diabolik Lovers Fanfic by skittyloony418
Yui's Older Brother - Diabolik Jean/ JC
What if Yui Komori wasn't the only one sent in the mansion? What if she had an older brother? Jack Komori, her older adopted brother who holds many secrets and his past...
  • mukami
  • blackbutler
  • shounenai
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Stuck In Between [BNHA × MALE READER] by rainingsins
Stuck In Between [BNHA × MALE ☻
[Boku No Hero Academia Fanfiction] || BNHA BOYS × MALE READER || ✁ ❛If the bnha boys are like the bread, veggies, cheese and mayonnaise of the burger, while you'...
  • todoroki
  • bakugou
  • shounenai
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Entering Daybreak [BL] by kisetsu_haruko
Entering Daybreak [BL]by Kisetsu Haruko
A story of a novel reader who transmigrated into his favorite novel. Protagonist: You changed. Yu Zeng: Is it good or bad? Protagonist: Good. Good for my heart. Yu Zen...
  • chinese
  • ancient
  • transmigration
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Camping | Tododeku  by Sweettea_rose
Camping | Tododeku by Sweettea_rose
Midoriya and Todoroki, students of U.A High, went to a camping trip with they're class mates. That's when things got complicated.
  • tododeku
  • yaoi
  • todoroki
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Villain Transmigration: Transcendence to Immortality [1] by Fudanshifluffy
Villain Transmigration: Satoshi Minato
[World One : Ancient] [Qi, Spirit, Cultivation, Immortality. The four continents of the Immortal realm will soon be turned upside down by one heinous villain. Striving f...
  • secretidentity
  • yaoi
  • androgynousprotagonist
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KaruNagi ! short stories ! by Titania1078
KaruNagi ! short stories !by Titania1078
Welcome to my book filled with KaruNagi oneshots from fluff and sweetness to the obsessed feelings one feels for the other. I try to make the story concepts as intersti...
  • shounenai
  • karma
  • shiota
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JEALOUS  •⭐•  j.jk +✔ by TaekookExistsHoes
JEALOUS •⭐• j.jk +✔by вυииу×тιgєя
"Maybe...Make Him Jealous?"-HOSEOK [COMPLETED] Most Highest Rank: #59 - Bottomtae #186 - kookv #8 - topkookie
  • hoseok
  • kookv
  • bts
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