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Game Over~ by HorribleDude
Game Over~by HorribleDude
It's game over! I was reincarnated into a villain in an otome game, but this is already the end of the game! I lose! What's more, this game has a really brutal ending fo...
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Soldier Game by Vausemann
Soldier Gameby mar mar
(idea from the song soldier game) Maki, Eli, and Umi are in a secret a society. They take out who has done wrong for the economy and bring people to justice. None of th...
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Eye Of The Beholder by ohmyobsessions
Eye Of The Beholderby m v
a book about everything. not a fanfiction, but something regarding fan culture and relating to the naruto universe. just my thoughts on a lot of things. a world-building...
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Stock Market  by wattpawormss
Stock Market by wattpadwormss
How to make money with share market or stock market! This book is dedicated to idiotic brother Sachin ! 😂 Thanks to @tomboy_16 for amazing cover! 😊
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Stars Rise by MiaManns
Stars Riseby Constellations
One morning the sun rises a few hours early, striking levitating skyscrapers in Soliara ahead of schedule. People in the streets stop to look up at the sky and then down...
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Forbidden Love (Obama x Romney) by heaveninhidings
Forbidden Love (Obama x Romney)by star¡boy**+! 🐍
An economical love that is strictly forbidden; Barack and Mitt fight to finally be together.
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Consensus: Part 1 - Citizen by JasonTesar
Consensus: Part 1 - Citizenby Jason Tesar
In a society where morals are determined by a public opinion system, and social rating is the currency, truth can be a dangerous notion. Sixteen-year-old Rena has few me...
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The Chosen One's Princess by Xhianica_
The Chosen One's Princessby Xhianica Sylvester
Charmeine, a teen girl from a poor, low-life family is troubled after becoming an official Warlock student. She enters the most dangerous and life-threatening sector in...
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Meliorism by Emma_96713
Meliorismby Choclet107
When America is no longer America, what will the nation turn to? Kara Denter is a diligent woman in a wronged situation; and she must face several challenges in her goal...
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The Fragility of Capitalism as It Relates to the Climate and COVID-19 Crises by msfts147
The Fragility of Capitalism as I'm Bored
I wrote this research argument essay for a college English course and decided to post it to Wattpad to give it more exposure. In this essay, I analyze the shortcomings o...
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The fifth bee war by BrawlwithBees
The fifth bee warby Brawl with bees
Bee swarm simulator island used to be a island with war between two armies of bees before beekeepers came. At that time they even had their own religions and the mount...
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Helluva Lover - Hazbin Hotel x Helluva Boss Crossfic by mackncheezee
Helluva Lover - Hazbin Hotel x cheezee mack
The Hazbin Hotel has taken off in extreme success, bringing Charlie immense fame and fortune throughout Hell. She is now seen as an Overlord instead of the young girl sh...
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Their by hoffarthdarcangelo15
Theirby hoffarthdarcangelo15
Of of thing gathered made meat life also. Kind stars living deep creeping whose moving. Greater can't moved, them face a shall two good gathering moved without moveth...
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Daybreak on Hyperion [FULL] by Ace_Crown
Daybreak on Hyperion [FULL]by Ace Crown
Born into noble prestige and gifted with genius intellect, Pascal was a promising officer cadet who rose to national fame before even graduating. At the mere age of nine...
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Bed Ridden: A Hetalia Version of America's Economy by thenumber1hero
Bed Ridden: A Hetalia Version of Katelyn
America was fine in 2007 but only 12 moths later America was Hell and it still is. This is the story of what it is like for Alfred during the nation's second depression...
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A Robbery On Christmas (short story) by AndrewCyr
A Robbery On Christmas (short AC
It's Christmas time again. Jodie, who lost her teaching job after budget cuts, is on a mission to buy her children's gifts by any means necessary. So, what does Jodie d...
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ATHENA by siamndoyo
ATHENAby siam
Sebuah negri raksaksa ! -ATHENA -PYRAMID -ALGORITHM -PHILANTHROPIST -ALCHEMIST -GEOMETRY -ALMANACS Berhembus seperti pasir kemudian membatu dan mematung, tersusun dalam...
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MEN ABOVE by OgNatty1
MEN ABOVEby Ekene Moses
This poem satirical praises and honors those who has secured a lot of wealth and economic power for themselves and Plausibly their offsprings. However, the poet in the l...
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