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Two Strangers of brothers...(BoyxBoyxBoy) by BoyxBoyequalsLove
Two Strangers of brothers...( Blaze
Jamie has grown up his whole life an only child until one day his mom tells him he has siblings. Two older brothers to be exact. He soon is sent off to get to know them...
Baby Bat by Sammy_freak
Baby Batby Sammy
Damian is always mistreated by his father and brother but he takes t because he still loves them. One day Barbra said that Damian called her whore and slut and kept on...
Beautiful to us by snowflakesandcows
Beautiful to usby Mintleavez
With a phobia for germs and a face that was thought to be ugly Andrew winds up completely alone. After getting therapy he can finally brave the nasty plane ride to Icela...
Give me your love || Sakuatsu by annieLsupremacy
Give me your love || Sakuatsuby Meteors
All Atsumu ever wanted from his Omiomi was affection, he understands his phobia but what does that have to do with him acting so coldly? This story will have 2-4 parts w...
Sam & Bucky & Peter Oneshots by Legends_never_die_2
Sam & Bucky & Peter Oneshotsby Legends Never Die
Sam and Bucky being protective of and, of course, teasing their "little brother" Peter
Are We Mates? boyxboy by Namaari_is_hot
Are We Mates? boyxboyby Happy
WARNING - Please do not read if you feel uncomfortable with any of the aspects of this story obtaining: - Boy x Boy, BL, Yaoi, Etc - Descriptive Sexual Content - Ince...
The Daughter of A Thug by Queen_Bree_2020
The Daughter of A Thugby Bree
No description. Read to find out.
Loki and Thor Oneshots by EmeraldLokiMalfoy
Loki and Thor Oneshotsby Emerald
Loki and Thor Oneshots ------requests open------ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
A Putzie's Centric by TbirdsFever101
A Putzie's Centricby TbirdsFever101
They may be bad boys and of course they are the T-Birds. But everyone knows that the four oldest T-Birds will always look out for their youngest best friend, Putzie Jaco...
My Love For My Brother (BOYXBOY) by AllyAfterway
My Love For My Brother (BOYXBOY)by AllyAfterway
I saw my brother with his girlfiend and imagined me being her ."Oh i wish i could be her right now",i said to myself. well i wonder would his brother ever fall...
Family Doesnt Exist by Anchor87
Family Doesnt Existby Anchor87
James is a 12 year old living in a big, harsh world. He is forced away from being his normally solitary self when his mother marries an abnormally rich man. now he had t...
BTS Fanfic [ Hyungs and the Maknae line] by LinxAxcel
BTS Fanfic [ Hyungs and the Seven Sean
Bts Family/brotherly love/member complex ect. You could say that all the hyungs give ALL their attention on their one and only maknae. Even tho there are the maknae line...
My Broken Heart Brother - An Alvin and the Chipmunks Story by MegaCore112
My Broken Heart Brother - An MegaCore
Alvin was sad for weeks, and the reason is both shocking abd dangerous. After a lot of pleading, Alvin gave up to his brother, Simon, and told him half of the story. How...
Role Models by lola_madison
Role Modelsby lolaaa
Following Parker's aggressive, yet somehow loving relationship with his three older brothers, Andy, Grant, and Landon. Note: Story includes bullying, profanities, and vi...
The Youngest Beatle by xlovelucy
The Youngest Beatleby 𝑳𝒖𝒄𝒚
Short stories about the elder Beatles babying, and being protective of the youngest Beatle, George.♡ My grammar isn't the best, sorry.😘
Brotherly love by Alexander_1245
Brotherly loveby Alexander
Jacobs mum and dad are gone for a week, Justin,his brother, and Jacob are home alone, what will happen to Jacob if he is left alone with his brother
Mafia's Lost Principessa by emeline_writes
Mafia's Lost Principessaby Emeline_writes
Aiden Eleanor Arcarrdi, a 3 years old living with her so-called family. She is brave like her name and is quite intelligent for her age. Her mother took her from her fam...
Hello Brother--A Lucifer FanFiction by Headphones5568
Hello Brother--A Lucifer FanFictionby Marvel's Scriptwriter
When a certain archangel decides to drop by from Heaven, Lucifer Morningstar must deal with his eccentric and slightly over-caring brother Gabriel, who wants him to retu...
Reality (TMNT HUMAN FANFICTION) -Under editing-  by XxCyberBunnyxX
Reality (TMNT HUMAN FANFICTION) Anime is gay
Not everything is as it should be Not everything is real Some things are just personifications of memories brought to life
Finally Revealed by onihime205
Finally Revealedby onihime205
WARNING: this story contains boyxboy twincest, if you don't like it, please don't risk it by reading it. This is a suite life of zack and cody fanfiction, where the twin...