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Good Grief. (A Servamp x M!OC)  by JustAGhostyGhost
Good Grief. (A Servamp x M!OC) by Ghosty
. . Anim Kurushimi, was living his best life. but God was like, "no, let's not make him life his best life." so Now Anim is trapped in the world of Servamp...
A Side Character. (Diabolik Lovers xM!OC) by JustAGhostyGhost
A Side Character. (Diabolik Ghosty
(continuation of My book Book 1 of the series, 'They Can't Bite'. Check that one out to clear some doubt, or don't, It's fine.) Anim, Was offered as a two package deal...
Secrets Of The Vandead! (Daiboilk Lovers Fanfic) by JustAGhostyGhost
Secrets Of The Vandead! ( Ghosty
Anim, very well adjusted Living with 10 vampires by now along with his best Friend, Yui KarlHeinz has sent a letter to both the Sakamaki and Mukami household and have i...
Creak by chris1703
Creakby chris1703
When a young man is trapped in his home with unwanted guests, he is forced to make harsh and possibly harmful decisions.
CRIME SEASON  by rkive--04
Just a bunch of creak heads end up in a group of well trained agents aka officer They are choosed for a special reason to be together niki- how much u wanna bet that...
Can't sleep || OLD DISCONTINUED by Bluiidayz
Can't sleep || OLD DISCONTINUEDby Bluiidayz
Rachel wakes up in the middle of the night. Not really strange, many things could have awoken her. Unfortunately, she can't fall asleep again so she has to find somethin...
Have you locked the door? by catquill25732
Have you locked the door?by CatQuill25732
Read Description **** Highest Ranking : #1 Horror (7.21.2016)
VALDUGGERY - catch me when I fall by pheonix2012
VALDUGGERY - catch me when I fallby pheonix2012
Can Valkarie and Skulduggery keep their feelings a seacret much longer? Dusk is back in this white knuckle rollercoaster of a fan fic. For all the Valduggery fans it's j...
A Few Pages from my Brain by SilentDream
A Few Pages from my Brainby SilentDream
Poetry from the brain of one SilentDream. Including imperfection, perfection, life, death, and love.
Wings of Fire; Goddesses Powers Unfinished by Cooked_rice123
Wings of Fire; Goddesses Powers
Flare and her friends, Ashlyn, Rain, and Peony have to find out what is causing the random creepy sounds in their head. They are close to getting crowned queens of their...
The Creak in the Floor | SHORT STORY by banditsbirthday
The Creak in the Floor | SHORT banditsbirthday
Paris and her sister Barbara move to New York City. But lets just say there was more then just them in their new apartment... ~ This was a short story project for school...
best friends brother? hahaha no ....maybe? by TashaRawr
best friends brother? hahaha Natasha
what would you do if you were in love with your best friends brother?
Transported by MirlyMe
Transportedby Emilia
Marilyn doesn't know why, or how it's possible, but she transports at any time to any place. This curse has saved her life but couldn't save her parents. She can't trus...
Creak by Theres_no_otheruser
Creakby xXIisafatmanXx
your name is Lukkie Creak; you would alway get bullied. With that, being push into the Creak (never bother you). But something happens, giving a reson for creepypastas t...
Creak by Jo_Sario
Creakby Jo
You heard it near you as you lay on your dark bedroom. A/N: If you've read my story 'Your Stalker' and enjoyed it, hope you'll enjoy this one as well.