Ashley didn’t know the man of her dreams was waiting for her when she moved to the country. But could her unknown health condition get in the way of true love? Find out what fate awaits her
Gosh, my mum is exactly like that, favoring my not-so baby bro all the time!!!
There is no such thing as 2.5 children. ugggh this world is worse and worse
This is great so far! Lol Everyone seems to be getting hurt here, first Gwen, and Mum with her leg. Do you mind checking out my book, Immiscible? Anyone? Thanks.
She kind of reminds me of Edna Code from the Incredibles... Darling, its so good to see you :-)
I know how it feels to be bossed around by your parents. Such a good story :)
I like this story already I plan to keep reading it. :) Since it is the only one I have on my library right now.