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VEUX by saviorselves
VEUXby Emjae
Rejection is at an all time high in werewolf culture. Females are tired of overbearing, and possessive mates, so they've found a loophole: rejection. Yet when Saoirse is...
  • shifter
  • rogue
  • love
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Writing Prompts or Short Stories by MGBenel
Writing Prompts or Short Storiesby MGBenel
I'm sharing writing prompts that I do on a daily basis. These prompts are raw and unedited - their main purpose is to unleash one's creativity and to explore ideas. So...
  • english
  • sword
  • day
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My Wattpad Favourites by laughingintherain
My Wattpad Favouritesby C
Stuck for what to read? Here's a list of all my favourite books and recommendations which you must have!!! (The ones you read curled up with a cup of hot chocolate and t...
  • tables
  • enemy
  • dummies
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My Mate the Wanderer by Eroticwolf
My Mate the Wandererby EroticWolf
His hand grazed across my back sending sparks all throughout my body. A small moan escaped my lips, his touch was like a drug to me. All that I knew was that I would do...
  • wolves
  • wolf
  • mates
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Adult diapers  by MattewHolmes
Adult diapers by Diapermaledepend
A story about diapers enjoy!!!
  • turned
  • gayness
  • diapers
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Falling for the devil- Klaus Mikaelson by smileyxamy
Falling for the devil- Klaus Mikae...by Amy
Samantha (Sam) a young 16 year old girl, one of Elenas old friends, moves back to her old town, getting a small house with her sister Charlie. Sam meets a man and finds...
  • amazing
  • death
  • stuff
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The human and the alpha by arialoveskpop
The human and the alphaby arialoveskpop
"WATCH OUT!" I push her away as the wolf was up in the air and the wolf sunk his teeth into me. He thrash his head around making his teeth dig in deeper in my...
  • family
  • mean
  • kiss
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Lydris by RinaRSV
Lydrisby RinaRSV
WARNING!! This book it NOT like your typical werewolf story. There are a lot of things that's different form the werewolf world you're used to. Therefore PLEASE read the...
  • beta
  • romance
  • omega
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Orphic by xBlueGoddessx
Orphicby Blue
Orphic - (adj.) mysterious and entrancing ; beyond ordinary understanding Tall, black hair, brown eyes, muscular build, pointy teeth. Naomi was in love with a vampire. B...
  • stillabetterlovestorythantwilight
  • vampireromance
  • blood
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Plagued: Bitten by Blazin_Nymph
Plagued: Bittenby Lillie Kronthal
They hide in disguise throughout the day By night they live for the fight of the hunt. They thrive off of us. They live a mysterious life full of blood. My name is Tob...
  • vampy
  • story
  • vampires
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The Butterfly Koi by HomeToIthaca
The Butterfly Koiby MeiLi
The butterfly koi suddenly launched it's lithe body out of the water and landed, in a swirl of yellow and black water drops, on the grassy surface of the garden, not as...
  • spirits
  • koi
  • shortstory
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Her Brother Or Her Lover by ForeveranAlways2016
Her Brother Or Her Loverby Shifter Queen
I'm Sapphire Amelia Salvatore-Mikaelson. Yes I married one if the Mikaelson brothers. My on again off again husband is currently off. I was turned a year after my broth...
  • salvatore
  • killelena
  • love
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Diary of a Virgin Turned Whore by aliSAURUS
Diary of a Virgin Turned Whoreby aliSAURUS
Rosemarie Pillar is your average smart, popular girl. But when rumors get out about how she's dirty and sleeps with anything with a penis, her reputation in ruined. It d...
  • dairyofavirginturnedwhore
  • dairy
  • turned
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kidnapped by why dont we  by emiley_seavey
kidnapped by why dont we by Emiley Elizabeth Ann Mason
one night coming from dancing class with my 4 friends we get kidnapped and guess what they get turned supernaural see what happens next Ps about why dont we. ❤❤💗
  • love
  • sofiacarson
  • wolfs
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Outlaw vamp by uniquegirl2002
Outlaw vampby L.E.T
She wasn't born a vampire like the rest of the community, she was bitten and turned. It was unheard of and shamed upon with the laws of the treaty. No human shall be tur...
  • vampire
  • vampireking
  • abuse
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Best Vampire Stories on Wattpad by MaNiggaOlaf
Best Vampire Stories on Wattpadby Sarah
Good vampire stories on Wattpad are pretty hard to find. Not to mention that I can be very picky when it comes to vampire stories.That's why I created a list of my perso...
  • royalblood
  • king
  • triplets
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My Demons {An OHSHC and Black Butler Crossover} by EvilDemon67
My Demons {An OHSHC and Black Butl...by Nerd Trash
{Completed but it sucks. Please don't read} Charlotte has been trying to escape her past life for as long as possible. After a freak accident, Charlotte gained powers be...
  • kyoya
  • ohshc
  • england
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The Princesses Arranged Marriage (With a Vampire) by Sable1234
The Princesses Arranged Marriage (...by ~Vampiress~
Rose Lorence is an 18 yr old Royal Princess, her parents asked her to find a mate and get married but she refuses So her parents (the King and Queen) arrange one for her...
  • moving
  • vampire
  • bonding
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OD! eddsworld x reader one-shots by stansbestfriendaqua
OD! eddsworld x reader one-shotsby Aquarus
YOU MAY ALL REQUEST ANYTHING THAT INCLUDES EDDWORLD OD no lemons smut ect though for example if you want a tomsworld tord x reader he will be an OD character so he migh...
  • oneshots
  • includesmeinstoryrarleytho
  • oppisite
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Santa Paws by Wolphin5
Santa Pawsby Wolphin5
Santa has become a werewolf. Now how he has to deal with not only having the Santa Magic, but being a creature he didn't know existed.
  • turned
  • santa
  • christmas
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