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"So who is this girl? I've never heard of her."

Her friend blinked. "You don't know? Well, I suppose since she isn't that famous, nobody really knows her. Do you know #ilovemyflaws movement?"

"What movement again?" asked her, scrunching her nose. Her eyebrows knitted into one thin line on her forehead.

He tilted his head to one side, giving it a thought before answering her question. "Okay, so she's a writer of TBNB and Entwined here on Wattpad. She's been here for over two years but she only published her first novel last year cos insecurities got into her. She was bullied in school, her mum had cancer a few years ago, and her dad struggled with smoking addiction."

"Wow, tough life."

"Makes tougher person. She tries her best to remain positive, after all, life is a lesson, right? #ilovemyflaws movement is something that really close to her heart. Over the years, she realized that to love oneself, one must acknowledge one's flaws and accept them. Her motto is 'nobody's perfect, we might as well love our imperfections'. You should join."

She leaned forward, interested in this newfound information she had just received. "How?"

"It's simple, really," he paused and fished out his phone. "Here, you can head to @ilovemyflaws on Wattpad for details."

A smile appeared on her face as she mirrored his action and opened the profile on her phone. "Awesome!"

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