Painted Glitch - Error x Ink - Everytale by SapphireDragonGod
Painted Glitch - Error x Ink - Sapphire Dreamer
Error Sans, being no longer an enemy o the AUs and Ink Sans, but still being able to destroy Universes has made many beings frustrated all over the Multiverse. Something...
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Alpha Azrael by INIBUU
Alpha Azraelby INIBUU
*** "Look at me!", husky voice, coming from the man, who stood in front of me, ordered. I'm not ready to face my death, not just yet. He placed the tips of hi...
  • killer
  • alpha
  • kinks
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The Truth of a Valkyrie by therealananya
The Truth of a Valkyrieby therealananya
Melissa knows she has some purpose in life. She is meant to be the change the world is in dire need of. She sets off on her journey to find out she wasn't who she though...
  • war
  • destinymaker
  • romance
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Never Again || Kim Namjoon by _aryuri
Never Again || Kim Namjoonby 아라
Book 2 of Fix Me || Kim Namjoon
  • namjoon
  • món
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Code Blue by UnitaryMultiverse
Code Blueby TheMultiverse
In a world that is 4-5x larger than earth but the same amount of landmass, nations need large navies. Among the need for larger navies, ex-amphibious assault carriers ar...
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She Who Stands Above All by VGRamirez
She Who Stands Above Allby Lupe Ramirez
It was forbidden for a reason but like all arrogant leaders, they just couldn't help themselves... "I'm something else, a different kind of monster. A hybrid."
  • betrayal
  • destroyer
  • revenge
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Ask Different Versions of Error! by Errorizsenpai
Ask Different Versions of Error!by Oh BOY here I gooooo
This will be... interesting.
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  • destroyer
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Kokoro No Shi (Killer X Outer) by theblueheart-galaxy
Kokoro No Shi (Killer X Outer)by Le Impatient Bean
After The War, Almost Everyone Was Heart Broken. Outer Lost 1939 Ink Forgot 518181518 Dream Left 1191212518 Lust And 81518181518 Almost Killed Each Other Nightmare Was...
  • negative
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RWBY: Omega by TheOmegaRealm
RWBY: Omegaby I Am Ømega
The story of Omega Var Sigma, a Seventeen year old, Komodo Dragon/Lynx Fauna. Omega and his old friend, Gabriel, seek a safe haven at Beacon Academy, a school made to...
  • omniscient
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REIGN||❝God, keep my head above water. Don't let me drown, it gets harder. I'll meet you there at the altar as I fall down to my knees.❞ LEGACIES S1-2 REIGN BOOK ONE ®AL...
  • hopemikaelson
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Destroyers book of things by Destroyer_Creater2
Destroyers book of thingsby Silu
Just a book where I write random things
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The Heartbreaker's Rulebook by Youreguiltypleasure
The Heartbreaker's Rulebookby Queen Reign
"Why won't you love me, Madi?" His sparkling blue and grey eyes filled with pain clawed at my walls. Begging me to drag them down down down. "Christian...
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~Codes and Corrupted Dreams~-Eraser x Reboot by FlameonLeaf
~Codes and Corrupted TheFlamingFox
Welcome to the universe and its AU's. Where thousands and thousands of different stories and timelines lay. You wonder... "who looks after them? who made them?"...
  • romance
  • error
  • undertale
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The Trials (Wild Ones) by TheMoonsRose
The Trials (Wild Ones)by Elizabeth Rose
They've protected the remains of the human race from fear and darkness. They've helped restore art, color, and life to a dull, synthetic world. They've saved their own f...
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  • mourner
  • jakepitts
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Dragon ball oneshots  by VenusHopeDreemur
Dragon ball oneshots by Venus Dreemur/ YAOI QUEEN
OK um shipping book basicly and stuff... I've written one on my abbondand account.
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I Will Live by Jewelsome
I Will Liveby Jewel Gonzales
Error was tired, tired of the beatings, tired of taking the blame for everyone, and tired of being this multiverse scapegoat.
  • undertale
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  • froced
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Balance Is Key by DarkenedProxy
Balance Is Keyby DarkenedProxy
I have no life or soul.
  • undertale
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Fate In Our Hands (Ink X Error) -ON HOLD- by JusticeWithTriangles
Fate In Our Hands (Ink X Error) Aimee Raven Hayes
Every end is a beginning. And everything needs its opposite. Nearly always, we can't stand our opposite. But sometimes, we want the good, so badly, we can get over ourse...
  • ink
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How do I Control This? | Error x Ink Fanfiction by GalaxyDraws
How do I Control This? | Error x I’m dead inside.
There's a huge world out there, and only a select few have a god given power. Two of them start a training ground called Avidrius. Gathering everyone they can find With...
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  • imightteythistime
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enward school haunting destroyed the world by bee3388
enward school haunting destroyed bee3388
humans under attack by ghosts from the underworld
  • lubu
  • jane
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