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Beneath the Red Flesh [NEW] by DefectiveViper
Beneath the Red Flesh [NEW]by DefectiveViper
A Janitor working their nightshift is killed by a mysterious figure and reborn as an instance of SCP 939. With memories from their past life and a plethora of knowledge...
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DOOM: AGAINST ALL EVIL by TheHolyPeanut173
"Ye who enter, abandon all hope." This was the warning given to Dante Alihieri, the poet who wrote about his trip through the nine circles of Hell, to perfectl...
Moth to a Flame (Scp x Sky:CotL) by Bulbasaur175
Moth to a Flame (Scp x Sky:CotL)by Bulbasaur774 2.0
A little moth was all alone when they first entered the golden wasteland, except the entrance wasn't leading to the wasteland, it was a new world, with so much light, bu...
Into The Depths [Discontinued] by Superstitious_Oddity
Into The Depths [Discontinued]by Odey
What happens if you mix the SCP foundation and Bendy and the Ink Machine? You get this. Keep in mind I'm a slow writer, and I'm doing 2000 words per chapter. Updates whe...
(ON HOLD) The Perfect Cure! (SCP-049 × SCP!Reader) by Anonymous_Poster
(ON HOLD) The Perfect Cure! ( Anon P
slow burn but the candle isnt even lit yet . hiiiiii just to let you know that i heard of rumours of a potential anomaly and since it was quite close to the site i decid...
The Unknown Child by zbook07
The Unknown Childby zbook07
on a mission, and an MTF officer found a small child on the field. when they were taking in to site 42, what would happen when the other SCPs act strange. will they find...
I used to be normal(Male reader x SCP) by DecayingKing
I used to be normal(Male reader Hello there
Here we go again. You my friend were just an average everyday fast food cashier who had just recently finished highschool and was now looking to go to college. However...
I'll protect you darling~ (SCP-035 X Child!Reader) by Wulfston1
I'll protect you darling~ ( Wulfston1
Note: This is NOT a love story between a mask and a child. That is pedophilea, which is NOT what's happening here. This is a Father/daughter relationship. You were aband...
The SCP Hunter by Helgon33
The SCP Hunterby Helgon
The one man who caught, found and killed more scps than anyone else in the foundation. A/N : I may make one or two of my own SCPs and (if they will allow me) borrow some...
Expresso Depresso- Alternative SCP AU by Superstitious_Oddity
Expresso Depresso- Alternative Odey
An alternative story to my SCP AU. This starts of kinda sad but ends off on a brighter note. Don't read if you're sensitive to that shit.
The Doctor's Carnation by shadow_the_eevee
The Doctor's Carnationby Shadow Eevee
Shadow was a D-class in the S.C.P foundation. She was young and fairly accused which landed her here. After just surviving her last test Shadow was thrown into the conta...
《Fragile》SCP-049 x Injured!Reader by Tragic_Child
《Fragile》SCP-049 x Injured!Readerby Tragic_Child
《COMPLETED》 Two long months after ACL surgery, your pattern of life has almost gone back to normal: you can finally walk without those dreaded crutches (the clunky brace...
Remedy (SCP-049 x Reader) by Loomingx
Remedy (SCP-049 x Reader)by Loomingx
A new scientist joins an observation team responsible for SCP-049, and surprisingly... gains his interest. (Cover art by
Scp Reacts by springtrap3glass
Scp Reactsby springtrap 3glass
The scps and foundation staff watch some interesting events.
Naruto uzumaki of the Meta miracle. (Who Knows ) by Anime-voice
Naruto uzumaki of the Meta Anime-voice
Meta miracle a godly ability which grants the user ultimate miracle. which means Near omnipotence potential manipulation probability manipulation Sea of fragments m...
White walls SCP x reader by Elementofkarma
White walls SCP x readerby Elementofkarma
What happens when a weird yet bad ass with a kind heart girl named Y/N gets dragged off to the foundation and makes friends with some scp? Will she fall in love with the...
LOUD IN THE FOUNDATION (ft THE_13_CLUB) by demonicwritins73
LOUD IN THE FOUNDATION (ft demonicwritins73
What if Lincoln didn't lie about having badluck to have time for himself, but to have time for a certain foundation. I didn't work on this story by myself I got help fro...
Retrograde Motion [SCP X Reader] by NekoInuKit
Retrograde Motion [SCP X Reader]by I'm Not Here I Swear
Life seemed to enjoy screwing you over. You thought getting dropped in another dimension was absurd at this point. You couldn't even die properly! [SCP X Reader] (From m...
Adventure of All Verse by GlitchPlayer123
Adventure of All Verseby Ayuna
Elise has die from car crash and got a soul transported to Absolute!Creator by one of the God Mistake Glitch will give you 5 wish. Also Welcome to the worst fanfic story...
Desolate Throne [ClefDraki] by FellSaturn
Desolate Throne [ClefDraki]by WhenSaturnFalls
WARNING: SUPER OLD WRITING!! Also on an indefinite hiatus!! ••• Two young lovers listen eagerly to a secret tale told by a lamenting man. ••• The son of Kondraki, Draven...