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Does Forever love exist ? ✅ by rohiratxwriter
Does Forever love exist ? ✅by rohiratxwriter
A girl with broken heart collides with a guy. Will that guy make way through her broken heart ? Or she will be broken and messed for the second time. Will she have the...
The Mismatched (A Virat Kohli Romance) by annelle_95
The Mismatched (A Virat Kohli Roma...by Ananya Baruah
#55 in Romance- 31/12/2017 According to Physics, a negatively charged particle and a positively charged particle attracts each other. But is it the same in the case of...
Tittle - Tattle by Ms_Completelyinsane
Tittle - Tattleby ❤
§ COMPLETED § Madness ✔️ Unlimited Nonsense ✔️ ICT is all set to come online! With new chats come new ideas of madness! Witness the insanity of the not so sane ICT!!!
The mahirat story by PARIMALA020
The mahirat storyby Parimala
My first try on ICT. I cherish the bond between the team. And the bond I am deeply madly in love with is my "❤️Mahirat❤". God knows how and when I started lov...
Truly madly deeply ✅ by ict_onedirection
Truly madly deeply ✅by why✨
~truly, madly, crazy, deeply in love with you In love with you🧿~ Rohit is 27 and single(or atleast the team thinks so). Virat is adamant to fill Rohit's black and white...
Inseperable! by xxpvtxx
Inseperable!by Secret!
To all you Rishab Pant fangirls. You won't be disappointed.
Faith In You ✅ by rohiratxwriter
Faith In You ✅by rohiratxwriter
MahiRat and RohiRat story. This is my old book which was lost.
Brothers by Heart ✅ by rohiratxwriter
Brothers by Heart ✅by rohiratxwriter
The story of brothers who never thought that their closed ones will betray them !! Whom they considered as their family ! Will they ever forgive them ? Join me in jour...
Irreplaceable  by rohiratxwriter
Irreplaceable by rohiratxwriter
Virat was returning to the team after a gap of 6-8 months. No one in the team knew where he was ! Will everything be the same ? Read in to find out more!
ICT INSTAGRAM by ictxscribbler
Instagram chapters of ICT with context to the chapters of the book 'Inside ICT' But can be read as a standalone too
Disguised Love! by Globalconfetti
Disguised Love!by Globalconfetti
This is a story of 20y/o girl disguising as a boy to join the ict because bcci needs a player like her.
First Screening of 83 ft. Class of '83 by bleedblue2011
First Screening of 83 ft. Class of...by Neha Srivastav
Kapil Dev was firm on the fact that the whole team watches 83 for the first time together. The story of how the Class of '83 reacted to 83's special screening in Delhi...
Expect the Unexpected... by siri_reddy
Expect the Unexpected...by siri_reddy
Heartbreak&Fame will generally bring the worst out of people... Is it same with Virat... Or Is it something else... Another story which revolves Virat and team...
Virat x Shubman - More than a Bromance by _chile_anyways
Virat x Shubman - More than a Brom...by _chile_anyways
Virat Kohli, the captain of Indian Cricket Team and a worldwide icon, and Shubman Gill, an upcoming batting sensation. No one would have expected this partnership in any...
A SHUBMAN GILL FANFICTION..! "You know what Shub?" asked Kia "What ?" asked Shub "You were my crush from U-19." said Kia "Really? I am...
Picking up Broken Pieces ✅ by rohiratxwriter
Picking up Broken Pieces ✅by rohiratxwriter
One friend is going through a lot but hides it from his best friend. What will happen when the other comes to know everything? Will the relationship survive or break fo...
FOREVER AND ALWAYS  by 07forlife
This is the stroy about how Rohit and others try to fix the broken bond of Mahi and Virat. This is my first story and dedicated to all the ict story writers on Wattpad...
Tough love by DreamerTani
Tough loveby bookaholic@98
Mahi Bhai atlast has enough of RohiRat's frequent childish fights and decides to give them a little harsh reality check.