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Fill The Gap (Misfits Series #7)✓ ni theservantqueen
Fill The Gap (Misfits Series #7)✓ni H I A T U S
A story about a girl with so many dreams in life but became a victim of bullying because of her teeth which led her to lose confidence-widening her distance from people...
Iliaden Traits Academy ni keffiana
Iliaden Traits Academyni a n n
If you live in a world with special trait exist would you be the bad or the good one? *** Iris lives in a world where everything is not fair. When your district is poor...
My Boss Babe ✔ ni thehobbyhoarder
My Boss Babe ✔ni Jojo
This is the story of Anne and Sid. Two people from two different parts of the world who met in a not so romantic way. How can they unite beyond diversity? And how can d...
One Day He Wrote My Name (PUBLISHED) ni LexInTheCity
One Day He Wrote My Name (PUBLISHE...ni LEX 先生
Mek is a hopeless romantic and she is determined to write her own destiny. 'Tapos makikita niya ang pangalan na nakasulat sa isang piraso ng papel na testing-an ng ballp...
Pag ba Nerd ka Aapihin ka na at wala ka ng karapatan ma buhay? Pag Ba Nerd Ka? Wala ka ng karapatan Umibig at pagtataksilan ka ng kaibigan mo pero may isa kang salitang...
Kung Pa'nong Ang Bulalakaw Ay Naging Ikaw [Completed] ni LexInTheCity
Kung Pa'nong Ang Bulalakaw Ay Nagi...ni LEX 先生
Have you ever had a dream about someone you don't know, a person you don't recall ever meeting, a dream that left you depressed when you woke up? Well, that's exactly wh...
Only Fools|| Boyxboy ni cheshirecatsmile-
Only Fools|| Boyxboyni Chessa Chaé
beau isn't gay. so why is he so addicted to ellis's dick? Based off the song "Only Fools" by Troye Sivan C O M P L E T E D
Haraam (GxG) ni Messiahd
Haraam (GxG)ni MESSIAHD
"Love one another" -A phrase that's both written on their holy books. But how could they love each other if it's considered haraam?
Trials Of Destiny ni Paris-De-Lux
Trials Of Destinyni Paris Lux
"When life seems hard, the courageous do not lie down and accept defeat; instead, they are all the more determined to struggle for a better future." - Queen El...
WHAT, IN THE WATTPAD?! ni AnonymouslyAFroggo
Christina Alfonso C. Vázquez, Isang babae na single since birth that is also know as Jejemon sa wattpad in where ever she goes. Her everyday life seems to be exciting co...
The Nerd is a Princess ni HENLLOOOakoto
The Nerd is a Princessni HENLLOOOakoto
Im Isabelle Madrigal ang nagiisang anak ng Mga Madrigal. Kami ang pinaka mayaman na pamilya sa buong mundo, well ang mga magulang ko lang naman talaga. Sa Mansion para a...
Taming The Wildflower ni mujileo
Taming The Wildflowerni mujileo
Aster Isabella is well-known party girl but when her grades started spiralling down, she turned to Caleb Alexander for help, the school resident braniac.
The Eleven Gems [CONTINUING] ni nnezappys
The Eleven Gems [CONTINUING]ni Irelia Nelson
Black gem signifies darkness... Purple gem signifies enchantment... Blue gem signifies frost tide... Yellow gem signifies luminosity... Orange gem signifies animality...
Stars In His Eyes ni misscgx
Stars In His Eyesni MISS CAT
War against words Meet a boy who vowed to protect her at all cost and a girl who lived to defend what is just. They are not in control of what life throws at them. How...
Mga Bahagi ng Kahon ni titik_at_tugma
Mga Bahagi ng Kahonni titik_at_tugma
Sa panahon ng peligro, Ihanda ang puso, Sumunod sa mga panuto, Upang kaligtasa'y matamo
Finding My Heart's Hole ni lonerknight
Finding My Heart's Holeni Mr.Lonely
"Maybe, heaven and afterlife is just there to diminish the affliction of left loved ones" After the death of Samantha's boyfriend , there's something inside he...
TEARS of REVENGE ni Dandrebbb
TEARS of REVENGEni Last_Lord
Tuluyang nilamon ng poot at pagkamuhi ang malinis na puso ni Angel Baek at ang PAGHIHIGANTI na sumisira sa pagkatao niya ang nag-udyok upang pagbayarin ang mga taong nag...
Sheepdog ni AncelMondia
Sheepdogni Ancel Mondia
Filipino Declamation Piece
Nijhere's RANDOM Thoughts ni nijhere
Nijhere's RANDOM Thoughtsni Rush
She's a girl. She can be mad, sad, crazy, and real funny at times. She cares about random shits of people around her. She's a bullied bully. She's a heartbroken heartbre...