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Wicked, Wild, Wonderful by MatthewD_Writes
Wicked, Wild, Wonderfulby Matthew
*BEING PUBLISHED AS 'UNTIL WE BREAK' COMING FALL 2022 Naomi Morgan, the only black dancer at her ballet school, sacrifices everything to pursue her dream until she joins...
Summoning America by DrDoritosMD
Summoning Americaby DrDoritosMD
Entirely cut off from Earth, the United States finds itself in a scientific impossibility: the entire country, including the continental landmass and separated states an...
Madam Secretary OneShots by MadamFiction
Madam Secretary OneShotsby Knives
A collection of Madam Secretary OneShots Mostly Nadine/Elizabeth pairing Rated T for violence, and some smut ?
ASAHI NO NISHISEI - Rising Sun Goes West (1) by KageNishi
ASAHI NO NISHISEI - Rising Sun Goe...by KageNishi
"On September 4, 2025, Japan disappeared into another world. The adventures of the Self-Defense Forces, diplomats, politicians, and the Japanese people will begin...
The Lady in Politics by Airi_chan10
The Lady in Politicsby Airi
A graduating Political Science student was reincarnated as the villainess of a novel that she used to read, after dying for unknown reasons. Incidentally, as with any ot...
The Mechanical Crown (complete novel!) by SimonKJones
The Mechanical Crown (complete nov...by Simon K Jones
An explorer, a princess, a slave and a sword. A belief that the world can be better. The Mechanical Crown is an epic adventure full of intrigue, mystery and romance. Whe...
The Heir Returns by Michubug
The Heir Returnsby Mai ♪
23 years later, Harrison Potter escapes Azkaban. Now, he's caught up in a world with Lord Voldemort, soul bonds, political alliances, unrequited love and so, so much mo...
The MC forgot the plot by choc0_0mallows
The MC forgot the plotby AlexandrAube
She transmigrated into a novel made by someone she was told to reject. A story she has read and now forgotten. She plans to live till death naturally takes her life bu...
THE RED DRAGON | MERLIN by spaceyclarke
THE RED DRAGON | MERLINby ˗ˏˋ𝐬𝐤𝐲𝐥𝐚𝐫ˎˊ˗
❝ when she looks into his eyes, she feels the gripping temptation to tell him all her darkest secrets; the names of the men she has killed, but she learned a long time a...
Tears Dry On Their Own by thegoldenaviators
Tears Dry On Their Ownby golden
Being surrounded by press in a political marriage can take a toll.
RWBY 'The Final continent' by Natemasta57
RWBY 'The Final continent'by Natemasta57
Vale, Mistral, Vacuo, Atlas, these are the four kingdoms of Remnant, though there's five if you count menagerie, for years it was believed that these continents were all...
The Panem Archives: 1st Annual Hunger Games by Discord_Hunger_Games
The Panem Archives: 1st Annual Hun...by Discord_Hunger_Games
In the wake of a terrible war, the Nation of Panem struggles to piece itself back together and bring back order in its broken country. The rebellion is over, the radica...
The Dragon's Heartstone  by erifnidne
The Dragon's Heartstone by erifnidne
Tama is beholden to her clan's heartstone, the only thing she has left of her people. Who knew the sole remaining Water Dragon would lose all of the memories of her home...
BongLeni (One Shots) by Damboldorz
BongLeni (One Shots)by damdboldorzbutt
One shots are based on music<3 My One shots are only based on fiction and none of it is real.
The Darkness Within Us - [ONGOING] by jammiedodgerrr
The Darkness Within Us - [ONGOING]by Jamie Strudwick
❆↽⇀〔Follow-up story from 'Obscurum'〕↽⇀❆ Obscurum - "The Darkness". A story which tells the tale of the darker side of our planet which over thousands of years...
A Routine Trip by williamjames3237
A Routine Tripby William James
Ed Hopkins is a rich kid whose dad is running for political office. A normal campaign, except for someone trying to derail it. Ed is sent to confront the accuser, with a...
Tetraclast by StarritheWolf
Tetraclastby Mae
A torn apart fantasy world finds itself unaware of its impending doom. A strange and mysterious group moves in the shadows, preparing itself to enact its dark plans. Whe...
I'll Protect You by orangechicken
I'll Protect Youby Nghi (Knee)
Meet Park Sparrow, a feisty and reckless outcast who's just a small-town girl, living in a lonely world. Except Park is the Princess of Cimeria, a potential heir to one...
The Secret Anthapuram Court by Vakhiya
The Secret Anthapuram Courtby Vakhiya
Anthapuram - The palace of the Queen and the King's harem. Queen Kayalnayagi is well aware of what is expected of her as Queen. But her husband is far too naive for his...
CRIMES INVOLVING STRANGERS →Remus Lupin by tchaikovskaya-
CONNECT BREEDS DISCONTENT. In all his years of observing frustrated men and women, trudging along in life, unsatisfied with love and ambition, Yusuf Khayat prefers to ke...