The Descent [Featured]

The Descent [Featured]

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Mattias By TechieInAK Updated Aug 12

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When a diplomatic intercept is found to contain an item that could have disastrous effects on the Interplanetary Olympic Games, Denton Staxx has to take extreme measures to prevent the worst from happening. During his search for the perpetrators, Denton encounters an intricate intergalactic conspiracy that takes him from one solar system to another in search for a mastermind that will stop at nothing to accomplish his goal. It's up to Denton to prevent the destruction of the world as he knows it.
** 1st place finisher in the sci-fi category - Month Elimination Awards August 2017 **
** Iced Tea Summer Bash Awards Winner - Best Cover - Best Plot Development **
** The Ooorah's SciFi Awards Winner - Best Adventure Scifi Story **
** 1st place Sci-fi Awards Winner 2017  - Rebel Awards **
** 2nd place finisher in the sci-fi category - Titan Awards February 2018

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 ## Originally Written for the Proximalympics SciFi Challenge in early 2017 ##

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Red_Leasia Red_Leasia Aug 29, 2017
You sound like someone who has a hard time writing a short story!
Wow! Super helpful to hear about your journey. This is a great idea.
I thought I was the only one taking so long... Unfortunately, stories do not write themselves right...
                              A very effective beginning. It definitely sets the mood. The repetition of door stands out here, though. Maybe you can say something like
                              "The woman in the red dress stepped into the apartment."
VanessaLain VanessaLain Aug 09
 #Rebelbc great job with the sudden turn of event. I can almost feel her pain and disappointment. And the flowers hurtling towards the window and her throwing the vase shows me how frustrated she feels
                              Powerful imagery. I can feel her pain and frustration coming through. I also like the title reference here. May I suggest moving the last sentence "It was over." to a separate line? It's just my opinion but it feels anticlimactic here and would be more powerful separately.