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Sneaky by Miimaas
Sneakyby Miimaas
"That's Evelyn, but she prefers Eve." Dale spoke from behind us. "She doesn't say much. Maybe you'll get to hear her voice someday." Evelyn Rider's l...
The Secret I Tried to Keep by CaylahWest
The Secret I Tried to Keepby Caylah West
Chandria Shandi's parents want her to be a doctor. Chandria wants to be anything else. Chandria comes from a very strict and traditional family. She's not allowed to da...
A Forbidden Love by SynysterHarlot
A Forbidden Loveby Lisa
Elena Sanders, or as she prefers Ellie, has moved away from her father and the crazy night life of Las Vegas to the sunny beaches of Huntington Beach, California. Becomi...
paradise // wmmap by toisiit
paradise // wmmapby mel
"i have no intentions of letting a brat take what belongs to me." in which a certain golden-haired princess, after years of suffering, finally achieves paradis...
Golden Boy by ExpressCookies
Golden Boyby Alex
What do you do if the school's Golden Boy suddenly appears through your window? Do you welcome him with open arms? Do you kick him out? Do you confess your undying love...
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imagine | jikook ✔ by raycreme
imagine | jikook ✔by ~*•🎐ray🎐•*~
jimin , 17 , soft skater boy , who's suffering on the inside though he uses skating and smoking as an outlet . what happens when a sad jimin meets a caring jeongguk . t...
A Weasley outsider by shadowray17
A Weasley outsiderby shadowray17
Holly Weasley the sixth and forgotten Weasley. The twin sister of Ron Weasley. She was forgotten and never seen. Only comes out of the supposedly haunted attic when no o...
Jade by Salanle
Jadeby Salamot Balogun
|COMPLETED| How can a girl's life turn upside-down from the second she was born? Easy. Her eyes. (Under editing by @caligirl621)
Mr. S by evesgreat
Mr. Sby Eve
"I think I fell in love with my teacher." Olivia Johnson said. Olivia is well known for her 4.0 GPA! It is suppose to be her first year leading her quiz bowl t...
My sisters boyfriend ×|completed|× by 9CALUMSTATTOOS6
My sisters boyfriend ×|completed|×by XX•°calstat's°•XX
"is your sister home kid?" "whats it to you?" well this dude seemed like an arrogant asshole. "listen... kid-" "don't call me that! i...
Some Scars Never Fade by breezygirl27
Some Scars Never Fadeby Briiiii
Chris is an average teenage girl- except for the small detail that she and her friends are into an illegal work called street fighting. Dealing with abuse at home, and b...
Living a Lie by 17childofthemoon17
Living a Lieby Jenn
Sakura has a mission: stage her defection from Konoha, attract Akatsuki's attention, and infiltrate the elusive organization. She expected it to be hard, maybe even dead...
Sneaky Crush •Chase X Skye• Skase Paw Patrol by justimagine-
Sneaky Crush •Chase X Skye• Zoey!
This is a story between Chase and Skye from paw patrol having sneaky crush on each other. Which later on turns into LOVE and goes on a precious date according to a list...
My Life Of Evasion by writeon27
My Life Of Evasionby Ansley
Passport? Check. Book of maps to every country in the world? Check. The world's best treasure hunting dad and the most incredible stepmom? Check. My amazing boyfriend...
Sneaky Little Hazel (GirlxGirl) by WantingToFly
Sneaky Little Hazel (GirlxGirl)by Who cares
Who was I? Only the greatest person in the world. My attitude depended on the people. Everyone practically had a different opinion of me. To a few I was the most sincere...
Pretty Little Liars With A Twist by Kar-Shian
Pretty Little Liars With A Twistby Mason Wildes
What if Mona wasn't A she just pretended to be to save Hanna? What if Ali really is dead? What if Spencer dad was involved with Toby's mother death? Or even Aria finding...
My Bad Habit by littlel-lemonhead
My Bad Habitby chloe simone
Highest accomplishment: #1 shikaino Disclaimer, I don't own any of these characters or the naruto franchise at all. This is all a work of fiction, not relating to the s...
Diary of a sex addict (Dirty Secrets) by NewkyJayy
Diary of a sex addict (Dirty Jalisa Johnson
After all this time sleeping with different men putting her life her job her family in danger is she really willing to loose it all for her addiction or will Newnew get...