Hunter's Beta (mxm) by HunterAxel
Hunter's Beta (mxm)by Denver
Alpha- fearless leader stronger than any other shifter. Beta- second in command and faithful confident. Finding out that their mates proves to be less important than sto...
  • teenfiction
  • mate
  • lgbt
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Embracing her curves (on hold until 2017) by thegreatestxoxo
Embracing her curves (on hold thegreatestxoxo
All he does is F*ck women because they all want him . Will that be the cause for this curvy girl. Disclaimer : adult content +++ Copyright illegal // readers are not...
  • thick
  • dangerous
  • secretive
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The Silver Guardian Bk. 01 by DaddyIrishman
The Silver Guardian Bk. 01by Daddy Irishman
Dante is a wounded warrior discharged from the Navy and wandering the States as an orphan from Boston. A chance meeting with Lily opens his eyes to his heritage and a jo...
  • muscle
  • soulmate
  • dante
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Riverdale Wedgie  by book_reader666
Riverdale Wedgie by Queen
I'm the new kid a riverdale high. I don't really know what to expect, let's just hope I find a cute boy
  • spank
  • underwear
  • kjapa
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She-Bane x Male Reader -Venomous Love by ArkhamHood99
She-Bane x Male Reader -Venomous ArkhamHood99
You were captured by she band and made you into her ally.
  • mg
  • shebane
  • malereader
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How You Doin?(Joey X Ross Smut) by Anontmous
How You Doin?(Joey X Ross Smut)by Anontmous
Hunk Joey X Bisexual Ross I dont know i just felt like doing something about this because Joey is hot but the bod could be better so let me live my fantasy. P.S. i have...
  • joeyxross
  • musk
  • bodyhair
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School for bad boys {~<( BXB )>~} {~<( MXM )>~} by wailingskk
School for bad boys {~~} {~~}by wailingskk
River has anger issues. He fights. He steals. He threatens. Not surprisingly, River ends up at Lochlein Academy, a live in school for the boys who can't stay anywhere el...
  • jocks
  • homo
  • gaylove
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Le Pegno by skullgurl4
Le Pegnoby skullgurl4
Acacia Baby Reeds is a teenage girl, forced to take care of her dad at the age of nineteen. He was beaten so bad, that he had to be hospitalized. While he was in the ho...
  • hate
  • content
  • innocence
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Man and Beast (Bowser x M!Reader) by Flamewolf606
Man and Beast (Bowser x M!Reader)by Flame69
Your in love with your best friend Bowser, Well really you have sense you met him, You met him when you we're 22. You've been to shy and nervous to confess to him, think...
  • furry
  • hairy
  • chubby
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Weight Loss by rileytom
Weight Lossby Tom Riley
Weight Loss That Actually Work! How to Lose Weight in 2 Weeks
  • loss
  • lose-weight
  • healthy
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Dark Hearts by sammiifrizzo
Dark Heartsby Samanthlasxx
Kellar, 19 and broken emotionally in multiple ways has run away with her mothers best friend to a new town to seek a fresh start, to get away from the bad, will she open...
  • horror
  • party
  • peace
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Not a wolf by Dinofreeze
Not a wolfby Reubens Caraig
Thaddeus is the rough and tough guy that gets into trouble and meets the officials a lot at Alan Richter's school for the golden hearted, or as everyone calls it, Golden...
  • actuallynotwerewolf
  • hyena
  • gangs
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Salem x Male Buff Reader by ArkhamHood99
Salem x Male Buff Readerby ArkhamHood99
Warning contains muscle growth and lemon Salemm has captured you and tortured you for days. But now she will turn you into her servant and an ultimate warrior.
  • bodybuilder
  • muscle
  • buff
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The Secret to Quick and Easy Weight Loss- How to Lose Weight by CloudNineShine
The Secret to Quick and Easy S. T. Wood
100 quick and easy tips to lose weight and keep it off. I promise I will NEVER recommend tofu and soy. What's the use of a diet if it makes you miserable? Learn to lose...
  • gain
  • secret
  • vegetables
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Andrew's Rebranding by stwa12
Andrew's Rebrandingby Stephen Walters
Andrew's never been cool in school. Now, in his junior year, he's living a nightmare, especially in PE. His unpleasant body makes everyone around him uninterested in him...
  • swimmer
  • abs
  • school
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Catch the thunder by plushstar101
Catch the thunderby ssjblueGohan
this story is by my friend and he wanted it on wattpad
  • fairytail
  • laxus
  • muscle
Skinny Boy #Wattys2018 by treadlightlychild
Skinny Boy #Wattys2018by Trinity Anne
One boy. One disease. One story. This is the story of Nathan Henry, and his battle with body dysmorphia. 08/04/2018 [Ranked 70 in #ed] [Ranked 40 in #stereotypes] [Ra...
  • muscle
  • journey
  • eatingdisorders
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KADE: A Second Chance Rockstar Romance by JaneAnthonyAuthor
KADE: A Second Chance Rockstar Jane Anthony
Ainsley Daniels wasn't the first girl to crawl out of my bed, she's just the first one I was dying to drag back in. As lead singer of the most notorious rock band in the...
  • sexualfantasy
  • music
  • fiction
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Muscle determination by jackheppins
Muscle determinationby THE book lover
One day a thin kid at the age of 14 decides he is done being frail, weak, and skinny he wants to put on some mass and get stronger and one day he might get what he wants.
  • muscle
  • muscles
  • jacob
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Free x reader oneshots by Maiami_yanato
Free x reader oneshotsby Maiami_yanato
Oneshots Lemons fluff and all that stuff~ 🌟Request please🌟 I take all requests
  • free
  • lemon
  • haru
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