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Reincarnated in SCP by Gilthur
Reincarnated in SCPby Reinhart
Asner Graves was a child who regained the memories of his past life. Followed after that was the arrival of his so called golden finger "the system". In this...
The Perfect Cure! (SCP-049 × SCP!Reader) by TheNamesAP
The Perfect Cure! (SCP-049 × SCP! Anon P
You are SCP-XYZ. An entity that donns a white plague doctor costume, as well as the iconic bird mask, however you often like to change it up a bit when you decide that y...
Researcher Izuku Yagi by Black_Death303
Researcher Izuku Yagiby DarkPhantom
After the neglect from his parents and the abuse from his sister and the Bakugo twins, Izuku gives up on his dream of becoming a hero, devoting his life to science and a...
Containment ( SCPs x child reader) by Reaper-fire
Containment ( SCPs x child reader)by Reaper-fire
Little y/n isn't quite the same as everyone else, they have been lost all their life until a kind scientists brings them to a strange foundation, everything's fine until...
Into The Depths [Very Slow Updates] by Superstitious_Oddity
Into The Depths [Very Slow Updates]by Odey
What happens if you mix the Scp foundation and Bendy and the Ink Machine? You get this. (Has this been done before? Has anybody dared?) Keep in mind I'm a slow writer, a...
Anomalous [SCP X Reader] by NekoInuKit
Anomalous [SCP X Reader]by I'm Not Here I Swear
Life seemed to enjoy screwing you over. You thought getting dropped in another dimension was absurd at this point. You couldn't even die properly! [SCP X Reader] (From m...
SCP Yandere Clef x Bright x OC by DollyJadaKirkland
SCP Yandere Clef x Bright x OCby Posie
Dr. Bright and Dr. Clef have both fallen for Dr. Lori, the two men agreeing to share her once they get her attention.
The Ultimate One by redshadow1969
The Ultimate Oneby redshadow1969
Imagine. Imagine if one simple human had the powers of beings that could destroy all life in mere moments. But, what would become of him if he was the last of his kind...
Reincarnated As An Loli Within The SCP Universe?!! by PsychoJo
Reincarnated As An Loli Within Psyche Sol
Muhahahahahahaha You have to read to find out Images used don't belong to me unless marked with (-psyche)
《Fragile》SCP-049 x Injured!Reader by Tragic_Child
《Fragile》SCP-049 x Injured!Readerby Tragic_Child
《COMPLETED》 Two long months after ACL surgery, your pattern of life has almost gone back to normal: you can finally walk without those dreaded crutches (the clunky brace...
SCP life (Male reader) by Chapfam4
SCP life (Male reader)by Fine ol' chap
*Cover art is not mine* Y/n is an 18 year old young man who lived most of his life inside the confinement of the SCP foundation. Over the years he was fed, taught, and c...
Not one of Them?  (A SCP fan story) by PastryVicar
Not one of Them? (A SCP fan story)by Ash Reese
Viola was a curious nineteen year old who loved exploring websites that she wasn't allowed to see. She stumbled upon the SCP website and read many SCP files, without kno...
The luaghing immortal (powerful Immortal male reader X SCP foundation) by tinystores
The luaghing immortal (powerful TinyStoties
You are an immortal who seen it all, the start of creation, the birth of humans and even some "Scp" and all the wars plus the crazy humanity endings. You were...
I will help others, even if others cannot help me. SCP reader x SCP foundation by UniteTogether
I will help others, even if UniteTogether
After your sister became really sick, your life turned around by 180 degrees. You didn't have the best childhood, so her illness only made it worse. You wanted to dissap...
- Two Boys Of A Kind - (SCP AU) by SimplySimpinq
- Two Boys Of A Kind - (SCP AU)by SimplySimpinq
Site-LM10 shared with Site-DT20, both research and staff. Two SCP's come along, changing everything, escapes, and insanity. How will the site contain these two? (I am so...
Sock and Doc by blood_and_obsession
Sock and Docby blood_and_obsession
Completed A 049 x 035 fanfic I decided to write because I ship it and there isn't enough stuff for this ship
Secure, Contain and Jack (loli MC x SCP)​ by Harbour_Hime
Secure, Contain and Jack (loli Harbour Hime
Man i have too many books under my "belt". This book will mostly be a non-serious book, since i'm too much of a memer. The chapters will usually be composed of...
female scp Harem x Powerful psychic male reader by underboundsans34
female scp Harem x Powerful underbound sans
I had an interesting thought when I was thinking about reviving my old fem scp x male reader books. There are a lot of scp harem stories, why not add to it myself
The Lost SCP x High school dxd  by JulanBoy180
The Lost SCP x High school dxd by JulanBoy 180
Scp-000 is a pattern screamer and was sealed away by Dr. Rosen. But what if Scp-000 sent one more help signal the was sent to Dr. Bright. And what if this took place in...
Just a Normal D-Class by Drifting_Feather
Just a Normal D-Classby * - Drifty - *
'Normal' was never really a word used to describe D. Weather she was in public or at home, she was always doing something a bit- iffy. When her school caught on fire, sh...