Death is my favorite color (Karma X Reader) COMPLETED by Darq_Bear
Death is my favorite color ( Darq
Y/N Asano. Twin sister of Gakushū Asano. Neglected by her father but loved by her brother. She ends up in E class. Not because of her grades. It's because she is good at...
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  • akabane
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Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal One Shots x Reader  by TinaCun
Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal One Shots x Reader by Tina_Cun
Hi, next one shot after my other one! Hope the last part wasn't too sad, anyway here's a new one so hope you enjoy!
  • quinton
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Como nos filmes [Completo] by JuliaBT
Como nos filmes [Completo]by Julia Braga
Amelia Clapp seria uma adolescente comum se seu pai não tivesse inventado de se tornar escritor. Na verdade, ela seria uma adolescente comum se as pessoas não tivess...
  • adolescente
  • cinema
  • rio
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Tiberius Salvatore: Mikaelson Extended by LivingTheDeadLife
Tiberius Salvatore: Mikaelson Jamzino
It's been a year. Rio's heartbroken, but with Anya depending on him he knew he'd have to find a way to move on. He knew his brothers were still alive, but hadn't made co...
  • anya
  • werewolf
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My Little Princess by AranaZee
My Little Princessby Ara Zee
"Ify nggak pergi! Nggak!" Lirihnya, ia menangis kemudian terduduk di lantai. Gabriel yang masih berada di sana bersama lainnya mendekat pada Rio. Shilla, Sivia...
  • sad
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Karma x reader one shots by satan_child190
Karma x reader one shotsby satan_child190
Basically, Author-chan gonna be forever alone on valentines but you guys don't have to be!! But it won't just be for valentines day you'll be able to any day of the year...
  • karma
  • bitch-sensei
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Yugioh Zexal One Shots x Reader by TinaCun
Yugioh Zexal One Shots x Readerby Tina_Cun
Hi, this is my first one shot books. I'm a big fan of Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal. If you want request then go ahead. Request any characters from Yugioh Zexal and let me know that yo...
  • barians
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Money Heist - One Shots by SpicyChcken
Money Heist - One Shotsby ChickenWings
The series is so addictive and I didn't find anything like this ⬆️ I'm going to make One shots involving: - Rio - Berlin - Denver - The Professor [ Slow updates ] I don'...
  • berlin
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Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal/Arc V One Shot Book by TinaCun
Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal/Arc V One Shot Bookby Tina_Cun
Hi guys! I haven't done much in my Arc V book so why not combine it with my Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal one? Great idea right? Anyway, request and I'll be on my way!
  • rio
  • yugiohzexal
  • yugioharcv
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House of Gold II La casa de papel by just_another_crush
House of Gold II La casa de papelby Crush
New plan. New heist. New people. The professor got some business left in Spain, so he reforms the group of hijackers to perform another heist. Joined by some new members...
  • plan
  • drama
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ROYALTY ° ÉLITE by -psychoxlec
ROYALTY ° ÉLITEby - ̗̀ cas ̖́-
❝he doesn't fit in the royalty but she don't care about it❞ [ÉLITE] [SEASON 1,2 - ?] [NANO x OC] -PSYCHOXLEC © 2018
  • rio
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Shut up!!!  (repost: Griselda Dorothi) by anggunkagia
Shut up!!! (repost: Griselda anggunkagia
repost : Griselda Dorothi
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La Casa de Papel: Raquel y el Profesor. by SoyAsterSky
La Casa de Papel: Raquel y el Aster M.
Este es un fanfic sobre lo que puedo haber pasado luego de que raquel se diera cuenta de que el profesor era Salva, el hombre con el que había estado saliendo desde hace...
  • elprofesor
  • raquelmurillo
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The lost Barian emperor (Yugioh zexal Male reader) by ArlanHanson
The lost Barian emperor (Yugioh Arlan Hanson
You get to use a red eyes deck in this story
  • yugioh
  • numbers
  • thousand
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Rio Nico x Reader [ Slow Updates ] by NobodyNight
Rio Nico x Reader [ Slow Updates ]by Nobody Night
There's not any stories of Nico x Reader so I'm going to make one!!;3 Because Idk I just love that Bird.
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ROME | La Casa De Papel Fanfiction by Truelexx3
ROME | La Casa De Papel Fanfictionby E.T.
Amora Monte was ostentatious. Now she is so much more... She is Rome. "If you suffer, I'll smile&quo...
  • moneyheist
  • oslo
  • tokyo
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Fairy Tail Happy And Carla An Exceed Story by Fastflame5000
Fairy Tail Happy And Carla An Natsu-san
During Romeo's story with Wendy Happy channels his inner animal spirit and transforms due to his connection with Carla. After dealing with Zeref and Acnologia, in a clim...
  • happyxcarla
  • action
  • lector
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Karma x Reader: Red Butler by Dragonheart3606
Karma x Reader: Red Butlerby Dragonheart 360
She was a mistake, she knew she was a mistake. It was normal. She was ignored, she was left alone, by all except her little brother. He was the only one in her family th...
  • nagisa
  • sebastian
  • phantomhive
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Let Me Love You by chatrineyln45
Let Me Love Youby chatrine
Selamat datang di cerita pertama ku :) . Let me love you a little more before you are not little anymore ^^
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  • crag
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My Pretty Boy✔ by AshfAdya
My Pretty Boy✔by NR
PROLOG Dia itu.. Ganteng✔ Berbakat✔ Genius✔ Tajir✔ Bisa main gitar✔ Punya suara bagus✔ Mirip2 model di luar negeri✔ Banyak yang suka sama dia✔ Tapi sayang, Dia lemah Ga...
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