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RWBY: Omega by TheOmegaRealm
RWBY: Omegaby I Am Ømega
The story of Omega Var Sigma, a Seventeen year old, Komodo Dragon/Lynx Fauna. Omega and his old friend, Gabriel, seek a safe haven at Beacon Academy, a school made to...
  • blake
  • anime
  • destroyer
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Book I - The Destroyer's Empire: The Destroyers of Worlds by TheBlackBasilisk
Book I - The Destroyer's Empire: TheBlackBasilisk
Skye was persuaded by a strange man, after Bobbi Morse and her team tried to capture and inprison Skye . That man was Percy Jackson, the son of Poseidon. They disappeare...
  • darkpercy
  • shield
  • demigods
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Destroyer of Time by pnelego
Destroyer of Timeby pnelego
  • time
  • alien
  • destroyer
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Magik Love by ShilohVoodoo
Magik Loveby Shiloh Voodoo
Jinxx is tired of being unhappy and plagued by depression since Sammi left him. The only happiness he has now is when he's in concert.... which might give him the ultima...
  • mourner
  • dorks
  • concert
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The Guardian Herd One Shot by PegasusFly6812
The Guardian Herd One Shotby Yuu-Chan
This is a one shot of Guardian Herd. I love the series. Just wish there was more. Also I wrote this short story when I was in 6th grade (and I was very dramatic back the...
  • pegasus
  • oneshot
  • destroyer
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Mini story's <:3 by _Crydia_
Mini story's <:3by Crydia :3
So this is once again inspired by my best friendo aleno! These story's will usually be somewhere in between 3 to 5 chapters long (maybe shorter) there just lil mini stor...
  • fan
  • undertale
  • undertaleau
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Darkest light by BluSky15
Darkest lightby RainbowHunter
It is about a young boy that has a dark but peaceful power that can rule all the kingdom if he wanted. All of prediction is about a young boy but this young boy was inn...
  • light
  • action
  • kingdom
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D E S T R O Y E R by BipolarPrincess_01
D E S T R O Y E Rby LoveMeAlone
A story in the times of war.
  • time
  • friendship
  • action
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Book 1: The Last Water User by angelagalimba
Book 1: The Last Water Userby KimBaekhyun
It has 4 elements: Water, Fire, Air, Earth But it has to be in order. The Water should be known first, then fire, then air, and earth Will she do it? Will she accomplish...
  • air
  • water
  • earthuser
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Sick of Me by Tempting_Temptation
Sick of Meby Tempted Hearts
Be careful of what you wish for... Hope Coleson should've learned her lesson, but no, she wanted to be noticed. So she wished upon a star that traveled slowly in the nig...
  • badboys
  • romance
  • forests
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Get up  by otakureaderforever
Get up by Anarchy
  • destroyer
  • betrayal
  • percyjackson
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Best friend Boyfriend  by lilllllmiaaaaaa
Best friend Boyfriend by lilllllmiaaaaaa
  • enimes
  • destroyers
  • friends
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The Destroyer (A Power People Novel) #1 by ZoeBooks95
The Destroyer (A Power People Zoe Books
The Destroyer, the first in The Power People Series, is about a young woman who thought she had simply been handed a hard hand in life until a man, Orion, showed up. He...
  • destroyer
  • zoe
  • books
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the woof of a life time by isabellacupcaketumy
the woof of a life timeby isabellacupcaketumy
the story is about a dog that is so cute
  • minecraft
  • youtube
  • ôn
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Soul Reaver by Razielim
Soul Reaverby Mihael K.
This is a story about vampire Raziel who gets betrayed and killed... but Elder God raises him from dead and Raziel seeks revenge against his betrayer, vampire Kain.
  • audron
  • mortanius
  • kain
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