Soulmate Tattoos by Power_Courage_Wisdom
Soulmate Tattoosby (ʘ‿ʘ✿)
Everyone is obsessed with one thing in this world and that's finding their soulmate. I don't care, as a matter of fact, I don't believe in these tattoos. You love someon...
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~Kenny X Reader~ by Teriakyah
~Kenny X Reader~by Shai
You move into the small town of South Park when your dad gets a job there. You meet 4 boys and you befriend them quickly. One of them, however, caught your eye, a certai...
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  • stanmarsh
  • southpark
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Angels are real (Mysterion x Reader) by VodkaFace69
Angels are real (Mysterion x VodkaFace69
Y/n is 16 and she just moved away from her old town and into South Park. She dresses as a guy to become friends with the gang, Cartman, Kyle, Kenny, and Stan. They teach...
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What's your problem? (Kyle x reader) by notelesswriter
What's your problem? (Kyle x Noteless
You just moved into a new town called South Park to start a new life with new friends and to try to forget about you- Wait. Who's that boy with gorgeous green eyes? 2:nd...
  • cartman
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Polaroid ( Creek) by RockeronEx
Polaroid ( Creek)by Terushira/ASM
South Park creek Turns out in the crazy town of South Park, there's a new kid, specifically a blonde, twitchy, underpants gnomes seeing boy. Tweek tweak. What will ha...
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A Change In Heart || (TweekXCraig) || CREEK {Editing} by cxpcakestylesx
A Change In Heart || (TweekXCraig) ᴄxᴘᴄᴀᴋᴇsᴛʏʟᴇsx
"I know I made a mistake Tweek, but I couldn't help it" " Yea ... You know what my biggest mistake was ... it thinking you actually loved me Craig and giv...
  • creek
  • south
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Fiery Siren (South Park: Stick of Truth) by Naaen_Willow
Fiery Siren (South Park: Stick Naaen_Willow
Kira and her parents moved to South Park for Kira's own safety since she is being hunted by someone from her past. She tries to learn more about her powers with her mot...
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Fatass Down- Mysterion/Kenny x Reader- South Park. by WritingGeekFreak
Fatass Down- Mysterion/Kenny x WritingGeekFreak
This story is based on Rihanna's song "Man Down." Your name is Y/N Marsh AKA Stan Marsh's twin sister and your and you're an average 11th grader [16 years old]...
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  • southparkthefracturedbutwhole
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Buried (a Creek fic) by devvyon
Buried (a Creek fic)by ur average writer
**COMPLETED** Craig Tucker, the infamous stoic teenager of South Park, had a secret habit of needing to know everything about everyone. Every piece of dirty laundry, eve...
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Friendly Faces Everywhere | South Park Imagines by Tikitoitoi
Friendly Faces Everywhere | Rhinestone Eyes
! MOVED TO ANOTHER BOOK ! Crushing hard on one (or more) South Park characters, are you? Yeah, me too. And that's why I'm here! I mean, there's a lot of really great na...
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South Park Preferences by richies_gang
South Park Preferencesby RichieC
}Requests always open{Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be with a Southpark charecter?? Well now you can see! Idk, ima do craigs group and Stan's group. I'...
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South Park (x Reader) by KaybearD17
South Park (x Reader)by FanFiction Central
South Park x Reader inserts Requests can be made through the a/n page "hello!" or a simple inbox message! Requests are currently: Open 🔓
  • stan
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🌟☄South park x reader one-shots!! {REQUESTS OPEN} SLOW OR QUICK UPDATES☄🌟 by Nightmare1009
🌟☄South park x reader Nightmare1009
HI GUYS!! I decide to do south park as my first story on wattpad!! because who doesn't love a paranormal town full of strange things! Most likely to have spelling mistak...
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Various! Yandere! South Park x Fem! Reader by SaeCherries
Various! Yandere! South Park x SaeCherries
When (Y/n) (L/n) returns to South Park after years of being gone, she just wants to see all of her old friends again. What happens when she gets more than she bargained...
  • romance
  • angst
  • yanderexreader
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Some Heros Can't Save Lifes (completed) by catherinerandom
Some Heros Can't Save Lifes ( nameless.random
Kenny falls for Butter who already loves Kenny, but what will this do to their super Hero lives? Kenny McCormick has never been able to die and has a secret Identity as...
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  • yaoi
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South Park Boyfriend Senarios  by That_Weird_Otaku5
South Park Boyfriend Senarios by ✿*∗˵╰༼✪ᗜ✪༽╯˵∗*✿
This story includes~ •Stan •Kyle •Kenny •Cartman •Craig •Tweek •Clyde •Token ___________________________________________ Update: Now also includes~ •Butters •Damien •...
  • boyfriend
  • tweektweak
  • kennymccormick
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Creek (Craig X Tweek) Comics by V2tillatek
Creek (Craig X Tweek) Comicsby V2tillatek
Just random creek comics. Non of the comics belong to me (I'll try to credit every single artist but I'll take time)
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♡ South Park Preferences ♡ by oof_southpark
♡ South Park Preferences ♡by 🥀 cockcaine 🥀
Includes headcanons and scenarios ♡
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South Park picture/comic's by wizeybeast
South Park picture/comic'sby wizeybeast
Just a South Park picture book🌈 Hope you enjoy❤ warning: Some smut
  • comics
  • stan
  • k2
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"Boyfrenemies" by teambroflovski
"Boyfrenemies"by Brooke(:
You've heard of frenemies...but boyfrenemies? Tweek Tweak and Craig Tucker aren't the best of friends. But suddenly their rage and anger towards each other turns to comp...
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