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Wedding crasher? by nobodyelseeme
Wedding crasher?by Ophelia💋
A woman has her perfect weeding with a man of her dreams,but everything gets dark when she gets wedding photos few weeks after weeding. If you want to hear more about wh...
The Hidden Daughter(On-going) by CINESEEN
The Hidden Daughter(On-going)by Feeling Author
"Sino ka ba?" "Kapag nagpakilala ako sayo, baka lumuhod ka." - Z Nighten Date Started: June 8, 2021 End: ________ @CINESEEN
Don't Ask Won't Tell by Valondra74
Don't Ask Won't Tellby Valondra74
There is a saying "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas"........Well this didn't happen in Vegas therefore I can talk about it. Best friends for a long time...
Wedding Crasher by Irhaboggle
Wedding Crasherby Irhaboggle
Standing in the hidden corner at the back of the chapel, Elphaba watches Glinda's wedding. She comes to support Glinda, but Oz knows she wishes she could be the one wait...
The Wedding Crasher by hvrryfvckingstvles
The Wedding Crasherby Ysa
"C'mon let's crash a wedding and have some fun." In where a boy who loves to crash weddings crashed one and started doubting his decisions in life.
Dragon Shifters RP by CheetahNadder
Dragon Shifters RPby Cheetahtail🤘
This book is a HTTYD RP. Here you can RP as Dragon, Human, or Shifter. You can RP in several locations and with many different people.
Unfolded Mystery - Winx Club Fanfiction by oldlittleme
Unfolded Mystery - Winx Club oldlittleme
It's gonna be a big day for the Winx and everything needs to be perfect but, the boys have to get there in time but, got some ups and downs on their way, and forgetting...
Wedding Crasher: Sequel to His Baby by kathryna1
Wedding Crasher: Sequel to His Babyby YouHaveMyHeart
Wedding crashers will be typically about the title ENJOY!!
Living In The Past by hellovirgo
Living In The Pastby Virgo Edwards
a girl that sacrificed her love for everyone else but her. a boy that still loves her madly. and a disease she can't escape. is it time to move on with a new life, a n...
Speak Now by typoqueens
Speak Nowby Bianca and Sze
Other people are paid to be a serial killer, secret agent and other jobs that are too risky. But me? Oh well, it's just easy, breaking couples is my job, and crashing we...
Party Crasher by handstands80
Party Crasherby handstands80
This story is about a girl named Stephanie it is her 11th birthday party but little did she know that someday at her party was gonna do something not so good read to see...
Party Crasher by MsScarlettRose
Party Crasherby Scarlett Griffyn
A mysterious figure, a gun, and Kirsten. Kirsten, now 16, is celebrating her Sweet Sixteen party at an extremely well known nightclub. The hell on earth that soon follo...
Decisions, decisions...{Bring Me The Horizon} by jodie_p
Decisions, decisions...{Bring Me jodie_p
Violet and her band 'decisions, decisions' play Download Festival, but she runs into her childhood sweetheart along the way..Will everything go as well as they hope? Or...
The Voice Behind Our Love by LaDidaDida3
The Voice Behind Our Loveby LaDidaDida3
Hello! This is the one shot I made for @AlexandraJoy. She wrote a Niall Horan fanfiction called "The Wedding Crasher" and this was part of her contest. I sugge...
Rules to Being A Wedding Crasher by finleycastletwc
Rules to Being A Wedding Crasherby Finley Castle
Tips to being a wedding crasher, written by Finley Castle herself.
They Say Love Hides Behind Every Corner. I Must Be Walking In Circles! by TheFlamingPopsicle
They Say Love Hides Behind Every Alexandria Michelle
Note: This was written when I was 13. It is very much a product of my little tween mind at the time. Please approach with caution. *** Shay Barron is not afraid to be h...
Short Stories by ella_enchanted
Short Storiesby Ella
A collection of short stories that I wrote.
Jesse's Girl by MusicxXxGuru
Jesse's Girlby Hannah
Josh has been in love with Robyn ever since they were Robyn's boyfriend; who also happens to be Josh's best friend. All this time he hasn't done anythi...