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Nico and Aphrodite's Scarf by Learn_2_Luv
Nico and Aphrodite's Scarfby Luv
What if Nico had never gotten over Percy? What if he still loved him? What if he was desperate? Well, he is all of the above. With the help of Aphrodite's scarf, Nico is...
When I Met you: MEWTWO X ASH by Ginersnap2010
When I Met you: MEWTWO X ASHby Gingersnap
"He's not a saint from above but perhaps all Mewtwo needs is some love." When ash sacrifices himself to stop the war between Mew and Mewtwo. He finds that Mewt...
Ben and Kaa (aka Sean) by Luxiuz_obv_
Ben and Kaa (aka Sean)by Luxiuz_obv_
Ben was just strolling through the jungle, when something caught his eye No rights are reserved, feel free to use my characters and story for any purposes Characters men...
Forgotten  by Learn_2_Luv
Forgotten by Luv
It all started with the new camper, Oliver. He showed up, then got everyone wrapped around his little finger. They didn't do what he wanted them to do, so he made them d...
Camp Half Slut: Annabeth  by reformedwriter
Camp Half Slut: Annabeth by reformedwriter
Something odd is happening to Camp-Halfblood's most powerful demigoddesses. Each day they wear less than the one before, every night they dream of panty-ruiningly erot...
Sexy gay one-shots 😝 by GhostHunter0709
Sexy gay one-shots 😝by GhostHunter0709
One shot stories, of sexy men having a little fun!
Demons From The Deep by LonleyDarkLord
Demons From The Deepby LonleyDarkLord
Born from the angels Yet arriving from hell Be very careful Or you'll fall under his spell Can be read as a fanfiction or normal book, Rick Riordan owns all charecters...
My Bully is My New Mom?! by MaxKegan
My Bully is My New Mom?!by Max R. Kegan
Max is a 17-year-old who just started their summer break but now has to spend it with their bully Mya
Love stinks by messycontrolleddoll
Love stinksby messycontrolleddoll
I thought I will never find love until one day I was wearing it **** Warning this story gets very dirty and graphic. Do not read if you are offended by things that are m...
Dream Catcher by literaturexlattes
Dream Catcherby Aly Williams
A young girl diagnosed with severe depression undergoes an intense form of hypnotherapy.
A Summer to Never Forget by SissyatHeart
A Summer to Never Forgetby SissyatHeart
Julia is concerned about her daughter, Chloe, who is not doing well in high school. Missing her sweet little girl, Julia does the only thing she can do to set Chloe stra...
Black Widow Hypno Slave by AhsokaTanoCaptured
Black Widow Hypno Slaveby Black Widow Hypno
I finally Captured the Black Widow and turned her into an obedient slave.
The Mind Controlling Game by nightowlwritings
The Mind Controlling Gameby ℕ. 𝕆.
Once you start playing this game it is impossible to stop.
Obeying My Boyfriend by StormBreaker6969
Obeying My Boyfriendby Dino Jesus
"You obey me" Chase said. "Yes master, I obey you" I said, mindlessly.
The broken circle by ianaigur
The broken circleby ianai gur
A tale of vampires and life around one
ash's hypno harm' by Footfacehole
ash's hypno harm'by Facefoothole
was originally written on fan fiction. com but I re uploaded it.
Becoming Baby by babymunro
Becoming Babyby babymunro
A naive young college student finds her calling in the ABDL lifestyle. Warning! This is a work of pure fantasy. If you are easily offended by some of the themes you see...
Sirens by Opositive
Sirensby Abbey
One captivating kiss and their fate is sealed. Their race is irresistible. Hypnotizing, even. Eyes that are endless, swirls of the most colorful shades, and a hypnotic...
A Bet with a Hypnotist by UnboundedRecurrence
A Bet with a Hypnotistby UnboundedRecurrence
Jordan is a college student who looks at everything with a skeptical eye. After making an unusual bet, he encounters some even more unusual developments. Do you think an...
A LULLABY FOR MASTER (Adult!Naga!Shigeo x Reigen) by SampeaStories
A LULLABY FOR MASTER (Adult!Naga!S...by Sampea CAML
In an alternative universe, Shigeo not only has insane psychic powers, but he can transform into a naga at will. Naturally, Reigen uses this gift to make extra monney wi...