Harlem. by mimi_thewriter
#1 Hey It's Mimi
Harlem Westbrook is most respected woman in Harlem, New York. Running the most notorious drug business, along side her older brother, Brooklin, they turned the small bus...
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Shattered Reflections by Moondancerforever
Shattered Reflectionsby Astrid Moon
"I won't share a room with you," I said firmly. Cain chuckled, "you don't have much of a choice princess." I clenched my jaw. "I won't do it, yo...
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Got You Now Lodge by jeronicaismylife
Got You Now Lodgeby jeronicaismylife
"Listen princess, that's true in the Northside. You have power over me there. But right now you're in my kingdom, so you better learn to respect me. I'm going to go...
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In A Starship's Wake by HunterMountain
In A Starship's Wakeby Stephen Schamber
Several years ago Joseph and Tyrone became business partners, pooling their money to buy a light interstellar transport ship. Most of their business is taking cargo to a...
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  • sciencefiction
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𝑡𝑟𝑎𝑑𝑒 by cloudyfrowns
𝑡𝑟𝑎𝑑𝑒by ☔︎
when a freshman girl switches bodies with her crush after a strange occurrence.
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Feels  by nulato
Feels by nuu nuu nuu nuu
He has it all honestly, truly. Prince is what you'd call blessed, he has both of his parents, lives comfortably and makes his parents proud by bringing straight A's hom...
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Playing The Game by 0XjmD0
Playing The Gameby Zaaayyy😜
Nicholai thinks he has his life under control. But he's in for a rude awakening.
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Villain Transmigration: Where Time and Space Ends [3] by Fudanshifluffy
Villain Transmigration: Where Satoshi Minato
This world is twisted. The rich get richer while the poor get poorer. The world is crumbling yet, the corporates responsible are still standing. Education is so advanced...
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Forever Art by Wolfthorne
Forever Artby TJ Parsons
Tasha is back with another art book! If you haven't seen the first one, good, because it's cringe-worthy for sure. Like, scary. Anyway, come on in!
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The Incubi Diaries (BDSM) by RavenQueen_108
The Incubi Diaries (BDSM)by Raven Mason
Trade Council Rules: 1. Form no attachment to your Incubus. 2. Protect your Incubus. 3. Incubi may only be sold and traded amongst high ranking Demons and those holding...
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Who the hell are we?  And what are we doing here? by duncmacphun
Who the hell are we? And what Duncan MacPhun
Congratulations! You made it! During the last 2.6 billion years, If only one of your ancestors had not produced progeny, life on Earth would probably be much the same...
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Will Does Trash Art (#3) | 2018 by Purelywill
Will Does Trash Art (#3) | 2018by Will ♡
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Bleach Fics by SarabiJibade
Bleach Ficsby SarabiJibade
Lemons galore!!! (trades)
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In my heart (frontier) by WhiteWolfLife
In my heart (frontier)by Cookies and cream
Nina Smyth is living in London with her brother, Michael Smyth. Nina is a really sweet girl and loves her brother to death. But one-day Nina, Michael, his girlfriend C...
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Dobrałam się do tabletu graficznego aka Artbook by Kemona_
Dobrałam się do tabletu Irytujące złe stworzenie
Na Tumblr mnie nie ciągnie, na DeviantArt czuje się za słaba; tak wraz z rysunkami skończyłam tutaj.
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The Final Heist by ThWallNeededAHug
The Final Heistby Uplifted Bagel
Martin, a soon-to-be outlaw with a knack for stealing things, finds himself in the middle of a very strange situation. He has just witnessed the death of one of the most...
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MY ART BOOK by kirklol15
I have a bunch of art it may not be good to you but im proud of it so pls check this out
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Art books of request and art trade by Tfp_Elita-One
Art books of request and art tradeby Mtmte_Siren
Well I usually draw my oc's from different fandoms, do art request and lastly I'm new into art trade so please help me with that
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OCS by Snowflakesparklegore
OCSby Snowflakesparklegore
Here are my oc's.
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Art Book! by Daido_726
Just my art! COMPLETED Visual Novel UnNamed book is out!
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