Ineffable > Tom Riddle (1) by SaraDanii
Ineffable > Tom Riddle (1)by ☆Sara☆
Ineffable~ (adj) too great to be expressed in words. Cover by @the_sinking_swimmer
  • ravenclaw
  • slytherin
  • hufflepuff
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Hermione riddle [Wattys 2018] [Dramione] by Alpha-Marrii
Hermione riddle [Wattys 2018] [Dra...by Alpha marrii
Hermione as Voldemort's beloved daughter. (#1 in wizards. #5 in daughter. #31 in dramonie. #53 in Hermione. #149 in harrypotter. #308 in wattpride)
  • draco
  • severus
  • darkhermione
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Weasley Who? by WordsmithInventor
Weasley Who?by WordsmithInventor
Shamrock Weasley is the less loved twin of Ron Weasley. She is exceptional at most things she tries, though she is overlooked by her twin that is friends with the infamo...
  • forgotten
  • potter
  • harry
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LIGHT ME UP.   cedric diggory by casuaIIy
LIGHT ME UP. cedric diggoryby — ellie
❝You fell in love with a storm. Did you really think you would get out unscathed?❞ prisoner of azkaban » goblet of fire m. dean-valan...
  • gobletoffire
  • katmcnamara
  • muggle
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Black Magic: Nico visits Hogwarts by arctic_lara
Black Magic: Nico visits Hogwartsby Lara
Nico Di Angelo is summoned away from Camp Halfblood to a magical world that even a war hardened hero like him couldn't dream of. He is there with a mission, but will a c...
  • wizards
  • voldemort
  • chb
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Emily Potter - Book 6 - The Half-Blood Prince by IAmTheChildOfHades
Emily Potter - Book 6 - The Half-B...by IAmTheChildOfHades
The war strikes Emily Potter's village, taking innocent lives in the process and damaging souls of those who survive. Muggle governments are noticing these strange, unex...
  • witches
  • emilypotter
  • slytherin
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Babysitting Hogwarts {Book 1} by pearjam111
Babysitting Hogwarts {Book 1}by pearjam111
Dumbledore sends out a distress call to the demigods. Voldemort is back and the gods made the mistake last time to refuse the wizard's call. Chiron sends Nico, Will, Tha...
  • frazel
  • hermionegranger
  • thalia
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The Grandson Of Voldemort Is A What? by SerinaTheNerd
The Grandson Of Voldemort Is A Wha...by SerinaTheNerd
Find out what happens when a certain demigod finds out that there's a hidden part to his mother's side of the family, that even she doesn't know about. Harry and the ga...
  • percyjacksonandtheolympians
  • pjo
  • harrypotter
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Percy Jackson-The New Hogwarts Teacher by samigirl101
Percy Jackson-The New Hogwarts Tea...by Samantha
The Giant war is over and Percy Jackson is spent. Finally there's a chance he can be with Annabeth for a while and he eagerly awaits the summer they have planned togethe...
  • umbridge
  • wands
  • wattys2017
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Are Slytherins able to love? by lokis_army
Are Slytherins able to love?by Heather
Draco Malfoy love story
  • hogwarts
  • harrypotter
  • battleofhogwarts
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Wandless by athlete68
Wandlessby Athlete68
Brother of my mother, with whom I stay, Cast spells and does tricks with a stick like clay. An odd bunch of friends call his home theirs, They all walk in, mostly in pai...
  • war
  • dumbledore
  • percyjackson
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Percy Jackson: The Demigod Spy by i_will_rise_again
Percy Jackson: The Demigod Spyby Anonymous
•Highest Ranking: #3• After returning home from the Giant War, Percy Jackson discovers that he has another evil grandfather: Lord Voldemort. And the Dark Lord will do an...
  • voldemort
  • harrypotter
  • spying
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They're What?! by MeganWaack
They're What?!by MeganWaack
Percy just wanted some peace and quiet. He finally defeated Gaia, the world is normal...but the fates, as usual, have a different idea. Percy, Annabeth, Jason, Piper, Th...
  • percyjackson
  • harrypotter
  • demigods
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When Demigods Go Hogwarts by KalieyLove
When Demigods Go Hogwartsby DamBlueCupcakes
The seven, Nico, Thalia and Clarisse are sent to Hogwarts by the goddess Hecate to form new allies with the wizards, but what happens when things don't go as planned? ...
  • percyjacksonandtheolympians
  • jasongrace
  • percabeth
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A Long Way From Home[Thorin Oakenshield] RE-EDITING! 3/60 DONE by PhaedraOakenshield
A Long Way From Home[Thorin Oakens...by Phaedra
Honoria Took is Bilbo Baggins little cousin. She is the first half Hobbit, half Elf to ever step foot in the Shire. She was adopted by Belladonna Took and Bungo Baggins...
  • battle
  • theshire
  • love
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Siva (Volume 7) Immortal Ascension by JE_Reddcliffe
Siva (Volume 7) Immortal Ascensionby John Ethan Reddcliffe
A son, a brother, a victim, a teenager. Rex Kingsley's perfectly normal life comes to an abrupt halt when a freak road accident rent his family apart and left his body b...
  • magic
  • opmc
  • action
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My Love is on Mute by Slytherinprincess323
My Love is on Muteby Slytherinprincess323
After the war, Harry got sent back to the Dursleys without a care from the Light side. Due to nightmares from the war, Vernon broke. He muted Harry so he wouldn't hear h...
  • bella
  • girlxgirl
  • jasperhale
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Moments in Love by GandalfsBeard
Moments in Loveby Gandalf's Beard
In First Year, Harry realises early on that he has more in common with Hermione than Ron. Their friendship gradually blossoms into something more. First through third ye...
  • romance
  • harry
  • harrypotter
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Always (Snape X OC) by Snape_and_Malfoy
Always (Snape X OC)by Snape_and_Malfoy
(4 years before Philosopher's Stone) A Young Half blood witch by the name of Lillius (Lilly) Connell has finally gotten her Hogwarts letter, Though when she arrives at H...
  • fantasy
  • fantasy-romance
  • wattys2018
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Another Evil Grandfather (Percy Goes To Hogwarts)  by aarooney
Another Evil Grandfather (Percy Go...by Amelié
A nice, relaxing, day at the beach; a romantic movie and dinner with Annabeth. Those were my plans before Gandalf's twin, mini me, and a couple others arrived at my door...
  • percabeth
  • ron
  • harrypotter
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