Girl From the Wild (DiaLovers X Queen) by sadosadie
Girl From the Wild (DiaLovers X Qu...by sadosadie
Queen, a cold and stoic girl has recently moved to Japan to start a new life. With no one knowing her, she hopes to live a quiet and peaceful life while attending night...
  • shin
  • supernatural
  • romance
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Eden ( A Diabolik Lovers Fanfiction ~ Karlheinz x OC) by katywhowrites
Eden ( A Diabolik Lovers Fanfictio...by Katie Lewis
'Karlheinz had never understood why he was sitting beside an empty throne for so many eternities. Maybe it was just there as a second option if he wanted to switch regal...
  • fanfiction
  • sakamaki
  • diabolik
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Vampires Mate || Diabolik Lovers Harem by NeneTae
Vampires Mate || Diabolik Lovers H...by HoneyTae
Himura Hinata was one of the laziest and indifferent people you will ever meet. He's usually found sleeping and finds most things in life "troublesome". In a w...
  • male
  • sleeping
  • lazy
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Imagines || Diabolik Lovers ➴ by A-Ball-Of-Sunshine
Imagines || Diabolik Lovers ➴by ᴛʜᴇ_sᴜɴsʜɪɴᴇ_ᴀᴜᴛʜᴏʀ
A bunch of imagines about Diabolik Lovers! Feel free to leave requests for me, anytime. I'll make sure to write them down in my notebook, so I can write them! ⚠︎ Quick...
  • reijisakamaki
  • shu
  • azusa
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Submit To Me | Diabolik Lovers Boyfriend Scenarios by BirdTrappedInACage
Submit To Me | Diabolik Lovers Boy...by BirdTrappedInACage
All male characters have their own scenarios and one-shots. They belong to Reject however the writing belongs to me. If you have any requests, feel free to comment them...
  • rejet
  • reijixreader
  • laitoxreader
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Twins (Laito's Twin Sister, A Diabolik Lovers Fanfiction) by TheHumanOtaku
Twins (Laito's Twin Sister, A Diab...by The Human Otaku
*Unedited version. Kind of. Whatever, I'm too lazy for this shi-* "Do you know how it feels to love someone so much that you hate them?" "Serenity is a me...
  • laitossister
  • vampires
  • laitosister
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Tori: The Better Bride by Zecha13
Tori: The Better Brideby Zecha
➡Highest current rank #398 A woman named Tori, went with Yui to the Sakamaki mansion There, they realized the men are vampires, and they are the sacrificial brides While...
  • kino
  • kou
  • carla
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A Vampire's Pet {Mukami x Reader}  by Hello__My__Name__Is
A Vampire's Pet {Mukami x Reader} by ♡ mrs. sakamukami ♡
|| Sequel to A Vampire's Plaything || After being taken away from your previous masters, the Sakamaki brothers, you find yourself surrounded by new masters... and new de...
  • yuma
  • laito
  • azusa
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Diabolik Lovers Lemons (X Readers) by SilverStar083
Diabolik Lovers Lemons (X Readers)by Star-Chan
Basically what the title says, it's a collection of smutty one shots I wrote. I'm doing the characters in order, oldest to youngest. I won't be doing Carla, Shin, Karlhe...
  • sakamakibrothers
  • diabolikloversoneshots
  • kouxreader
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Crimson (Yandere Vampires x Reader) by Fanfunctional
Crimson (Yandere Vampires x Reader)by Fan
Not everyone gets invited to study at Arcadia Academy. Not everyone garners the attention of the night class. And not everyone's been given such an impossible task. But...
  • yanderes
  • fanfunctional
  • infatuation
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тнeιr older ѕιѕтer || Diabolik Lovers ♚ by A-Ball-Of-Sunshine
тнeιr older ѕιѕтer || Diabolik Lov...by ᴛʜᴇ_sᴜɴsʜɪɴᴇ_ᴀᴜᴛʜᴏʀ
They weren't always alone... They have an older sister, and she is willing to do anything for them. She is Cordelia's daughter, the only daughter in their large family...
  • anime
  • wattys2018
  • koumukami
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Yui's Sadistic Sister (A Diabolik Lovers X Reader Story) by Animefan446
Yui's Sadistic Sister (A Diabolik...by Kiera Morrison
What if Yui had a sister who is the total opposite of her and who was once a member of a street gang who stole and killed people for money? Meet (F/n) (L/n), who was lef...
  • yuissister
  • laito
  • wattpride
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Anime Pick Up Lines by choba_tea
Anime Pick Up Linesby ♛ チェルシー
~Wanna know how to be smooth like me? Then use these pick up lines. Lol. -this book has been completed *ANIME PICK UP LINES BOOK 2 is out now!!!!!*
  • random
  • wattys2017
  • ouranhighschoolhostclub
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Young not stupid - Diabolik Lovers by mashishu_nah
Young not stupid - Diabolik Loversby Marshishu Ishu
Rito Komori, ah Komori, the same last name as Yui Komori. Rito was adopted into the Komori family after she had dealt with a horrible family life. Her "father"...
  • sakamaki
  • ruki
  • book
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(Fractured) Black Butler x Male Demon Reader by jaleellbutler
(Fractured) Black Butler x Male De...by lilluim diedara
"It cannot be seen, cannot be felt, Cannot be heard, cannot be smelt, It lies behind stars and under hills, And empty holes it fills, It comes first and follows aft...
  • semereader
  • blackbutler
  • diaboliklovers
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A Vampire's Choice {Diabolik Lovers x Reader} by Hello__My__Name__Is
A Vampire's Choice {Diabolik Lover...by ♡ mrs. sakamukami ♡
|| Final Book in A Vampire's Plaything Trilogy || In which the reader - a newborn vampire - must choose who she wants her new masters to be. || a lot of porn with plot |...
  • shin
  • laito
  • ayato
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Diabolik Lovers - Daddy Scenarios (Sakamaki Edition) || Requests Closed by CoffeeLoffee
Diabolik Lovers - Daddy Scenarios...by ❀ inori-chan ❀
|| REQUESTS CLOSED || ♡♤♡♤♡♤♡♤♡♤♡♤♡ Introducing Daddy Scenarios from Diabolik Lovers! These be including Shu, Reiji, Ayato, Kanato, Laito and Subaru, possibly the More...
  • laito
  • kanato
  • vampire
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The Mafia's Queen sequel to The Mafia's Wife by AnimeshipQueen21
The Mafia's Queen sequel to The Ma...by AnimeshipQueen21
She's his world that made him stay, She's his forever that made him believe, She's his fire that kept love burning him, She's his and she always will be. ♤♡♢♧♤♡♢♧♤♡♢♧♤♡♢...
  • boruto
  • shikatema
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 Boyfriend Scenarios/One-shots by Creepy_Xnime
Boyfriend Scenarios/One-shotsby Arimoshikuta
Here is a book of random anime boyfriend scenarios, etc. A collection of boyfriend scenarios. ------------------------------ I will gladly accept any requests you have f...
  • blackbutler
  • durarara
  • fairytail
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Demons Eyes (A DIABOLIK LOVERS FF) by AnimeUnknownn
Demons Eyes (A DIABOLIK LOVERS FF)by Baby Anime
Ruri-Ren Sachi. A girl who once lived with her so called Father, Seiji, for 2 years without her half-sister, Yui. She was once a girl who was self-centered, a bit perve...
  • reiji
  • diaboliklovers
  • cute
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