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A gamer's love{Bentleyxreader} A Sly Cooper fanfiction by MoonStar1234123
A gamer's love{Bentleyxreader} A Galaxythetiger
When a gamer gets a voice stuck in their head, and make friends its good, but when their favorite game is stolen, they become really angry. Read this story about how a r...
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The assistant  by imaanh17
The assistant by Imaan
Aurora James 23 year old business degree student seeks for a job after she quit her job at her old sexist company. She isn't the wealthiest of all but has enough. She go...
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The Alpha's Angel  by daaprincess
The Alpha's Angel by ✴ s l i m ✴
"Something is different about her." I hear Dana say to Bentley as I play with the baby before me. "How so?" He asks. "I don't know, shes like mo...
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Dean's Little Girl by LittlePunkish
Dean's Little Girlby LittlePunkish
(Hey guys! So this is the same book but fixed A LOT, from "Dean's Little Girl" Kinda like a remix? Idek. But this is the same thing, fixed up a bit and everyth...
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The "Nerds" Little Secret by Lillyxgrace
The "Nerds" Little Secretby Lil
Ryan Patterson She's a nerd that's living a double life because she's also a street fighter, no one knows not even her own family. That is until the schools bad boy Luke...
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Sly Cooper x reader oneshots by Chaos-Prince
Sly Cooper x reader oneshotsby Chaos-Prince
At this point you're probably thinking: really, Red? Another one? Yes, another oneshot book XD as I really like the Sly Cooper series. Also, this won't have just Sly Coo...
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Loving My Boss [Complete] by Kezy03
Loving My Boss [Complete]by Kezy03
I sat next to my mom, whom I regularly turned to for advice. I listened carefully to her as she took my hands in hers and said:" Your love cant be denied sweety, th...
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Sly Cooper x OC by Fanfic_writing
Sly Cooper x OCby ♥️
(COMPLETED) This is a love-story between Sly Cooper my OC (original character). Violet, a stealthy vixen, is a thief who's working to defeat Clockwerk. She's the leader...
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SUNFLOWER / post malone  by actuallypost
SUNFLOWER / post malone by - ctrl -
"you're my sunflower.." "so you must be my sun." But what happens when the sun goes down? -lowercase intended-
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Good Omens imagines by Forge_and_Gred
Good Omens imaginesby Forge_and_Gred
Well. This should be fun
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Secrets | Jenzie by Zieglando_x
Secrets | Jenzieby Harper
Mackenzie Ziegler | Johnny Orlando | Lauren Orlando "I'm so sorry for all the harm I caused you." "I'm completely and utterly in love with you too." ...
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Sly Cooper X Reader: Thievery is the Family Business! by AshleyGryffindor
Sly Cooper X Reader: Thievery is AshleyGryffindor
Sly Cooper is owned by Sucker Punch! And the best game Saga I after played growing up, I'm still playing when I miss seeing Sly, Murray and Bentley so a lot Hahaha! P.s...
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Is this real?!?!(Adopted by Matthias and Amanda)~FINISHED~ by rxinydxys_
Is this real?!?!(Adopted by rxinydxys_
//WARNING: This is a very stupid story with a lot of grammar mistakes and I'm so sorry if you read it. Read at your own risk. I'm deleting it soon anyway :) . . . Ag...
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The Fifth Agent by marineh22
The Fifth Agentby Emmy
per·fec·tion /pərˈfekSH(ə)n/ noun the condition, state, or quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects. No one is without flaws. Not even Agen...
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PTA Meetings. by zaynsdrummerbabe
PTA zaynsdrummerbabe
Jocelyn Waters is a single parent, raising her 5 year old son Bentley. She is trying to get over her ex-husband John, who cheated on her for 5 years!! But Bentley needs...
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Dean's Little girl. by LittlePunkish
Dean's Little LittlePunkish
What happens when Dean has a one night stand with a girl he doesn't even know? Doesn't even know her name. Will Cas expect Dean having a little girl? Will Cas get jeal...
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Can't Buy My Love by CandaceNycole
Can't Buy My Loveby Candace
Brynn's father sells her to his bosses son who's the highest bidder. will she fall in love with him? or end up with Ronan, her best friend's brother and hot bad boy?
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Harley Fernandez by SheTheory
Harley Fernandezby SHE
Harley Fernandez,A young powerful entrepreneur in the American industry's life has been put on a threat. Bentley Vincent,A young bodyguard,Who had been assigned as Harle...
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Faking Class for Ass by missjoanjett
Faking Class for Assby Clodagh
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Sly cooper rp by ShadowVirusCybug
Sly cooper rpby MALICE
hey guys I decided to make this because i really want to thank you guys for 300 followers even if you didn't i hope you enjoy and good luck!! Enjoy!
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