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New Life at South Park High: Craig Tucker x Reader by sarcastic_penguin_77
New Life at South Park High: sarcastic_penguin_77
This is just a simple Craig Tucker x Reader story that takes place in high school. I would love to let you know that it is my first fanfiction so please be nice. And...
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Saw a ghost? | Kenny x Male reader fanfiction | South park by ChrimpaShipa
Saw a ghost? | Kenny x Male TrashyAndrew
OH wow, a Kenny X reader fanfiction, never seen that before. Anways, I know it's very common but I have an idea and I need to write it. Also, this is a male reader/ he/h...
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A Change In Heart || (TweekXCraig) || CREEK {Editing} by cxpcakestylesx
A Change In Heart || (TweekXCraig) ᴄxᴘᴄᴀᴋᴇsᴛʏʟᴇsx
"I know I made a mistake Tweek, but I couldn't help it" " Yea ... You know what my biggest mistake was ... it thinking you actually loved me Craig and giv...
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~Kenny X Reader~ by Teriakyah
~Kenny X Reader~by Shai
You move into the small town of South Park when your dad gets a job there. You meet 4 boys and you befriend them quickly. One of them, however, caught your eye, a certai...
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South Park Preferences by richies_gang
South Park Preferencesby RichieC
}Requests always open{Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be with a Southpark charecter?? Well now you can see! Idk, ima do craigs group and Stan's group. I'...
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Difference Between You and Me by eyemoji
Difference Between You and Meby maya
Y/n moves to South Park with her father and almost all the boys fall in love with her and her 'charm'! But there's more that meets the eye with this girl, and a past she...
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South Park Boyfriend Scenarios/Preferences by Writer_Lucie
South Park Boyfriend Scenarios/ Caffeine Addict
Have you ever wanted to date a boy from South Park? Characters included: •Stan •Kyle •Kenny •Cartman •Craig •Tweek •Butters •Token •Clyde •Scott •Micheal (Curly goth)...
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South Park x Reader One Shots (Requests CLOSED/Edited)  by 2190077nb
South Park x Reader One Shots ( Deku #2
Have you been watching South Park lately? I have. Have you then started to develop a crush on one of the characters? I have. Then you came to the right place! I will be...
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Out in South Park by taehyungiestummy
Out in South Parkby Amber Rose
Rosalynn is a teenage girl whose family out-of-the-blue moves from a seaside town in California to the little mountain town of South Park, Colorado. She's happy about th...
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Fatass Down- Mysterion/Kenny x Reader- South Park. by WritingGeekFreak
Fatass Down- Mysterion/Kenny x WritingGeekFreak
This story is based on Rihanna's song "Man Down." Your name is Y/N Marsh AKA Stan Marsh's twin sister and your and you're an average 11th grader [16 years old]...
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Breaking (me) Bad - Kenny x Reader (South Park FanFiction) [COMPLETED] by girlwhoknowsstuff
Breaking (me) Bad - Kenny x Andreea C-137
WARNING: Contains sexual scenes, drug abuse, underage drinking, some yaoi sprinkled here and there. THIS BOOK IS, PROBABLY, GOING TO MAKE YOU UNCOMFORTABLE. It's quite a...
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Group Chat Time (✨South Park themed✨) by -TACOBBY
Group Chat Time (✨South Park 𑁍☏ᴄʟʏᴅᴇ☏𑁍
A Random group chat Butters made. He invited Stan's gang and Craig and those guys to the chat. (Besides Jimmy because I'm mean😜) Warning Gay Highest rankings #14 in Cre...
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Nerd Love?(Kylexreader)*Completed* by animefreakduh
Nerd Love?(Kylexreader)*Completed*by Criss
Kyle's left his nerdy past behind him tired of being called a nerd because he's a Jew. He decides to join the football team and fail all his classes. No amount of naggin...
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South Park Imagines. by stxxy_eyed
South Park Nancy
I decided hey why not do a book on South Park. I will be doing it on the following: Cartman Kyle Stan Tweek Craig Kenny Clyde Jimmy Butters Token. If you don't like i...
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South Park smut~ by Billcipher24
South Park smut~by Dipper Pines
Request are open always . Mostly smut but I'll try and put in some fluff~ . Enjoy reading
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A Fixer Upper [Kenny x Reader] by E_Gamer_In_Space
A Fixer Upper [Kenny x Reader]by E
You return to South Park after leaving for 5 years for reasons you rather not talk about. Your closest friends were Kyle Broflovski, Stan Marsh, Eric Cartman (you think)...
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South Park x reader by Unknowngirl0_o
South Park x readerby Unknowngirl0_o
South Park x reader :)
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Sleep Deprived (Stan X Kyle) by hey_its_laylayyy
Sleep Deprived (Stan X Kyle)by Lay <333
Update: ew i hate this fanfic, my recent is better than this garbage >:( . Kyle is stressed and sleep deprived. It's really taking a toll on his mood and his happines...
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Kenny's girl (Kenny x reader) by xSadLadyx
Kenny's girl (Kenny x reader)by
This is my first fan fiction that includes my favorite south park character, Kenny. You are a new girl at a new school. Making new friends, I guess you could say. //T...
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Unexpected (Kenny McCormick X Reader) by Partysam
Unexpected (Kenny McCormick X PartySam
All South Park characters are not of my creation but of the wonderful people of Matt & Trey-creators of South Park. ⚠️Warning there is foul language, sensitive and offen...
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