Sex, Secrets and Love by Its_JustGeorgia
Sex, Secrets and Loveby Georgia
Rose is an ordinary, teenage girl. She is 18 years old and lives in her own in an apartment in London. She works as a part time assistant to a man with bright blue eyes...
  • harrystyles
  • louistomlinson
  • teenager
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Shawn Mendes - Imagines by shawnmh
Shawn Mendes - Imaginesby ♡ ♡ ♡
[a collection of some short stories] Thanks for 5K reads x
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  • breakfast
  • imagine
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For the modest Muslim Girls~ by mahaaa_xo
For the modest Muslim Girls~by Maha
If you are trying to make a change in your life, want inspiration, a Muslim teen in America or simply would like to learn more about Islam, follow me, like, vote, and ed...
  • growth
  • reminders
  • gracious
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My little experiences by MidnightRoze13
My little experiencesby MidnightRoze13
Just some things I've come across/delt with as a new little. As well as some cute moments. Feel free to comment your stories and start discussions in the comments.
  • littlespace
  • little
  • cute
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Screaming German (Rants) by The_Hist0rian
Screaming German (Rants)by The Historian
"Everyone gets pissed, few write it down." I enjoy subtly hinting that I hate literally everyone. Also stupid situation.
  • lgbtqa
  • wattys2018
  • rantbook
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💜💜 尺ΛЛÐØ௱ ŤнɪЛƓ ★·👽👽 by tally0995
💜💜 尺ΛЛÐØ௱ ŤнɪЛƓ ★·👽👽by テヒョンベイビー
Random daily things I write down. Friendships that everyone goes through,Parents,life,sexuality,hormones. Life tips Girl tips Hygiene tips Being positive tips Happine...
  • myself
  • kpop
  • hate
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Touken Ranbu x Onmyoji - *Reader insert* by user36715413
Touken Ranbu x Onmyoji - *Reader i...by Carmen-chan
After finishing the mission Seimei was about to go back but he came into a portal . He want to investigate where the portal will bring him to and he want to know who mak...
  • comedy-romance
  • animecrossover
  • onmyoji
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Everyday Things by mangonation
Everyday Thingsby mango
Just interesting things in my life you might wanna be a part of :) Started on October 16th, 2018. Highest Rankings: #41 out of 1.35k stories for relatable. #1 out of 93...
  • hilarious
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My story and journey as a trans boy. by Acey_Ace_Writes
My story and journey as a trans bo...by Acey_Ace_Writes
My story and journey as a trans boy from the start of my journey to therapy to surgery and dating. i am still in the process of transitioning to yeah I am just as hum...
  • journal
  • every-day
  • trans
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Stories from a Crazy Sub (or 10.000 ways to piss off your loving Dom) by CrazedCoffeeLady
Stories from a Crazy Sub (or 10.00...by CrazedCoffeeLady
I'm a crazy female Sub, who needs a better brain-to-mouth- (and/or brain-to-action) filter. This book will be different stories from my little old life.
  • sliceoflife
  • master
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Deep Thoughts by stylishgurl21
Deep Thoughtsby Hogwarts
Just a collection of thoughts that I'd like to write down everyday.
  • diary
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  • overthinking
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everyday poem journal by cloverholly
everyday poem journalby Hannah
informal collection of my poems from the daily, starting in 2019. making a comeback.
  • poems
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  • everyday
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Dear Diary, by Mega-Michael
Dear Diary,by Player 1 🎮
  • fml
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  • vent
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H̶i̶s̶  Our Journey by DontMessWithAsher
H̶i̶s̶ Our Journeyby DontMessWithAsher
This is my story. I won't be writing like most do about their lives. This is more of just my rant space. I may occasionally do a more usual update about how my life is b...
  • life
  • identity
  • dysphoria
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Scary Stories, Rituals, and Urban Legends by MellowMedicine
Scary Stories, Rituals, and Urban...by Jade
If you have a nightmare fetish like me then you'll love this book updates every Friday
  • everyday
  • scary
  • scarystories
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365 by CadreCollabs
365by Cadre Of Collaborations
There are countless holidays that we miss and never acknowledge. Let's start celebrating these day...
  • general
  • inspiration
  • collaboration
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I'm not as think as you drunk I am. by FandomsAreMyFuel
I'm not as think as you drunk I am.by sweaterhogTM
Weird stories to crazy emotion breakdowns because of a series of movies, welcome to... this traaaaaash book.
  • rants
  • books
  • memes
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Teenager Thoughts by aishaabdulalim
Teenager Thoughtsby aishaabdulalim
Some relatable situations where I'm pretty sure each one of us have been through.
  • everyday
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blindsided ✧ lucas j. zumann by almondmilkk
blindsided ✧ lucas j. zumannby u wot m8
"There's a pull to the flow My feet melt the snow For the irony, I'd rather know 'Cause blinded I was blindsided" lucas jade zumann 2018
  • awae
  • everyday
  • lucasjzumann
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COMICS by PresidentDuck
COMICSby PresidentDuck
Here are some chuckle worthy comics I made. Enjoy or don't idk. AWESOME COVER BY @Yelling_Nothing #5 in figures
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