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When Hope Returns (Book 1) {Editing} by Skywalker15
When Hope Returns (Book 1) { sara wingfeather
AUTHOR'S NOTE: Before you begin reading, please keep in mind that this book is a first draft so there are many plot holes and other unstructured things. I also wrote thi...
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Star Wars The Force's Vessel Book 1: Enter the Clone Wars by Fireheartsage
Star Wars The Force's Vessel Fireheartsage
What if Anakin Skywalker was not the chosen one? What if Qui-Gon was wrong? Jin Skywalker, like his cousin Anakin, was born to Allena Skywalker, the forgotten and unknow...
  • windu
  • obi-wankenobi
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Empire Day ✓ by SapphireAlena
Empire Day ✓by S. A. McCaffrey
1st place: Star Wars Fanfiction Awards Luke Skywalker is turning 8 in just a few days on Empire Day. Unfortunately, the Empire has ordered a galaxy-wide census on Empire...
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Fulfillment: Star Wars by athunter99
Fulfillment: Star Warsby Professional Fangirl
ROTS AU: He was supposed to be the chosen one. He was suppose to balance the force. He was suppose to fulfill the prophecy. .. The galaxy is in shambles. The Jedi are...
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Angel {Anakin Skywalker} by ughanakin
Angel {Anakin Skywalker}by Peyton Elizabeth ⛈
"You may be the chosen one Anakin, but she is The One." I don't do frequent updates because of work, school, etc. so sorry about that ❂
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Star Wars Republic Commando: Knight of Honor by Mattchew07
Star Wars Republic Commando: Matthew Leong
A fairy tale-esque story of a chivalrous clone and a sheltered princess. Clones learn loyalty, honor, obedience, and sacrifice-not kindness, not compassion, not humanity...
  • heir
  • fairytale
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A Long Time Ago, In a Galaxy Far Away by Amithisia
A Long Time Ago, In a Galaxy Far
Anakin and Obi-Wan have just rescued the Chancellor and returned to planet side safe and sound. Anakin has finally had his long awaited reunion with Padmé. But it doesn'...
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Going Back: Testing Time by Homicidal_Lizzie
Going Back: Testing Timeby Emo Rat
What if Luke went back in time to stop Anakin from becoming Darth Vader? Will he succeeded or will he fail? Will Anakin figure out Luke's not from his time? Or will anot...
  • returnofthesith
  • timetravel
  • bonding
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The Emperor - Anakin Skywalker (Roles Swapped Roleplay Book) by Melody54000
The Emperor - Anakin Skywalker ( Yaquta Hameed
"And now, young will die."
  • marvel
  • anakinskywalker
  • starwars
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Star Wars: Revan Thru Time by Hawkebat
Star Wars: Revan Thru Timeby Sara Hawke
Revan and his familiar crew head out to the Star Forge to stop Malak after he fully remembers who he is. Arriving in system they run into a field which shuts them down...
  • space
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  • starwars
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Star Wars Rebels: Forgotten Feelings (Sabine X Ezra) by kingsteve21
Star Wars Rebels: Forgotten kingsteve21
it's the height of the galactic civil war! but who cares! welcome to the next instalment of Sabine and ezras love story! Real description: the ghost crew are on the run...
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Barriss Offee  by Ewokhunter77
Barriss Offee by Mia
HIGHEST RANKINGS- #1 in #PloKoon & #1 in #BarrissOffee (6th Feb 2019) 1# in: #Barriss, #Offee, #Luminara, #BarrissOffee, #PloKoon & #StarWarsFanFiction (10th Feb 2019) B...
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Meme Wars  by XxxDarkVenomxxX
Meme Wars by XxxDarkVenomXxx
Just some Star Wars Memes
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My Clone Wars: Season 7 - Blurred Sides by Sparkplug02
My Clone Wars: Season 7 - Sparkplug02
Anakin Skywalker could never forget his apprentice, Ahsoka Tano, but the Jedi Order will waste no time mourning the loss of the ex-padawan. With a new enemy threatening...
  • clonewarssaved
  • ahsokatano
  • inquisitor
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When Paths Diverge by Nellie3421
When Paths Divergeby Nellie3421
After dying on the Death Star, Obi-Wan wakes up in the past. Back in the Jedi Temple and surrounded by everyone he thought he had lost, Obi-Wan tries very hard NOT to br...
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Alive: Star Wars (#Wattys2014) by athunter99
Alive: Star Wars (#Wattys2014)by Professional Fangirl
AU: TAKES PLACE BETWEEN ROTS AND ANH. Two years... two years since Darth Vader became what he was. He was trapped... trapped inside himself, he couldn't break away from...
  • senator
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Torn Apart • Allegiance | Luke Skywalker | by intergalacticdreamer
Torn Apart • Allegiance | Luke Rachel
Talia Altair, a young pilot running from a dark past, finds herself within the clutches of the Galactic Empire against her will. Forced to discover a hidden power which...
  • anewhope
  • palpatine
  • returnofthejedi
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An Abyss of Flames | Star Wars | Obikin | RedDogDown by RedDogDown
An Abyss of Flames | Star Wars | Useless Lesbian
Imagine a world in which Jedi Knight, Obi-Wan Kenobi, saves his Padawan, Anakin Skywalker, from a fate worse than death. While Anakin is writhing on the burnt rocks of t...
  • clonewars
  • attackoftheclones
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The Rise of the Empire by jedi3ravenclaw
The Rise of the Empireby kelly
(Next book after Without Them, so I recommend you read that one first) The Empire is getting stronger. Darth Vader and the Emperor like using me as a training tool. But...
  • star
  • ahsoka
  • wars
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The Emperor New Apperantice (ON HOLD) by BlackSprigganKirito
The Emperor New Apperantice (ON キリト
Erza sacrifice himself and fight Darth Vader to give time for Kanan and Ashoka to escape from Malachor.Alone,Ezra fight against Darth Vader until suddenly, the temple ex...
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