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Not Such a Bad Guy: Eric Cartman x Reader by sarcastic_penguin_77
Not Such a Bad Guy: Eric Cartman Magi
This was requested by MintFlavouredKitkat. I have to throw in a warning that this story does hit some very sensitive topics, and if you don't deal with that kind of stu...
South Park One Shots by patheticyetaesthetic
South Park One Shotsby // julia //
you might think i'm pathetic bc i write south park fanfiction instead of sleeping and might be madly in love with multiple characters but also you're the one reading thi...
Kenny x reader; Broken Boys  by Bum_xx
Kenny x reader; Broken Boys by Jintao Jun
You've moved towns along with schools and a certain blonde boy caught your eye. You're a wild child and meeting someone to keep up with your adrenaline is something your...
Fatass Down- Mysterion/Kenny x Reader- South Park. by WritingGeekFreak
Fatass Down- Mysterion/Kenny x WritingGeekFreak
This story is based on Rihanna's song "Man Down." Your name is Y/N Marsh AKA Stan Marsh's twin sister and your and you're an average 11th grader [16 years old]...
South Park Memes 'N' Comics by Jimmy-The-Gr8
South Park Memes 'N' Comicsby Jimmy
Just stolen memes and other weird(and gay) stuff [May contains spoilers] If you're watching South Park you most likely don't care about swearing etc. I think I don't hav...
Maybe So (Kyle Broflovski x Reader) by mlkyclouds
Maybe So (Kyle Broflovski x Reader)by Cece✨
At the plain start of the new school year, you move into a new town in South Park, Colorado. Usually pushing everyone away at your old home, you give this place a chance...
What's your problem? (Kyle x reader) by notelesswriter
What's your problem? (Kyle x Noteless
You just moved into a new town called South Park to start a new life with new friends and to try to forget about you- Wait. Who's that boy with gorgeous green eyes? 2:nd...
South park x Reader by Blacky_Heaven
South park x Readerby Blacky
Story closed MoThErFuCeRs. :o)
Unspeakable Love (Stan Marsh X Reader) by Partysam
Unspeakable Love (Stan Marsh X PartySam
All South Park characters are not of my creation but of the wonderful people of Matt & Trey-creators of South Park. ⚠️Warning there is foul language and offensive conten...
South Park X OC reader insert  by AlthyAltherix
South Park X OC reader insert by Althy
•Mature Content• Kind of an au modern fic of where the South Park characters are in High school. Eli (You)somehow got transported into SouthPark where the cast is older...
What's your problem now? (Kyle x reader) by notelesswriter
What's your problem now? (Kyle x Noteless
This is the second part of my fanfic "What's your problem?" I recommend that you read the first one before this since it's the beginning of all of this, but it...
SouthPark x Reader Oneshots (HOLD) by DinoLordess
SouthPark x Reader Oneshots (HOLD)by DinoLordess
South Park x reader one shots for, reason because I love South Park and there aren't enough stories so me being awesome decided it was time! (REQUESTS CLOSED) Credit to...
South Park One Shots by cartmanishivpositive
South Park One Shotsby Delilah
South Park one shots. I update whenever possible. I take requests!
Love is Abuse (Kyle x Cartman) by Kerjae333
Love is Abuse (Kyle x Cartman)by Kerjae333
Kyle and Cartman are both known as the ones to bicker constantly. But underneath it all, they struggle to hide their relationship from everyone else. When their lives t...
South park Boyfriend scenarios. by Badreviewonyelp
South park Boyfriend Belle
You like south park? You wanna fantasize about having a relationship with one of the guys? Not finding enough stories or just not liking the scenarios? Then look no furt...
South Park ~ Smut ( WARNING: MUCH NSFW ) by ThatsSoDemonic
South Park ~ Smut ( WARNING: No Longer Active
THIS BOOK IS DEAD. NO MORE SHITTY STORIES WARNING: These lemons are NSFW - Not Safe For Wattpad I made this when I was 11 hhhhhhh Joke book, don't take anything in here...
Coffee Bully - Tweek X Craig by XBenji_DrownedX
Coffee Bully - Tweek X Craigby bean
Tweek has just moved to South Park and has to try and fit in at the local school. Craig is the schools bully and loves to mess with new people. Tweek struggles to fit in...