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Wunderkind (LOTR/Narnia Crossover) by catalan_andrea
Wunderkind (LOTR/Narnia Crossover)by Andrea Montes
Aurelia is the daughter of the late Queen Jadis and of Coriakin. She has befriended and battled alongside Peter, Susan, Caspian, Edmund, Lucy, and their cousin, Eustace...
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Two Bows (A Legolas/OC fanfic) by XXbowandarrowsXX
Two Bows (A Legolas/OC fanfic)by XXbowandarrowsXX
Ryanne is a she-elf living in Rivendell. She was taken in by Lord Elrond when she was a small child due to her parents deaths in a warg attack. Instead of acting like al...
  • wars
  • fellowship
  • bows
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The Avatar in Middle Earth (Legend of Korra x LOTR) by sakee5
The Avatar in Middle Earth (Legend...by ZombiePineapple
Korra enters what she thinks is a spirit portal and instead ends up in MIDDLE EARTH! Will she be able to return home? What will she do when she meets the Fellowship? All...
  • korra
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The Tenth Walker - Aragorn Fanfiction by ieatalotofbooks
The Tenth Walker - Aragorn Fanfict...by Bookaddicted
Sara is just a ordinary girl. She has heard of the Lord of the Ring books but never read one. But what happens if she falls into the greatest stories ever told. What hap...
  • love
  • legolas
  • boromir
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{DISCONTINUED} Rays of Moonlight: The 10th Member of the Fellowship by quinnn24601
{DISCONTINUED} Rays of Moonlight:...by Quinn Morrison
Rae lived with her brother, Will, in a town in Colorado. It wasn't until she woke up in a whole other world - Lord of the Ring's Middle-Earth, that she was in serious tr...
  • legolasgreenleaf
  • middle-earth
  • middleearth
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Lapsus Memoriae [Rávamë's Bane: Book 1] by RealityWarp
Lapsus Memoriae [Rávamë's Bane: Bo...by Rella
"You make no sense, lass. You look like an Elf, talk like a Man, eat like a Hobbit, curse like a Dwarf, and sleep like the Dead." Every Tolkien fan has a "...
  • haldir
  • humour
  • tolkien
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Harry Potter and the Fellowship of the Ring by SilverElemental
Harry Potter and the Fellowship of...by SilverConsular
Harry should have suspected that fate wouldn't let him rest after death. He really never did have much luck. He is sent to middle earth as an elf, where his life stands...
  • harrypotter
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life never ends. by styyran
life never ends.by Marina Styyran
Another series of poems which tracks my year 2019. It can be considered as a sequel for "just another poetry book." ENGLISH IS NOT MY PRIMARY LANGUAGE SO MISTA...
  • universe
  • death
  • relationships
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Rangers of the North (Aragorn) by emmaofthe9fingers
Rangers of the North (Aragorn)by Emma
War is brewing, and the people of Middle Earth are preparing for it. Among them is Averael: a Ranger from the North, and one of the last of the Dunedain. While on her wa...
  • tolkien
  • aragorn
  • lordoftherings
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Hopeless Wanderer (Hobbit Fanfic Story) by catalan_andrea
Hopeless Wanderer (Hobbit Fanfic S...by Andrea Montes
After the fall of Doriath, Líreth and her twin brother, Nanor survive and wander around Middle Earth. What happens when she meets a dwarf king who is in exile? Líreth is...
  • bilbobaggins
  • hobbitfanfic
  • middleearth
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Heart Of A Wolf - A Legolas Love Story by DrabbitKeeper
Heart Of A Wolf - A Legolas Love S...by Kyra
After a late night visit from an old friend, Adolpha decides to leave her safe forest and become the tenth member of the Fellowship of the Ring. But things won't be easy...
  • returnoftheking
  • gift
  • twotowers
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LOTR/ TH Imagines by emeraldcity221B
LOTR/ TH Imaginesby Emerald City
Imagine yourself in a world with hobbits, men, elves, and maiar discovering new friendships, romances, and adventures. Join your favorite characters in new scenarios eve...
  • fellowship
  • legolas
  • hobbit
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Shades Of Darkness (Legolas/LotR) Book 2 ✔️ by ThaleCarter
Shades Of Darkness (Legolas/LotR)...by ThaleCarter
It has been over seven decades since Arya left everything she knew behind. Friends, foes, Legolas. Now, an old enemy is threatening Middle Earth, and there is no time to...
  • shadesofdarkness
  • book2
  • mordor
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A Ranger's Friendship by jumpingmanatee
A Ranger's Friendshipby jumpingmanatee
Kagome is killed in the final battle against Naraku. Inuyasha wishes on the Shikon Jewel that Kagome have a different life in a different place. She is reborn in Middle...
  • glorfindel
  • samwise
  • gimli
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Lord Of The Rings And The Hobbit Imagines by kilimylove
Lord Of The Rings And The Hobbit I...by Vanessa
Imagines About The Hottest Elves,Dwarves and Men From Lord Of The Rings. The Book Is Currently Being Edited. ❤ 2019 Edition -
  • battleoffivearmies
  • thetwotowers
  • bilbo
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Eruvan (A LotR/ Legolas fanfiction) [MAJOR EDITING] by Eruvandince
Eruvan (A LotR/ Legolas fanfiction...by Eruvandincë
Princess Eruvan, daughter of Lord Elrond of Rivendell, knows not of her destiny. The most she has seen of the outside world is her few ventures to Mirkwood, but unlike t...
  • gandalf
  • took
  • meriadoc
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The elf, the hobbit and the ring - Book 2 by Nmalik11
The elf, the hobbit and the ring...by Nmalik11
Emerald wasn't an ordinary elf in the world of Middle Earth. She had sylph blood in her veins, the blood of the small, untrustworthy small creatures that both had the po...
  • fellowship
  • love
  • legolas
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The Hobbit Imagines by Crowley1967
The Hobbit Imaginesby Niamh O'Shea
I was quite new to the LOTR/The Hobbit fandom, but I thought it would be fun to try some imagines. I love the stories and I'm happy to write about any of the characters...
  • thecompany
  • thorinoakenshield
  • lotr
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The half blood and the elf (Legolas fanfic) by Mgpsoccer
The half blood and the elf (Legola...by Margaret
Serena Paxton is the queen of Olarien, ruling beside her father and two siblings. Serena's mother was an elf and her father is a wizard. With two different bloodlines ru...
  • hope
  • family
  • legolas
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Vuelie by ThatWildWolf
Vuelieby Maria Zdort
When the kingdom of Heilgarðr is invaded by an unknown force from beyond the sea, Prince Eldfÿr rushes for help from allied lands. Little does he know, their situation i...
  • gryphon
  • magic
  • companionship
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