Submit To Me | Diabolik Lovers Boyfriend Scenarios by BirdTrappedInACage
Submit To Me | Diabolik Lovers BirdTrappedInACage
All male characters have their own scenarios and one-shots. They belong to Reject however the writing belongs to me. If you have any requests, feel free to comment them...
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Yuma x Reader  scenarios by ChibiManga1235
Yuma x Reader scenariosby ~ÇhîbïMåñgâ~
Just one shots with Yuma with fluff or lemon
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Diabolik Lovers - Daddy Scenarios (Sakamaki Edition) || Requests Open by CoffeeLoffee
Diabolik Lovers - Daddy ❀ death metal ❀
|| REQUESTS OPEN || ♡♤♡♤♡♤♡♤♡♤♡♤♡ Introducing Daddy Scenarios from Diabolik Lovers! These be including Shu, Reiji, Ayato, Kanato, Laito and Subaru, possibly the More B...
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The Little Skater Girl (Diabolik Lovers X Star/Goddess Reader) by PlutiaSakamaki12
The Little Skater Girl (Diabolik Sakura Morow
Aoi Hatsune is a 16 years old is a very shy girl, kind hearted, petite young girl, she is friendly and melodious. Aoi was foster daughter of the Seiji Komori since she w...
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《Hey, hey! Guess what!? DJ's back~! Wanna start this? Well! Let's start with all the Lemons! Scenarios! One-Shots! And much other things that would be Random! I missed...
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Diabolik lovers one shots (Requests are closed) [NO LEMONS] by _aestheticmaniac_
Diabolik lovers one shots ( _aestheticmaniac_
Welcome, I'm here to please your Diaboy 3:00 am needs and requests are closed for now
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A Vampire's Pet {Mukami x Reader}  by Hello__My__Name__Is
A Vampire's Pet {Mukami x Reader} by Hello My Name Is
|| Sequel to A Vampire's Plaything || After being taken away from your previous masters, the Sakamaki brothers, you find yourself surrounded by new masters... and new de...
  • tsukinami
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You Can't Catch Me (Diabolik Lovers)  by 0LiLbean0
You Can't Catch Me (Diabolik ~I don't know~
During the introduction of the Mukami Brothers to the Sakamaki, a mysterious cat shows up. When the now brothers realize that the feline is indeed more than what they th...
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Hidden Fragrance (Diabolik Lovers Fanfiction) by preii-chan
Hidden Fragrance (Diabolik preii-chan
[2nd Place DLWattyAwards2015 : REVERSE HAREM ❤️] "But if they possess these extraordinary abilities...How come they didn't feel my presence?" -Izumi ______...
  • shu
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Diabolik Daddy Scenarios~Slow updates by Animegirl18_Lia-chan
Diabolik Daddy Scenarios~Slow Lia-chan
What if the Sakamaki, Mukami, and Tsukinami were your fathers. How would it turn out? Will it turn out okay? Find out what'll happen if the vampires were your father. I...
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The New Sakamaki Child - A Diabolik Lovers Fanfiction by KittyKatChung05
The New Sakamaki Child - A INKII - Kassidy
(Y/N) (L/N) was a shy, scared and full of pain and agony when she lived with her alcoholic parents and her younger sister which was the 'little angel' to her parents. Sh...
  • yuma
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  • reiji
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Kiragaya in Diabolik Lovers by KawaiiTwT
Kiragaya in Diabolik Loversby KawaiiTwT
Kiragaya(the a is soft) is Yui's caring brother! But he has a secret that he doesn't want the brothers to know, and he tries to protect Yui as much as he can. First Sea...
  • sakamaki
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A Vampire's Choice {Diabolik Lovers x Reader} by Hello__My__Name__Is
A Vampire's Choice {Diabolik Hello My Name Is
|| Final Book in A Vampire's Plaything Trilogy || In which the reader - a newborn vampire - must choose who she wants her new masters to be.
  • xreader
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More Evil Than I Look (Diabolik Lovers Fanfic) [ON HIATUS] by KawaiiVanilla-chan
More Evil Than I Look (Diabolik Tinababes 💜
Hanauta Aku, a beautiful and charming girl that grew up deep inside the forests. She was kept away from people by her parents in fear of something that Aku is unaware of...
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[Diabolik Lovers Boyfriend Scenarios] [ON HOLD!!!] by Panda_Chan74
[Diabolik Lovers Boyfriend jeon_jungkook.ies
Hey guys it's Panda_Chan74 and if you haven't known I'm currently obsessed with Diabolik Lovers so much, I made a story about our favorite hot vampires. This story conta...
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A Broken Spark by Aki_tuskino
A Broken Sparkby Aki_tuskino
Who new that Christa had a daughter. Aki sakamaki, is the youngest in the sakamakis. All she ever wanted was to help her brothers, read to see what happens
  • subarujr1234
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Diabolik lovers one shots! by abby_jones99
Diabolik lovers one shots!by abby
A collection of both Sakamaki and Mukami one shots that I just randomly come up with! Some will involve sexual references and adult language, others won't!
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Yui's weird sister  by NaomiStickwan
Yui's weird sister by Naomi Stickwan
what if Yui Komori didn't arrive alone at the mansion ? What would happen if she had her weird older sister accompanying her? What if she was opposite of Yui? Meet Kira...
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Diabolik Lovers Oneshots & Scenarios by rizuliloquy
Diabolik Lovers Oneshots & ᒥ Riza ᒧ
[ DIABOLIK LOVERS WATTYS 2016 WINNER: ONE-SHOTS CATEGORY ] Do you have those moments where you imagine yourself going lovey-dovey with your favorite vampire? Do...
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Sisterly Love (Diabolik Lovers And Vampire Knight Crossover) by AnimeLoverGirl156
Sisterly Love (Diabolik Lovers AnimeLoverGirl156
A girl named Ayano a kuran Yes a kuran that family that you thought Was kind to all the people they knew But they were wrong unknown to them there was a girl at their a...
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