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Until It Is Done: Highschool DxD x Male Reader [COMPLETED] by Super761
Until It Is Done: Highschool DxD Super761
Many years ago, one man stood against the hordes And those who knew the bite of his blade Named him, the Doom Slayer. But he disappeared And now, it's time for him to co...
The Hellwalker Roams: A DOOM X Overwatch Story by After_Hours_Writer
The Hellwalker Roams: A DOOM X Austin, An Author of Stuff
A lone man, one long forgotten by all, returns to his home planet, only to see nothing but death and abandonment. Realizing the world needed him once more, he roams the...
Star Slayer | Ahsoka X Reader by cheesEPIC
Star Slayer | Ahsoka X Readerby Cheese Epic
(updating frequently) In this story, you play the role of the 16 year old DOOM slayer in the Star Wars universe. You were once a Jedi, but after hell invaded, you sealed...
Jaune Slayer by Jaunedice
Jaune Slayerby Buster Seven
Jaune didn't accept Pyrrha's act of sacrifice believing that his team deserves to have the best opting to sacrifice his worthless life for a life worth saving he rushed...
Y/N Neo VS Union Academy by ShinzaGodWarrior
Y/N Neo VS Union Academyby TechnoGodSaga
Y/N Neo was just your average boy. He hated school and loved video games and manga. He was at the moment of graduating he was then pulled into another world and is gifte...
Hell and back (shy male reader x all female demon school) by Reaper-fire
Hell and back (shy male reader x Reaper-fire
Ok so y/n is not a normal kid, he is one of the very few humans with the power to hunt the foulest most evil monsters of hell that have entered our world, snd he's good...
A Phoenix rises from the ashes (High School DxD OC) by TheRealAlucard
A Phoenix rises from the ashes ( TheRealAlucard
Edward Phenex was the younger brother by the Phenex family. Although he was a proud member of the Phenex family, he wasn't not arrogant like his brother Riser. On his t...
Eri's Vigilante Bodyguard (Eri-Chan x Male Vigilante/Father Figure) by Victor_TheRiper
Eri's Vigilante Bodyguard ( Victor Hernandez
You're an anti hero/vigilante, who has the right yo kill murders/villains, you have the law in your hands and the right to do so. Your mission is always to kill murders...
Percy Jackson & The Doom Slayer | The Only Thing They Fear Is You by TheIronGhost1223
Percy Jackson & The Doom Slayer | TheIronGhost1223
Gaea has risen, and her armies stand near Camp Half-Blood. The Seven drop in, safely landing as their flying ship the Argo II, and are ready to do battle. But all is not...
The only thing they fear... is you. Avengers x M!reader by enternalquantums
The only thing they fear... is enternalquantums
Y/n l/n, you, or more known as the slayer. are suddenly teleported to a different earth. where demons don't exist. but this earth has a world ending threat thats approac...
Doomed Rose (Abused! Neglected! M Reader X RWBY harem) by Koreilly03
Doomed Rose (Abused! Neglected! koreilly
Running from his abusive family Y/N is contacted by an armored female who offered him a chance to become something greater than a hunstman or a solider. She offered him...
DOOMED TALE by Darktaku
DOOMED TALEby Gothic Joker
Howdy! I'm Flowey! Flowey the Flow- Wow, y-you're pretty tall. Um, anyways, you're new to the Underground, right? Someone should teach you how things work around here! I...
Doom: End Times (Doom X Warhammer Fantasy) by DaneNagai
Doom: End Times (Doom X DaneNagai
The Doom Slayer answers the call of a dying world. The Old World faces extinction as Chaos reigns supreme. With his sword of vengeance in hand, the Slayer enters the wor...
Of Guns and Gore by Abroadpainter7
Of Guns and Goreby Gabriel Town
Noble Six has lost everything, sacrificing his only way off of Reach to save the last hope for humanity. He is supposed to die in glorious gunfire, but what if he didn't...
Is it wrong to be a fucking terrifying demon killer in a dungeon? by TactitionPumpkin
Is it wrong to be a fucking 【Tactical Pumpkin】
Doom slayer in danmachi let go
GATE: Thus the Doom Slayer Fought There by After_Hours_Writer
GATE: Thus the Doom Slayer Austin, An Author of Stuff
A DOOM X GATE: Thus the JSDF Fought There Tale.
Rip And Tear: Until It Is Done (Up For Adoption) by booshibooksofficial
Rip And Tear: Until It Is Done ( Booshi
"They are rage, they are brutal. But you? You will be worse..." ○●○●○ Taking place after months after Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss pilots and Doom Eternal, He...
A Mistake in the Remnant (RWBY x Doom 2016 crossover) by RussianCosmonout
A Mistake in the Remnant (RWBY x RussianCosmonout
They are rage, brutal, without mercy, but you, you will be worse, Rip and Tear, untill it is done. (Spoilers) He was tricked, trapped on Samuel's hands. After defeatin...
DOOM by Doom_Slayer
DOOMby Doom Slayer
A Lore Accurate Doom Slayer set into a new world.
The One Demon Fear (Doomslayer x Seven Mortal Sins) by DraconianLover009
The One Demon Fear (Doomslayer x DraconianLover009
Doomslayer has finished. He killed the final remainders of the demons of Hell. Now, he lets the last Greg's of humanity rebuild, and he opens a portal a new world, one i...