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Racist Mate by Unknown_jxd
Racist Mateby anonymous_jxd
*WARNING STORY MAY BE TRIGGERING * She's black and mexican. He's a white boy who prefers to date white girls ONLY. He isn't against other races so he says it's just his...
Elderbroake by -Attivus-
Elderbroakeby atticus
Atticus, cast aside from heaven, from his best friend, and from the only life he had ever known, was changed into a demon. Atticus meets many people, dangerous or good...
A Christian Romance II by NissaRogers
A Christian Romance IIby Nissa Rogers
Michael's heart and soul were only for his businesses, at least until he met Deborah. From the moment he laid eyes on her, he was instantly attracted and the feeling was...
Lies We Tell ✔ by LB_Jade
Lies We Tell ✔by L.B. Jade
Amelia Xu is dreading freshman year of college, especially facing her bad summer orientation hook-up. And that's before a breakout of hate crimes starts threatening the...
Chasing Freedom  by __Unknown__________
Chasing Freedom by __Unknown__________
NEW COVER :) 'I promise i will get justice for you i promise'..... John proclaimed when he found his Friend's body lying on the side of the streets soaked with blood on...
Only Poetry by 3darkknights
Only Poetryby Wattpadlover
If you're looking for some poetry, you've come to the right place...or book. This is a collection of poems I have written over the years. Some poems talk about bullying...
U and Me Forever by Shesbackbby
U and Me Foreverby Mishan
Adrian has not really been looking forward to his last year of high school. Especially since he got beaten up by a big guy in a leather jacket for being gay. But when he...
WOES OF LOVE❤️ by fabtracey
WOES OF LOVE❤️by Truphie❤️
When Lantana, an African girl, falls in love with Jason, the son of her colonial master,things get tough. In a time where Africans are slaves, all odds are against them...
Why, We Fall (Book One) by Tahmeentamanna
Why, We Fall (Book One)by Tahmeen TamÅnna
Professor Hasan Nadir is one of those people who has everything figured out in life. He is meticulous in planning and immaculate in constructing that plan. Never backs d...
Can't Have You by givingpurplenurples
Can't Have Youby givingpurplenurples
She's ready for a new experience, but this is not what she had in mind. she must ignore her cravings for something forbidden to her in order to have a normal-typical-def...
Racist Asshole |On Hold| by Shii_shii_1
Racist Asshole |On Hold|by Shaiera Davidson
Patricia Brown... graduated high school with the highest grades, got a scholarships, attended UCLA, did majors in both Law and Business, graduated with honors. Always at...
Silver Whispers  by rain9939
Silver Whispers by Huniya
Isla Holbrooke wakes up everyday knowing she's different. She accepts it, she embraces it, but she's not sure she quite understands it. Her scars are mental, not there t...
Legends Forgotten by Patient_13
Legends Forgottenby Patient_13
This is a tale of some outlaws. some outcasts. and some orphans. all of them with different backgrounds and origins but taking care of one another. none of these are hum...
Chasing The Crown by JessPretorius4
Chasing The Crownby Jess Pretorius
Ever took a shot at something expecting to never make it? That's what Belle thought when she tried her luck at Miss South Africa. She has always been different. Some ma...
I would like to tell you about the hardships that women have been facing from a really long time. The real meaning of women empowerment should be known to all. It is a v...
The Bar and the Butterfly [BWWM] by CurlyCallis
The Bar and the Butterfly [BWWM]by CurlyCallis
Agoraphobia, Androphobia, and Astraphobia: fear of public spaces, fear of men, and a fear of thunder makes up the list of several fears Dallia Mason suffers from. After...
Society Girl  (An Alastor x African-American Reader) by ElementalPhoniex2345
Society Girl (An Alastor x Africa...by Miazuki_Elementia88
Our dear reader lives down in New Orleans, where dreams come true and people come together to live in peace. Well, as peaceful as you can be living in the 1920's with so...
empire [  jasper hale ]. by rvenclaws
empire [ jasper hale ].by luna . ˎˊ˗
━ ❝ it's the sixties baby, get ready to rumble ❞ rvenclaws | copyright © 2017
EYES  by jeonieboi
EYES by jeonieboi
"Yes I can see, you asshole." ©jeonieboi Highest Rank: [#12 IN SHORT STORY] [#1 IN SEAGULL] (lmao I'm-) ...
despondency by tokyobabei
despondencyby tokyobabei
in which a introverted yet social black girl and an antisocial quiet mexican boy try to fall in love but the challenges that are thrown at them cease them from being abl...