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Insecure Love. by desirediaries
Insecure Love.by desirediaries
Love story of a fat woman and a fit man. "You dont know how gorgeous you look.You will not believe me but I want to show you something."he said as he took me i...
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Silenced  by Diamond_Peroidt
Silenced by Diamond_Peroidt
Raina is a shy, quiet, thick girl just trying to make it by in life. One day as she was working a mysterious guy walks in catching her full undivided attention, he seems...
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Human Planet Lab  by sftmntsklfck
Human Planet Lab by sftmntsklfck
Ashley, a high school dropout unable to get a job due to poor qualifications and a rough background finds a flyer from an unknown organization that has a phone number to...
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Falling in love with a feeder  by sfgbbnnn
Falling in love with a feeder by sfgbbnnn
Em gets asked out by a hot guy at her school but little does she know he's ready to fatten her up. Don't like that kinda stuff you don't have to read it
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Feeder teasing to feedee reader journal  by unicornAMD
Feeder teasing to feedee reader jo...by unicornAMD
This is feederism encouragement don't read it if it's not your cup of tea. This was made for feedees.
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Rebirth of a Star: Another Day, Another Drama by abigaellago17
Rebirth of a Star: Another Day, An...by abigaellago17
Description Chen Meimei was 180 cms tall with rolls of fat all over her body. When she walked, she would jiggle left and right, like a big pumpkin. Fu Bainian was a hand...
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Getting fat by paperwiings
Getting fatby paperwiings
Ava was typically a very thin girl. When she wakes up one day tied to a chair by her boyfriend, she realizes she wants to get bigger and bigger.
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From Fat to Phat by naryn1303
From Fat to Phatby Nessa & Nicole
"Watch your step Eli-phant might be to big to start an earthquake." "I heard she raids the vending machine during her free time." "She is so big...
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Weight Gain Stories/One shots by KitKat_200
Weight Gain Stories/One shotsby KitKat_200
Feederism one shots at their finest. Come and read as people are feed to their limits or pass them. *I also roleplay. So if you want you can always hmu 😊* (I OWN NONE...
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Vasuda (Plus Size Romance)- Completed by crazybbwwriter
Vasuda (Plus Size Romance)- Comple...by crazybbwwriter
Vasuda is a single mom, living a happy life with her daughter. She is working harder to give her daughter a good life. But what happens when her past comes to haunt her...
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Miss. Fatty Who? (Book 2 in the Undesirable Trilogy) by Ourbrokenworld
Miss. Fatty Who? (Book 2 in the Un...by Charis (Kat)
Warning- I would recommend reading the book That's Miss. Fatty to You before continuing this book. It contains characters and concepts from that preivious book. You hav...
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Fat for a Year by I-Am-Fatniss
Fat for a Yearby I-Am-Fatniss
|||SLOW UPDATES||| Inspired by @JustDorkyThings Check out my other books while waiting for this one to update!! 😁😁😁😁
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Feederism one shots by unicornAMD
Feederism one shotsby unicornAMD
Yes this is feederism aka fat fetish stuff... don't read if you don't like it.
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Fat Various Characters X Male Reader by Gogoup123
Fat Various Characters X Male Read...by gogo
These are a series of one shots about fat cartoon/video games/comic books/ and maybe anima romance stories. As of right now there will be no lemon stories, I just don't...
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Holly the Hog by WH4200
Holly the Hogby W42
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Fatty |EthanDolan  by MamiCabello
Fatty |EthanDolan by S A N
Flower felt fat. But not in front of him.
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My Romantic Professor(Possesive Series) by kookie_V_mochi
My Romantic Professor(Possesive Se...by kookie_V_mochi
It starts with a seductive tare - - - - - - - - - - - - It ends up with a night full of pleasure *HOPE YOU LIKE IT GUYS COZ' THIS IS MY FIRST STORY* GOOD COMMENTS ONLY P...
Fatty G.D & E.D (#Wattys2016) ✔ by stressfool
Fatty G.D & E.D (#Wattys2016) ✔by Stressfool
It was always one of them saying how much they loved me, at the beginning it was both of them then after a while it felt like a joke. Too bad it couldn't end well for al...
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The Move to Gainsville by SaltyPringleNeighGum
The Move to Gainsvilleby SaltyPringleNeighGum
Nikita and Wendall got married, and look for a place to live. After weeks of searching, they find Gainsville, a town with elegant houses, yet dirt cheap prices. What wil...
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My fat diary! by hippiegal321
My fat diary!by HippieGal321
I'm back!
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