OffSpring by XxRiah916Xx
OffSpringby ˗ˏˋBEAUTYˎˊ˗
[Ongoing but Editing] ° ° ° Highest Ranking || #1 in Vampire (5/2/18) /// #8 in Fantasy (8/31/18) ° ° ° ❝I never knew how uncomplete my mortal life was until I met you...
  • demons
  • twins
  • love
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The Secret Mafia BTS FF by KaoriMiyazono218
The Secret Mafia BTS FFby Min Kaori
A girl Named y/n.. Started living with her new step brothers and father... But did they know that y/n is an assassin?... Is Y/n Hiding it?
  • lie
  • fight
  • past
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Changed  A.A by maryiama
Changed A.Aby IG:@Lulbadjoint💕
"THREE.. PUSHHH!". ?? semi yelled in her accent. I push with all my might. " c'mon ma you 'gon have to push harder than that ". August said trying t...
  • babymama
  • augustaslina
  • love
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Gangsta: Dumb Doug X Reader by Whimsicalmaiden
Gangsta: Dumb Doug X Readerby 10-K3î
A fair-skinned, freckled face jerk... That's what he is. Or at least he was... Doug... He was really something special. *This is going to be short. At least ten chapters...
  • deaths
  • fiction
  • gangsta
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I'd Kill For You by oreocookiedough
I'd Kill For Youby oreocookiedough
Random murders have been the news of Deerwood for several months. The police have yet to figure out who this serial killer is and why. What'll happen when sixteen year o...
  • bxb
  • thriller
  • mystery
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The Lost Prince || VKook by 1Lattae
The Lost Prince || VKookby Jay Ho
"Aren't you the prince that went missing two years ago?" K.TH A story about a young prince that was reported missing for two years. Second Prince of Daegu foun...
  • bottomjungkook
  • yoonmin
  • break-ups
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0062 X Pink Milk  by whiskeyyfrappe
0062 X Pink Milk by WiFi Society
Welcome My fellow Amigos, I'll like to present you my One Shots! Where you will find all different kind of never before seen and will leave your heart filled with Love a...
  • shortstories
  • jealously
  • fanfiction
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Rejected By My Own Kind But Accepted By The Enemy by livecam123
Rejected By My Own Kind But affion jarrett
have you ever felt depressed, abandon, un loved and like no one cares ? that's Sunny's life . the only thing that keeps her going is the promise of finding her true mate...
  • deaths
  • mates
  • cheating
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Zeven Stone by effortlessgoddess
Zeven Stoneby xoxo
This is a story about a guy named Zeven and a girl named Lyric. ** He's a famous musician/secretly a gang leader. She's an eighteen years old girl, can I make it anymore...
  • fame
  • gangs
  • fights
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BTS [Junghope X Reader [✔] 'Kill Or Love'  (18+)  by mxyktea
BTS [Junghope X Reader [✔] 'Kill SugaYooniverse
"Choose wisely" 👅💦 Torn between the two most handsome and popular guys in school. You were best friends with them. But deep inside you have feelings for them...
  • junghope
  • kikmessage
  • junghopexreader
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I'm already home with you [Attack on Titan/ SnK] by My_VelvetRose
I'm already home with you [ Joon Nashmira R. Shatten
"I lost everything that day all over again, it has already left a painful mark in my memories.. so why does life have to make me relive it all over again?" But...
  • deaths
  • ackerman
  • truth
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All About RAYLON by DeeRaeethewriter
All About RAYLONby R.Davis
All About RAYLON is based on a girl named Raylon Davis, she's 22 years old and lost the person that meant the most to her which was her grandma. After Raylon's grandma p...
  • allaboutraylon
  • pills
  • deaths
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Black and White by PlainOldDreamer
Black and Whiteby PlainOldDreamer
18th November 1990: "Amongst all people, why does it have to be you? Are you out of your mind?" The murderer remained silent. The interrogator questioned agai...
  • abuse
  • deaths
  • murder
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Legends  by A11327Demigod
Legends by Dreamer
Crossover of Percy Jackson and Teen Wolf
  • deaths
  • sterek
  • percyjackson
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Going Through Life by Sleepy_Head2
Going Through Lifeby SleepyVash
Life is pointless. It's filled with so much pain that people can't fix it with happiness. At least that's what Alya thought as a seventeen year old. She thought that peo...
  • happiness
  • vigilantes
  • lies
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~Not My Brother~ by YummyTummySuga
~Not My Brother~by YumYumSugaInMyTum
Who are you? I'm not sure... What are you after? Is it me?... Are you my brother? You're definitely Not my brother..... A story for people who wants a creepy, stalking...
  • namjoon
  • bangtan
  • language
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DownCast ( Editing ) by XCausticX
DownCast ( Editing )by Danuja
Have you ever wondered what's it like to be in somebody else's shoes? Because I have, 24/7. I would rather be anyone other than a twisted, fucked up, mistake. Wouldn't y...
  • pain
  • toture
  • depression
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You'll Be The Ghost Of Me by dat_weirdgirl_rissa
You'll Be The Ghost Of Meby Rissa
"He's been dead for a whole 8 years now! How can he still be alive?" Charlie asked me, still a lot of questions he wanted to ask, but couldn't summon up the co...
  • killer
  • charlie
  • solve
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The Mafia Woman & The Assasin by AshKnight_01
The Mafia Woman & The Assasinby AK.1
"You can come out now," I said not looking up from my book. "Didn't think you'd pick up that fast," He said, coming out from the shadows of the larg...
  • loveromance
  • lies
  • deaths
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