Remnant's Monster of the Skies by GrimmlyDone
Remnant's Monster of the Skiesby GrimmlyDone
The world of Remnant had never seen use for nimble aircraft for war or anti-Grimm measures. So what happens when a Flying Fortress makes its way to a new land?
  • rwby
  • weissschnee
  • blakebelladonna
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Titanfall x Rainbow Six Siege by yhtomitcomet
Titanfall x Rainbow Six Siegeby yhtomitcomet
On his way home, a pilot, fresh from the frontier. Enters something that will change his life forever. Disclaimer: I do not own Titanfall 2 or Rainbow Six Siege. Nor do...
  • mira
  • rainbow
  • pilot
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Dare Devil by Fave101
Dare Devilby Fave101
Canada has been one of the world's most successful fighter pilots for years, not that anyone knows... WWI, WWII and current day.
  • france
  • hetalia
  • usuk
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Angel City's Most Wanted: A Titanfall X RWBY Tale by AwoL_WarKiller
Angel City's Most Wanted: A Titanf...by Austin, An Author of Stuff
Gunslinger, criminal, terrorist. These are just a few names to describe him. A young pilot and his Legion class Titan has had enough of the war. In an effort to escape i...
  • titanfall
  • weisschnee
  • blake
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From where I stand | DUNKIRK [Collins] by papaisse
From where I stand | DUNKIRK [Coll...by papaisse
Freya was determined, she would join the war effort. But little did she know that her life would never be the same anymore. For better and worse.
  • jacklowden
  • historical
  • slowbuild
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The Pilot, The Titan, and The New Planet (Titanfall 2 Pilot X RWBY)(New Version) by Dranged
The Pilot, The Titan, and The New...by Argon [Ar]
(Y/N) (L/N), A.K.A. Grave, is an Ex-Mercenary who is now working for the Militia, along side his uncle Jack Cooper and (Best Bro Titan) BT 7274. They are currently on t...
  • fanfiction
  • blake
  • yang
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Dawn of a New Age by Fave101
Dawn of a New Ageby Fave101
Canada has been one of earth's most successful fighter pilots for years. Now, after a spell gone wrong he is forced to adjust to the world of Atmos. Sequel to 'Dare Dev...
  • williams
  • junko
  • storm
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My Mr Pilot [ Suga Arranged Marriage] by MariettaJenny_
My Mr Pilot [ Suga Arranged Marria...by MariettaJenny_
Arranged Marriage with Suga. Mr Pilot.
  • minyoongi
  • bangtansonyeondan
  • arrangemarriage
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Pretty Nanny Ms. Shen by moejeastea
Pretty Nanny Ms. Shenby strictlyelnella
HIRED! Twenty-year-old Shen Yue applied to be a NANNY/babysitter to support her studies and her family. But little did she know that the young boy's older brother was Dy...
  • photograph
  • fanfic
  • shenyue
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World's Apart || Dunkirk [Jack Lowden Story] by klutzy17
World's Apart || Dunkirk [Jack Low...by klutzy17
All Jack knew was that he loved her...and one day, any way he could, no matter what it took, he'd make it back to her... Highest Rank #1 Jack Lowden Story Highest Rank #...
  • ww2
  • wwii
  • pilot
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My Badass stalker by elisexnat
My Badass stalkerby elisexnat
Viola, pretty normal name right? Wrong, it's a symbol for two people in one body. Describes Viola Green perfectly. She has secrets no one knows, an organised life with a...
  • tattoos
  • pilot
  • sexy
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Fated To Marry You  by Pra_nita
Fated To Marry You by Pra_nita
I love you But love is not meant for me ................ To know more peep into the story 🧐 It's as simple as that 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • separation
  • pilot
  • distance
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Dear Evelyne by ThePilotandTheGirl
Dear Evelyneby ThePilotandTheGirl
*Was The Pilot And The Girl* Evelyne Brown hated the war. But an unexpected encounter with RAF pilot, Jack Collins, makes her forget about that hate and instead focus o...
  • majorcharacterdeath
  • collins
  • ww2
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To Begin Again (It Girls Series #1) by vousetesbeaux
To Begin Again (It Girls Series #1)by collene uber
Jessica Claire is the one and only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Travieso. She was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She's out of reach and she's too out of any guy's le...
  • pampanga
  • colton
  • pilot
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Elite (BoyxBoy Sci-Fi Fantasy Romance) by BenjaminHopps
Elite (BoyxBoy Sci-Fi Fantasy Roma...by Benji & May<3
New recruit Jaycen Falcon goes through the Torent Region Space Academy to become a fighter pilot for the Elite Space Defense Rangers. Logan Foxer is the ESDRs top fight...
  • falcon
  • boylove
  • space
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Zodiacs and Cyborgs by Wrench007
Zodiacs and Cyborgsby DJ Scully
(I don't own RWBY or Titanfall.) [Spinoff of RWBY Fanfiction Zodiac{I don't own Zodiac}.] Jaune was just your ordinary guy; average grades, average height, and the fact...
  • rwby
  • zodiac
  • militia
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Six by Matteoarts
Sixby Matteoarts
It's been six years since the fall of Spyglass. Ships are systematically being attacked by an unknown entity, colonies are going dark, and the only link they have to eac...
  • codex
  • fanfiction
  • titanfall
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Loving Edyth Swan by footnoteofhappiness
Loving Edyth Swanby Elishia Xalfa
'Our love story breathes in every page of our story. History can never repeat itself.' Jonathan Attwood's biggest regret in life was never loving Edyth Swan enough. A be...
  • pilots
  • coma
  • desperate
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𝙵𝙻𝚈𝙱𝙾𝚈 by ofbravery
Gifs + Info + Aesthetics
  • force
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  • wwii
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Safe Flight ✔ by luvajoiii
Safe Flight ✔by Joyi
[COMPLETED - END ✔] Seorang Pilot tidak perlu disambut kepulangannya, karena cepat atau lambat, seorang Pilot akan kembali ke asalnya yaitu langit. Kembali terbang memba...
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