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Fuck you...Your Majesty! by musical_love678
Fuck you...Your Majesty!by Couch Potato
"King Atharva.... I wish I never loved you.... and if I get another chance at life, I wish to never cross paths with you...." said the dying prince as he pushe...
Lost and Found (TFP) by _error_1010
Lost and Found (TFP)by Enigma Primo
The Autobots and Decepticons were fighting as usual for Energon when they plunged into a hole, falling unceremoniously into the abyss. There was one massive Energon in t...
The Great Alder Inn by _diamond_crown
The Great Alder Innby _diamond_crown
An upper class heir to a proficient family ends up marrying an Inn Owner. This is their story as they traverse the tricky path of etiquette and change.
Back to the Beginning by Irish_Wolves
Back to the Beginningby L.W
Finding out that some of the Wesley's and Hermione he thought as family had betrayed him, Harry wishes for something that seems impossible. With that single wish, Harry...
Transformers Prime by AemondTargaryen2167
Transformers Primeby Skyler Marcus
Willowspark has a bad condition where she has seizures. She can't go into battle because of them in fear of her sire and what he would do if she offlined. What will happ...
Raising a Sparkling Together (And Apart) by kaitlynn-bush
Raising a Sparkling Together ( sourcherry
From behind him, he heard Breakdown step closer and start the cannon on his back. Knockout pulled the object closer protectively before slowly turning to face his conjun...
Gust of Destruction ( Warship Battle × Azur Lane fanfiction ) by NavyWritter25
Gust of Destruction ( Warship Navy writter
The IJN Akagi, a 34,364 ton aircraft carrier, she was an Imperial Japanese Navy aircraft carrier involved in the Attack on Pearl Harbor and later seen last time at Battl...
Reborn As The Son Of Airachnid by -RimuruTempest-
Reborn As The Son Of Airachnidby Rimuru Tempest
Y/N L/N is a 14 year old boy that lost his mother at 6 years old and his father started blaming him and carsing him that it was his fault that his mother died. He loved...
Miho Izumo, G. Kurfürst by NullAzatoth
Miho Izumo, G. Kurfürstby Null Azatoth
Miho Lost the 62nd Shenshado Tournament but the situation was more fck*d up than that. As she saved Koume and the rest she lost all her strength and got pulled by the st...
Azur Lane: A Chance to Save Another World (Hiatus) by Manthereardudee
Azur Lane: A Chance to Save Froggylicker
A college student is living her usual life in her 20s. Never would have thought, that same girl would be given a chance to save another world. Will the girl accept her f...
TF children once by 7warsawa4
TF children onceby LongTimeNoSee
They were fighting over a relic, just Optimus and Megatron. This was a fight for leaders, no one else dear to interrupt. But then they suddenly were swallow by the light...
Professor Husband by sneha_bhardwaj715
Professor Husbandby ~Sneha Bhardwaj
Peep inside to know more Cover by - @RainbowRoses21 Most impressive rankings #3 moel #12 koel #65 karan #472 monami #664 moran
Who's that Girl? (Sidnaaz) by tanyasethi27
Who's that Girl? (Sidnaaz)by tanyasethi27
Shehnaaz, a twenty-four year old girl from Punjab, arrives in Mumbai to live her dreams and aim at her aspirations. This book is about her journey in the city of dreams...
The Fallen Star (Azur Lane) by NA-213456
The Fallen Star (Azur Lane)by INF- Info not found
Fear, it was the first thing you felt. Locked in place with a musk covering your face, you slowly woke up to find yourself trapped in some kind of space shuttle. Fear, c...
An unexpected surprise by Black_Paladin
An unexpected surpriseby Disaster
A transformers g1 fanfic (Okay I am aware that this is probably not the way a sparkling is made, but this is just my theory and my version. It's less gross than the oth...
Azur Lane: Facing the past (Hiatus) by Manthereardudee
Azur Lane: Facing the past (Hiatus)by Froggylicker
A bunch of JMSDF ships suddenly appear in Azur Lane, what would happen next? Note: This story is just a side project. Do not expect regular updates to this story. Th...
(TNO×Azur Lane) The Modern Kriegsmarine Fleet In Azur Lane by LeeCyan
(TNO×Azur Lane) The Modern LeeCyan
In 8 September 1992, the German Navy is doing a naval exercise somewhere in North Sea, 60 kilometers from Norwegian coast. While the flagship of the exercise fleet, KMS...
Preeran : New Beginning 💞 by Nayyu967
Preeran : New Beginning 💞by Nayyu967
Story based on current track when Monisha throws a knife on Prithvi!
Don't think, just do. by AWACS_Solitary
Don't think, just Hello there
"You know, theres a saying between old pilots. The best way to shoot someone down, is when they are about to shoot someone down" [None of the GIF's, images, vi...
Supercarrier to another world by AttaccHelicopter
Supercarrier to another worldby AttaccHelicopter
A Supercarrier belonging to the fictional country of Webiru has disappeared from the map after evacuating people from a warzone, HWMS Albin then woke up in the middle of...