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I'ᗰ ᗩ GOOᗪ GIᖇᒪ ᗯITᕼ ᗩ ᗪIᖇTY ᗰIᑎᗪ (NOT EDITED) by tweetieShine
I'ᗰ ᗩ GOOᗪ GIᖇᒪ ᗯITᕼ ᗩ ᗪIᖇTY ᗰIᑎᗪ WRITES
She's a girl who has a dirty mind.. her favorite line was "Ay! hotdog mong malaki!" "What inches kaya yung kanya?" She kept sayin' Baton or baston...
Hold Me Close (Azucarera Series #3) by jonaxx
Hold Me Close (Azucarera Series #3)by jonaxx
Josefa Hanabella Valiente is the ugly girl of Altagracia. She is often bullied because of her ugly looks. Binansagan siyang ng maraming pangit na pangalan at nasanay na...
That Mean Professor Is My Husband by Daydreammm_1
That Mean Professor Is My Husbandby Daydreammm_1
Sometimes being inlove wity someone is hard..lalo na kapag yung taong mahal mo ay di nakakakita ng halaga sayo..I experienced many challenges with him, palagi nya akong...
I GOT PREGNANT BY UNKNOWN (Duavis Series 1) by Angelz_017018
Karl Shun Duavis... Is a Mafia boss, Rich Man, Detective, Business Man, Architect, and Smart or Perfect at all... When Karl is 7 yrs old he need to sacrifice for he's br...
~ This story is a teen fiction story, it is all about to a Legendary Gangster Princess of two worlds. Siya'y kinakatakutan,ngunit karamihan ay iginagalang. Mala-anghel n...
The Mysterious Nerd (HS #1) by HotRosee
The Mysterious Nerd (HS #1)by Gxldenlies🌛
Every people have a hidden Secret..She's seeks for a revenge and justice with her round big eye glasses so yeah! she's 'THE MYSTERIOUS NERD' Highest ranked:Hiddensecret...
I Love You Razvan by BLACKLEIRA
I Love You Razvanby Miss Kia
--Erin Quinn The girl they adore so much The girl they were protecting since day one The girl who loves them whatever they do The girl they cherish so much The girl who...
That Nerd ✓ by chweyomi
That Nerd ✓by 🥑
Taglish || Lopez Brothers: 1 of 2 Who would have thought that a simple yet weird and nerdy girl can change every student in the school? especially the certified badboy...
HE'S always RIGHT but I AM the BOSS by Solyblack
HE'S always RIGHT but I AM the BOSSby Crystal soo jung
Ranna sheia amara zamaña a girl have no permanent hair color have a bestfriend named mezzia yalla gray mezz for short, and mezz have a brother named frynz clemon gray...
The Song's Memory (Engineering Student #2) by eraeyxxi
The Song's Memory (Engineering awts gege
Zarah Almedya is a civil engineering student, an anime-lover, and loves to play piano. She always go to the school's music room to play piano where she can freely expres...
Living with my Enemy (Part 2) by Rajeanthetarget
Living with my Enemy (Part 2)by Rajeanthetarget
Naging sila, nagmahalan at inalagaan ang isa't isa. blane can't believe that his greatest enemy of all is inlove with him. After all the secrets, mysteries, pain, and do...
Escaping Montejardo  by straightvodkaa
Escaping Montejardo by ً
Percy or Persephone Alvarez is just a simple girl who is living under the Montejardo's roof as their maid together with her grandmother named Anaphe Alvarez. But Anaphe...
I'm Inlove with My Idol by Gabsuson
I'm Inlove with My Idolby Gabsuson
Chloe De Guzman is a fan girl of an actor, Nathaniel Acey Reid. She likes him for being his talented person. She likes him for having a good personality. Para sa kaniya...
Her Demon Side by vindexxipen
Her Demon Sideby vindexxipen
Her name is Ash, She's mysterious and can also be dangerous. Inside her innocents looks and pair of brown eyes, there's a darkest truth she hide since before. But what...
Jonaxx Stories by BlackMimikyut26
Jonaxx Storiesby A L Y ❤
Jonaxx stories para sa mga old and newbie jsls. Para sa mga curious sa mga stories ni kwin J. Support , vote and comment
Unexpected by Biggest_Imagination
Unexpectedby Biggest_Imagination
What if two exes meet at the Reunion? It is going to be happy? Or it will be full of bitterness? ON GOING PASUPPORT SALAMAT NG MANY.. ERRORS AHEAD!
Always You by FreatanspireWP_
Always Youby Liehylle Riego
SYPNOSIS: She is Sheantan Kathryl Sandoval. A girl that secretly inlove with Zennon Dreck Fuentes, her childhood sweetheart. She's not expecting in return but fate make...
He's My Possesive Boyfriend by ririreon
He's My Possesive Boyfriendby Reon
The plot is unknown, find out what it is
The Seven Boys And I by iheartpurples
The Seven Boys And Iby It's A
Paano kung may magkagusto sayo? Hindi lang isa. Hindi din dalawa. At mas lalong hindi tatlo. Kundi PITO!! Haba ng hair no? Ano kaya ang gagawin ng bidang babae sa kwento...