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The Dollhouse by broken-pixie
The Dollhouseby broken-pixie
Every year, for her birthday and Christmas, Lacey would recieve a gift from her grandma, a porcelain doll. Shortly before Lacey's sixteenth birthday, Cathrine, her grand...
  • caught
  • morning
  • lacey
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Sly Cooper characters encyclopedia  by kayla_portugal110
Sly Cooper characters encyclopedia by kayla_portugal110
A encyclopedia on all the sly cooper characters!
  • bently
  • murray
  • sly
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The Family Line by BajanCandianCutie
The Family Lineby Jessica
Sly cooper has moved on from Carmelita knowing that if she stayed a cop, it could never work. He married other raccoon named Amber, and they had a daughter named Kate...
  • sly
  • cooper
  • missing
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He's  My Secret                              (Unedited)  by royal_loveheart
He's My royal_loveheart
He kept on staring at me but I ignored him , at least I tried to . He was sitting right beside me and although I was looking at the board I still could glimpse his form...
  • hrvyandloren
  • unique
  • wattpadcontest
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Vixen and The Thug by ChrissyM93
Vixen and The Thugby Chrissy E.
Sly ran Flynt and everything that happened in it, so one night when he saw an unfamiliar face he couldn't stop until he had her in his clutches. Little did he know that...
  • family
  • africanamerican
  • urban
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A wolf in hiding | Teen wolf/Twilight by Thechosenblackwolf
A wolf in hiding | Teen wolf/ Friday
Stiles was finally kicked from the pack. After all the terrible ways they treated him they finally decided to kick him out. Stiles and his dad go to forks and Stiles get...
  • sarcasm
  • twilight
  • family
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Sly Cooper: It Takes a Cooper by AuthorOfInsanity
Sly Cooper: It Takes a Cooperby Author of Insanity
3 Years after Sly Cooper vanished without a trace, a strange red raccoon appears in Carmelita's office. She claims to be Sly's Great-Great-Granddaughter Sandra Cooper, a...
  • cooper
  • sly
  • slycooper
The Foxes Prey by _batman_girl_
The Foxes Preyby _batman_girl_
Vanessa was a regular teenage girl, going to a regular high school, well, as regular as she can get being at the bottom of the social and life food chain. Of course that...
  • foxes
  • mates
  • powers
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The Mafia's Human Mate (bxb mpreg) by Shadowknight24
The Mafia's Human Mate (bxb mpreg)by Shadow knight
Alphonso Dexus is a very powerful an feared alpha of a pack called the fallen moon pack. But also, he runs the Russian mafia, all feared and powered, Alphonso has everyt...
  • sly
  • mafia
  • werewolf
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Sly Cooper male reader x RWBY by Orlando789
Sly Cooper male reader x RWBYby Orlando789
Hello and welcome to my x male reader story, and in this story you are a raccoon faunus named (y/n) Cooper, the master thief but the only thing about you is you only st...
  • fanfiction
  • rwby
  • sly
A Werido's dirty jokes by rocketor
A Werido's dirty jokesby RD
You haven't heard dirty jokes like these!! A new Werido entry!The sequel will be up in a while!
  • weirdoseries
  • lol
  • complete
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Slymau, i missed you by Briarxrose
Slymau, i missed youby Aurora Grimes
All i do is run Run from my Problems I miss them I miss HIM i own nothing but the plot line, and even that is pieced together from multiple fanfictions i have read over...
  • kala
  • smd
  • keven
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Sly Cooper And The New Visitor by erc2109
Sly Cooper And The New Visitorby Erc2109
Twelve year old (Y/N) has a normal life. No action, nothing special is happening in her life, but her creative mind has been praise to the sky like no other. Suddenly sh...
  • bentley
  • thieves
  • adventure
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Super Mystreet by meowfluffi
Super Mystreetby lillyPads
i smashed super minecraft and mystreet together... so tada I forgot to mention that i don't swear and this story happened before they went to the convention Also non of...
  • ladythor
  • fanfic
  • mystreet
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Sly Cooper x reader oneshots by Chaos-Prince
Sly Cooper x reader oneshotsby Chaos-Prince
At this point you're probably thinking: really, Red? Another one? Yes, another oneshot book XD as I really like the Sly Cooper series. Also, this won't have just Sly Coo...
  • oneshotcollection
  • bentley
  • fanfiction
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Perks of Being a Slytherin by Psychotalia
Perks of Being a Slytherinby Crybaby
The perks of being a Slytherin
  • leadership
  • sly
  • slytherin
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Escape From India (Sly Cooper 3 Series) by rissygirl144
Escape From India (Sly Cooper 3 Marissa ღ
Lily Tiger is a average 20yr old girl that worked for Rajan in India when she was 16yr old as a belly dancer for 4yrs in his ballroom on certain days but on that night w...
  • neyla
  • tiger
  • honoramongthieves
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Sly Cooper x OC by Fanfic_writing
Sly Cooper x OCby ♥️
(COMPLETED) This is a love-story between Sly Cooper my OC (original character). Violet, a stealthy vixen, is a thief who's working to defeat Clockwerk. She's the leader...
  • stealing
  • thief
  • heist
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blitz | smd x mystreet by miajick
blitz | smd x mystreetby miajick
"What's your name?" The girl asked. She was what Jessica could only assume to be a meif'wa, common to the Pheonix Drop region. Jessica had another self-rule, n...
  • werewolf
  • magic
  • crossover
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Strings | SLYMAU | (MSxFNAFxSKYMEDIA) by LiSungHo
Strings | SLYMAU | ( ℓι sυηg
| Highest Ranking | #1 Slymau 12/23/18 [ NEXT CHAPTER IS COMING OUT ON THURSDAY ] [SLOW UPDATES] Aphmau was killed at Freddy Fazbears and became the Marionette. After...
  • foxy
  • fnaf
  • marionette
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