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New to the Family by masonfitzzy
New to the Familyby Mason FitzGibbon
A spin-off to the Family Comes First series. The Wilcox family became famous for their kidnappings, brainwashing, murders, and let's not forget about cannibalism. This...
Dove by RheiaWilsons
Doveby Rheia Wilsons
Taken to be a little girl, and losing her past memory.
Red Ledger (The Winter Spider) by idiotic_human
Red Ledger (The Winter Spider)by Spencer
What will happen to fifteen year old Peter Parker after he gets kidnapped by hydra after they killed his Aunt? Guess you will have to read to find out. Obviously, charac...
H A I L   H Y D R A || J. B. Barnes by naerysa
H A I L H Y D R A || J. B. Barnesby Naerys
Bucky Barnes is a well known and well loved character. But let's put a twist on that. Jamie Rebecca Barnes. Friends call her Becky. She grew up with great parents and...
stories from hypnosis paradise by Lapi_scribbles
stories from hypnosis paradiseby Scribble
One shot stories from hypnosis paradise, be ready to be mesmerized. Do you want safe for work hypnosis stories? Do you want to read stories about mind control without s...
Childhood best friends who met in the Red Room, Natalia and Katerina, meet again when they join the Avengers. Natasha doesn't remember who Katherine is and Katherine's a...
Hypno Paradise by hypnogirl015
Hypno Paradiseby HypnoGirl14
A collection of short stories detailing the hypnotizing of several girl into a man's control.
A Twisted Kind Of King_[Black Clover] by CodeHades
A Twisted Kind Of King_[Black Code™
Asta gets kidnapped. And when he comes back, He's not himself. He has different goals. ------------------------------------------------°°° Original Story and ideas by...
He's in control  by Olivia_liv_heart
He's in control by can you keep a secret? maybe...
"Yes" " 'Yes' What?" "Yes.." I didn't have any time to think before I said it. Which only proved that he's in control. "master." ...
His Wolf by The_Good_Reads_01
His Wolfby The_Good_Reads_01
Her whole life she has only been sure of one thing. She was a dog. A pet that was used at her handler wished. She has been trained to fight and kill. She has been traine...
Pair of mischief by reginangoh
Pair of mischiefby reginangoh
One Tony Stark is bad enough, but now that he has a loyal partner in crime? The same partner in crime he would adopt as his daughter? Tony might be able to forgive every...
Do I Deserve You? by veggiebunny2
Do I Deserve You?by veggie bunny2
Snoutlout knows he isn't worth anything and his father drives that into his brain. Hookfang tries to help his rider but he refuses the help and just stays silent. One da...
The regrets we hold by Aplombt
The regrets we holdby ||Midnight||
Michelangelo is a nice, loving, carefree turtle who loves his family. But .. what happens when things take a turn? Michelangelo gives love but never receives any back. W...
Stalker Book Recommendations by SpicePumpkinLatte
Stalker Book Recommendationsby TT
Here's a list of my favorite stalker themed books that I recommend to you.
If he be Mr.Hyde [BSD FANFIC] by possum-p
If he be Mr.Hyde [BSD FANFIC]by Sleepy
"Kidnap the tiger again?" Chuuya begged the mafia boss' pardon. "The guild won't be paying us for the tiger anymore, you know." "It's not for th...
A Birdie Lost in Time | Bucky Barnes by Steve_Writes
A Birdie Lost in Time | Bucky Steve
After the battle against Thanos and his armies, Marlow Hendrix is tasked with helping Steve Rogers return the Infinity Stones to their rightful times. When her mission g...
Izuku's Tangles by Rayne1drops
Izuku's Tanglesby Rayne
Izuku used to live with his mother, Inko Midoryia and was great friends with Katsuki. However, after losing his mom, he called his father. Little did he know, showing hi...
Hermione's Horny Hubris by UwU_Katgirl
Hermione's Horny Hubrisby Kat FakeLastName
Hermione spends the weekends working on potions of her own in moaning Myrtle's bathroom, but this one has some unexpected extremely powerful side effects.
The Winter Soldier (Female) by naerysa
The Winter Soldier (Female)by Naerys
What would happen if someone saved Bucky, but at the cost of their own life? What if someone saved him from his destined fate, but replaced him instead? This is a story...
Brainwashed - A Villain Deku Fanfic || REPUBLISHED by sueyakee
Brainwashed - A Villain Deku sueyakee
Izuku Midoriya is a young hero-in-training, ready to become the real deal. But what happens when a villain attempts to twist his fate? Can he resist the temptation to...