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In My Veins by Bobbiejelly
In My Veinsby bobbiejelly
"Eve Polastri always thought that her first-time sex with Villanelle would be rough; it isn't. At all." OR: Eve Polastri and Villanelle take a blood oath to ea...
I Learned Your Pulse by shipperofinsanity
I Learned Your Pulseby Rowan
Hogwarts is a welcoming place when you've never seen it littered with corpses; when you've never seen the lights fading from a person's eyes, when you've never heard the...
Scars by Emaxan
Scarsby EmmanuelDaAuthor
I have nothing. I am nothing. I risked so many lives to save my own, I am a coward. A failure. I deserve nothing. I have no family. No hope. That is not a word for me an...
Bleeding Royalty (Revamped) by katrocks247
Bleeding Royalty (Revamped)by Katarina E. Tonks
Violet Florentina is one of the best at what she does. That is, hunt fang faces for cash. But when an anonymous, mysterious client who goes by the name "V" beg...
The Alpha King by ShatteredMind
The Alpha Kingby It's a secret
A girl and her brother named Paisley and Mark running away city by city, state by state. Both avoiding the same thing, a dangerous person that wants nothing but their bl...
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Bleeding inside (OS) ✔ by Arshistan
Bleeding inside (OS) ✔by Meena Miska
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Eleven minutes by Spidersoning
Eleven minutesby M
Eleven minutes isn't very long. But eleven minutes can cause life or death and a lot can happen in that short amount of time. The question is, will Tony get to him in...
Poems: My Deepest Darkest Secrets by VIV___XD
Poems: My Deepest Darkest Secretsby V.I.V
Theses poems seem to be where all my feelings are located. Some of my darkest secrets But I don't care anymore so let's show it to the Wattpad world! Cuz I'm just done...
The Baynes Legacy- Book 1- Love In The Moonlight by angelwing218
The Baynes Legacy- Book 1- Love Stacy
Tales of a family of werewolves that have to push through all of those who are determined to stand in their ways in finding happiness. But luckily for them all the bump...
Bleeding Hearts by princessmick_
Bleeding Heartsby michaiah :) !
Read to find out. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior written p...
Pretty Little Lies by stayleefelix
Pretty Little Liesby Multiple things
Taehyung wants to be like the others. They're all perfect but him. And he feels like he can only be better by doing something bad. Or the author is new and 13 and is bad...
Trapped -One Direction ANTI-FANFIC Horror- [Completed] by MadInsidiousSheepGrl
Trapped -One Direction loli
One Direction ARE the biggest thing right now. No exceptions, no arguments. And it's pretty obvious that their fans can get pretty... Obsessive. The boys may be supersta...
what happens? // one direction by hahahakris
what happens? // one directionby Kristel
What happens when a twist of fate causes a weekend getaway to go terribly wrong? © copyright 2012 hahahakris
Blood Rebel [COMPLETED] by RJRyder
Blood Rebel [COMPLETED]by Pseudonymous
Selene, one of London’s most famous women, has lived her entire life under Vampire rule. She dances at Bleedings, where human prisoners are bled to death by specially tr...
31 days of first aid with Midoriya Izuku by Quietcosplayer
31 days of first aid with Q <3
This is a month-long writing challenge for October 2021. It will be all Izuku-centric with other 1A members making appearances.
The Enor Revenge by iamnot_amachine
The Enor Revengeby Dani Ayumi
After the death of their father, King Edward Enor, Dewin Enor along with his two older brothers are planning to exterminate every remaining witch in the name of King Ed...
Daddy's broken boy by Ima_nugget
Daddy's broken boyby sammy
Kody is a little. He was classified as one at birth from the teddy bear shaped birth mark on his chest. He hates being a little because he always gets used. So, he cuts...
Abby Hatcher: Katie Sweeper, Fuzzly Keeper - The Last Revenge by FLUTTERSHY3431
Abby Hatcher: Katie Sweeper, Portal 2
This is the last story of Abby Hatcher: Katie Sweeper, Fuzzly Keeper. NOTE: Abby's bike has an airbag in this story, it's just located on her handlebars in the middle. A...
Without Me. by Snake-of-Eden
Without Ryan Christiansen
A collection of songs and poems.