Step Mother || Omelia by LoveAndTemptations
Step Mother || Omeliaby a.s.
Amelia and Owen were finally in a good place with their relationship until a knock on the door flips everything upside down. Co-Written by @QueenJones1622 & LoveAndTempt...
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Alpha's Girl ~ Owen Grady by Gingerninjar98
Alpha's Girl ~ Owen Gradyby S.A.Charlton
Zoe- the quiet, and very shy, nurse on Isla Nublar that catches the beady eye of a man who's determined to catch his prey. The eye of a particular Owen Grady. First pu...
  • jurassicworld
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The Lovely Ghost by _Berry
The Lovely Ghostby _Berry
A Ghost Bird Fanfiction. Sang is a ghost. She doesn't know when or how she became one. All she knows is that no one else can see her and it seems that she is to wonder...
  • fanfiction
  • reverseharem
  • sean
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Aftermath by ThePorterest
Aftermathby Porterest
A Ghost Bird Fanfiction The spring semester is now underway at Ashley Waters, and the Blackbourne team has continued their mission. Still ignorant of what his family is...
  • blackbourneteam
  • familyisachoice
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Clawen • What comes next by Sandyzia
Clawen • What comes nextby Sandy
What does it take to be a parent? To be honest, neither if them knew and didn't have the slightest idea of how to approach their current situation. Maisie wasn't technic...
  • clairexowen
  • clawen
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Sang's Sins by nefelibata-mulher
Sang's Sinsby Kate
Sang never had a normal life. From abusive and neglectful parents to her only friend being a demon, she's always been abnormal. She never expected 8 other boys, though...
  • sevendeadlysins
  • silas
  • poly
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Odd Squad One Shots by Kimberly1612
Odd Squad One Shotsby Kimbella22
These are a few ideas that I thought of for Odd Squad ships. I hope you like them. (:
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The Cardinal Bird by mia1200s
The Cardinal Birdby Mia Smantz
Sang has always been a little bit different. She was made fun of for being a math-whiz in school up until she was kidnapped. Growing up in the crime world from a young...
  • sean
  • gabriel
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Severed  [GB + SB] by viktorie01
Severed [GB + SB]by viktorie01
The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist. Sequel to "Splintered" ~oOo~ This is a reverse harem fanfic based on C.L. St...
  • sáng
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Celestial by Azallya
Celestialby Azallya
Five hundred years ago, human race was almost taken over by evil forces if it was not for the sudden appearance of ten individuals with immense power. They were able to...
  • owen
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Mate (Owen Grady x I. Rex!Reader) by maryisawesome123
Mate (Owen Grady x I. Rex!Reader)by hai. i'm pretty bone-ly now.
(Requests Open) - Slow Updates - Don't kill me
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The Raptor's Girl [Male Blue x OC x Male Indominus Rex] ✓ by xenoX323
The Raptor's Girl [Male Blue x OC...by ◄ Xeno X ►
"The kids? This will give the parents nightmares." Jurassic World. The place where dreams come to life, and where fantasy, isn't a fantasy anymore. Ever since...
  • grey
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  • clarie
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Blind to Hope✔️ by IllusionBound
Blind to Hope✔️by Emily Tolbert
"I can't bear to see you in pain." I whispered to him, why couldn't he understand? "I have to protect you." "But who looks after you?" Mr...
  • homeless
  • luke
  • north
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Learning to Trust the Academy Men  by wraithprincess
Learning to Trust the Academy Men by wraithprincess
DISCLAIMER: I don't own the Characters of Academy Join Jenna Reagan Roberts in finding out if she can Trust The Blackbourne Team and if She can trust them with her Hear...
  • blackbourneteam
  • owen
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Fetish by 1800SlapAHoe
Fetishby 1800SlapAHoe
{COMPLETED} After a horrible breakup, Madison is left on the streets with absolutely nothing. When she begins to think the worst, a man approaches her and offers a life...
  • afterhours
  • wattys2018
  • projectmature
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One Night Only by 1800SlapAHoe
One Night Onlyby 1800SlapAHoe
{COMPLETED} Six and a half weeks pass before Owen Carter's return. After a passionate reunion with Madison, they attend his father's funeral after "a deal went Sout...
  • afterhours
  • matureromance
  • madison
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Wanderer ~ Ghost Bird Fanfic  by StAl2LiGhT
Wanderer ~ Ghost Bird Fanfic by Brooke Butler
{Based on C.L.Stone's Ghostbird Series. Mature content warning ⚠️: Sexual themes 👌🏻👈🏻, cursing 🤬, some scenes with hard to stomach situations🤮(nothing that will ma...
  • axel
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A Different Kind of Happily Ever After  by MrsArthurPendragon
A Different Kind of Happily Ever A...by Mrs. Pendragon
This is a Ghost Bird fanfic. All the characters belong to CL Stone.
  • sáng
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Lies and Deception🔞 (is it love? Owen ) by gemangel
Lies and Deception🔞 (is it love...by Gem M
Falling in love shouldn't of happened, its were you start to make mistakes get careless.. It was supposed to be an easy job, 1 year max.... But what happens, when you ge...
  • carter
  • owen
  • blackmail
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Bowers gang // Preferences ✔ by -lovina
Bowers gang // Preferences ✔by - ̗̀ TAKIA ̖́-
Requests are {Closed forever}
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