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𝐏𝐋𝐀𝐘𝐀 𝐒𝐇𝐈𝐓 by -MoneyChaser
Pure Attraction - Book 𝙸 by Ari_1001
Pure Attraction - Book 𝙸by AuthorAri
* In progress of being edited* " Do you have a problem la mia principessa" " Yes you" What hap...
"𝐒𝐇𝐎𝐎𝐓𝐄𝐑"❤️. by Jaeeemoneyyyy
"𝐒𝐇𝐎𝐎𝐓𝐄𝐑"❤️.by ᑭIᑎKYᒍᗩᗴᗴ💕
"Ever seen a gangsta die? Nigga, that's rhetorical. Watched too many gangstas die, seen too many mommas cry. I'm gon' chase a hunnid million, I don't wanna be no ho...
Shattered by As250299
Shatteredby Alice Swan
Widower Alec Mason couldn't let go of his late wife. He still said her name with every breath he breathed. Beth Richards was best at her job. She was a doctor with a he...
Despair Room by Hooman_Wreck_QvQ
Despair Roomby Ami Roxas
Monokuma found the leader's unconscious body on the ground after Korekiyo's execution. He decided to make him a motive. And that's where everything went wrong. Can also...
Wrong Number ༒︎ 𝘛𝘖𝘒𝘠𝘖 𝘙𝘌𝘝𝘌𝘕𝘎𝘌𝘙𝘚 ༒︎ ON HOLD by Not_Your_Apple
Wrong Number ༒︎ 𝘛𝘖𝘒𝘠𝘖 𝘙𝘌𝘝� シンプ
My Beautiful Light (Yandere BNHA x reader) by GiannaTheAuthor813
My Beautiful Light (Yandere BNHA GiannaTheAuthor813
"When there light, There is darkness." Will the light be able to fight through the darkness or will the darkness consume the light? Let's see how (y/n) will su...
The Secret Mafia BTS FF || COMPLETE || by Yoshikoooo
The Secret Mafia BTS FF || ||Yoshiko||
[Complete] Rm:So Lee Y/n... If you're willing to help us, you must Join us... We need your answer now... Y/n:But joining 2 Gan- Yoongi:You have to choose 1... He gave...
Anonymous || Reading The Books by 16B11K06
Anonymous || Reading The Booksby Fire_wolf
It's the year 1976, the Great Hall was filled with students. Sorting was done, and Dumbledore was going to give a speech. Suddenly, a bright light emits and from it emer...
The Daughter of the Alpha King by xCuriousWriterx
The Daughter of the Alpha Kingby CW
She is sweet. He is cruel. She wants freedom. He wants her all to his self. ~*~ Roselyn has been a good little girl all her life. Never said the word 'no' and has been a...
Death's Bride [New Version] by XcHocolateXluver
Death's Bride [New Version]by Caroline Frias
Lily is Seer. What is a Seer? A Seer is someone whose sixth sense is stronger than most people's and can see Death. Lily did not chose to be one, she just wants to be n...
I'm Not Okay {FIN & EDITING} by -yxungest
I'm Not Okay {FIN & EDITING}by GAmer ♉
*MY FIRST BOYXBOY!* Zayden: a teen boy who doesn't know the definition of friends and family and wonders why he's in therapy when he's "normal and simple." B...
Warrior Cats Help by Pure_Awesomness83
Warrior Cats Helpby Megan
This book has unique pelt colors and traits, names for Clans and cats of all sorts, plenty of plots, how to do ceremonies, creating camps, a list of prey and all of the...
Shy- (Harry Potter Love story) by random_nerd34
Shy- (Harry Potter Love story)by Jada
{COMPLETE} Leah Green is the shyest witch of her age. That is until she meets an infamous boy with a famous lightning bolt scar. As the two friends grow up will they gro...
Switched by Luna_Hime20
Switchedby Golden_Maknae
What if everything was switched around? what if Naruto was never the kyuubi holder, and The Uchiha massacred never happened so Sasuke was never bitter and lonesome. wh...
~Little Mikaelson~ [Book 1] by HayleyMikaelson
~Little Mikaelson~ [Book 1]by Jillian
She's the daughter of the oldest hybrid in the world, Niklaus Mikaelson. Her father is the King of New Orleans, and her mother is the Queen of the werewolf faction. Aft...
don't get me wrong () prodigal son SLOW UPDATES by itsanothernobody
don't get me wrong () prodigal itsanothernobody
we're not born broken. people break us. prodigal son season one based on fox's tv show prodigal son STARTED 9/30/19
"Don't leave me."     ☆yandere Dream smp x Fem reader☆ by Bugsomethingwasit
"Don't leave me." ☆yandere Bugsomethingwasit
HEYY so you should already know what this is about by the title and I never really thought I was going to do a fanfic like this because I was too scared but I guess I ch...
His daughter - James Potter COMPLETED by ssadie0621
His daughter - James Potter Sadie Serna
The Potters survive the killing curse Peter goes or Arkaban and Sirius is free. But what happens when James Potter finds out he has a daughter 14 years later.
Shyloh Potter by shadowray17
Shyloh Potterby shadowray17
Shyloh Potter thought to be a very reserved girl in the Orphanages. No one goes near her and she doesn't try either. She move orphanage to orphanages because the people...