Extremely op male reader x rwby by Destroyer_Creater
Extremely op male reader x rwbyby Destroyer creator
You are y/n the Creater of everything and the destroyer of all and the strongest person ever also long story short you got bored one day while having nothing to do so yo...
  • blake
  • reader
  • yang
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Destroyer by Zero9376
Destroyerby Zero9376
One day (Y/N) was walking home from school and he saw a man with a big hammer fighting people with black wings. One of them was going to throw a spear made of light at t...
  • serafall
  • highschooldxd
  • highschool
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Extremely overpowered male reader x akame ga kill harem by Destroyer_Creater
Extremely overpowered male Destroyer creator
You are y/n the Creater of everything and the destroyer of all and the strongest person ever also long story short you got bored one day while having nothing to do so yo...
  • action
  • end
  • malereader
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Dragon ball super X Reader~Oneshot~ by pan320
Dragon ball super X Reader~Oneshot~by Black Dawson
Hi ya!!! I am making a oneshot! it will be between characters and reader as well! I hope ya guys enjoy!
  • kais
  • zenohsama
  • angels
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You Colored My Heart (Ink x Error)  by Dream_And_Nightmare
You Colored My Heart (Ink x Error) by Arty-Kun
Ink, Creator of AUs had been wondering about Who was destroying his AUs until that day in UnderSwap he had found the one who had destroyed his AUs. But the creator nor t...
  • paperjam
  • goth
  • palette
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DBS: Godlike!Janey and Daishinkan love story by pan320
DBS: Godlike!Janey and Black Dawson
Janey is a human with element powers and much more. She is really strong and can beat anyone. Her family was kill from a plane crash when she was 3 years old. And when s...
  • destroyers
  • comedy
  • etc
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Book I - The Destroyer's Empire: The Destroyers of Worlds by TheBlackBasilisk
Book I - The Destroyer's Empire: TheBlackBasilisk
Skye was persuaded by a strange man, after Bobbi Morse and her team tried to capture and inprison Skye . That man was Percy Jackson, the son of Poseidon. They disappeare...
  • giants
  • agents
  • destroyer
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"Okay Cupcake" by Kassie_Kassie
"Okay Cupcake"by Kassie_Kassie
Remi's life has been anything but easy. She goes to school and works at a small cafe at day , and gets abused by her father at night. This is not one of those times that...
  • rivalgangs
  • gắng
  • forcedmarriage
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Bumping Into Love by Try_New_Things
Bumping Into Loveby Try_New_Things
First The Rich Girl And The Destroyer; I think this is a better name 'I know you.' I say surprised. He looks at me like I'm a lost puppy. 'You were that jerk that coffee...
  • rich
  • hunter
  • trouble
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Never Again || Kim Namjoon by _aryuri
Never Again || Kim Namjoonby Ara
Book 2 of Fix Me || Kim Namjoon
  • sonyeondan
  • promises
  • monie
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Painted Glitch - Error x Ink - Everytale by SapphireDragonGod
Painted Glitch - Error x Ink - Sapphire Dreamer
Error Sans, being no longer an enemy o the AUs and Ink Sans, but still being able to destroy Universes has made many beings frustrated all over the Multiverse. Something...
  • errorxink
  • ink
  • fanfic
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FORTRESS 'kailisa'by hiatus🤷‍♀️
in a dystopian world, they somehow find a way to love another in a field of danger and death. ↳ KAI × LISA © MILKYKIBUM
  • destroyer
  • exopink
  • kailice
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Mysterious girl (Maui X Reader) [ON HOLD] by Kyuuketsuki9765
Mysterious girl (Maui X Reader) [ Kyuu_Mae_R
Moana had a older sister named Xenosa (Zen-o-sah). She was banished from the island when Moana was 4 years old by their very own father. Xenosa wasn't some typical g...
  • demon
  • maui
  • romance
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Fate In Our Hands (Ink X Error) -ON HOLD- by JusticeWithTriangles
Fate In Our Hands (Ink X Error) Aimee Raven Hayes
Every end is a beginning. And everything needs its opposite. Nearly always, we can't stand our opposite. But sometimes, we want the good, so badly, we can get over ourse...
  • sanscest
  • errortale
  • error
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Wretched and Divine: The Story of the wild ones ) by Write616
Wretched and Divine: The Story Write616
Mya is a villager of F.E.A.R. Her, her brother and her mother are alone after her father was executed for disobeying. He was never truly loyal to F.E.A.R and told his ol...
  • churchofthewildones
  • mourner
  • complete
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The Legacy (BVB: Legion Of The Black Fanfic) by Phantom_Writer_13
The Legacy (BVB: Legion Of The #PW13originals
Amity was a normal girl, but after F.E.A.R takes over, she starts having visions of 5 men. She decides to leave her home, in F.E.A.R's territory, the Sanctuary, and look...
  • fanfiction
  • prophet
  • destroyer
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RWBY: Omega by TheOmegaRealm
RWBY: Omegaby I Am Ømega
The story of Omega Var Sigma, a Seventeen year old, Komodo Dragon/Lynx Fauna. Omega and his old friend, Gabriel, seek a safe haven at Beacon Academy, a school made to...
  • weiss
  • yang
  • fanfic
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~Codes and Corrupted Dreams~-Eraser x Reboot by FlameonLeaf
~Codes and Corrupted TheFlamingFox
Welcome to the universe and its AU's. Where thousands and thousands of different stories and timelines lay. You wonder... "who looks after them? who made them?"...
  • ink
  • creation
  • love
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The True Beginning by AuthorAirur
The True Beginningby Author Airur
Forced Destroyer Error belongs to the amazingly awesome @harrish6 Error, destroyer of billions, was a brother? That couldn't be possible, surely. No one would accept...
  • prettysad
  • undertale
  • harrish6
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Dragon ball oneshots by VenusHopeDreemur
Dragon ball oneshotsby Venus Dreemur
OK um shipping book basicly and stuff... I've written one on my abbondand account.
  • mindlessbehavior
  • submissive
  • fanfiction
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