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The Alpha's Angel  by daaprincess
The Alpha's Angel by daaprincess
"Something is different about her." I hear Dana say to Bentley as I play with the baby before me. "How so?" He asks. "I don't know, shes like mo...
The Fifth Agent [Under Editing] by marineh22
The Fifth Agent [Under Editing]by Emmy
"We made you; we can also break you." A failed experiment. Words not commonly used when describing a person. But years after the condemning action, Agent Wate...
Y/n Cooper X Carlos Montero Fox: Thievery is the Family Business! (On Hold!) by AshleyGryffindor
Y/n Cooper X Carlos Montero Fox: AshleyGryffindor
Sly Cooper is owned by Sucker Punch! And the best game Saga I after played growing up, I'm still playing when I miss seeing Sly, Murray and Bentley so a lot Hahaha! P.s...
Unbreak my heart by TheLegitBoss6
Unbreak my heartby Miss Fantasy
If you loved my previous book (MY KNIGHT) Then you're guaranteed to love this book too. I dedicate this book to ALL die hard BAYSHA fans. Let's go on a Baysha journey pe...
One-Shots - Good Omens | Ineffable Husbands by SomeFormOfWriting
One-Shots - Good Omens | SomeFormOfWriting
A collection of one-shots based around our favourite angel and demon pairing (Aka Mr A.Z Fell and Mr. Anthony J Crowley) There honestly isn't too much else to say... ex...
Dean's Little girl. by LittlePunkish
Dean's Little LittlePunkish
What happens when Dean has a one night stand with a girl he doesn't even know? Doesn't even know her name. Will Cas expect Dean having a little girl? Will Cas get jeal...
Good Omens imagines by Forge_and_Gred
Good Omens imaginesby Forge_and_Gred
Well. This should be fun
Sly Cooper and the Gang by DiamondSGD_
Sly Cooper and the Gangby ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Disclaimer This is a fan fiction based of of the video game, Sly Cooper. This was written after the fourth game came out, and most characters in this story are not mine...
Dean's Little Girl by LittlePunkish
Dean's Little Girlby LittlePunkish
(Hey guys! So this is the same book but fixed A LOT, from "Dean's Little Girl" Kinda like a remix? Idek. But this is the same thing, fixed up a bit and everyth...
Daddy's Back by DaughterofKingTeller
Daddy's Backby LindsGilbert
Liv and Brantley had parted ways when their second child was only 5 months. Due to Brantley's heavy drinking. Liv found it better that the split for their kids safety. ...
Thief's Beginning by freyali13
Thief's Beginningby Alice Tallee
Sly is determined to get the parts of the Thievius Raccoonus back while in the meantime someone from Sly's past is on her own adventure to find out more about her family...
Sly Cooper x Reader Oneshots (Requests Open) by Okamisan7
Sly Cooper x Reader Oneshots ( Okamisan7
There weren't enough of these. So I decided to make a book.
The Good Girls Bad Boys: Cast by vanna2u
The Good Girls Bad Boys: Castby vanna2u
After Reading TGGBB, Multiplayer, Three of a Kind, Broken Glasses, and TGGBB 2. This is what I have come up with for what these characters may look like. All Rights of t...
The Four Musketeer by sunnuisance
The Four Musketeerby sunnuisance
Just one shot cute and fluffy story of Ame, Bentley, Cartier and Charlotte going picnic with Papa Bai and Papa Win. Domestic BaiWin. Disclaimer : This is purely work of...
Cops and Thieves by pandaqueen43
Cops and Thievesby panda queen43
Paris, France. Home of the city of love and the notorious thief Sly Cooper. Interpol Agents Carmelita Fox and Arzu Minx have been working day in and day out trying to ar...
caught by KensiRuah
caughtby KensiRuah
Navy SEAL Commander Alex O'loughlin is back in Hawaii to start his new job which sometimes includes working alongside the Five-O Task Force. But it's his personal life t...
The gang in: CHASEn cooper (Pause) by V_Draylon
The gang in: CHASEn cooper (Pause)by V_Draylon
He had everything, a job- thieving is the name and playing is my game, love- the constable deffinetly loves him she's too stuck up to admit it, Ow! And fame- being the g...
Sly Cooper: Seeing The New Generation by Zach150
Sly Cooper: Seeing The New Zach190
We all heard about the infamous Cooper clan and their amazing abilities and heists. How they seem to defy the very laws of physics. Now, they were pulled into an unknown...
It's never easy being Sly by 1StoryMaker
It's never easy being Slyby A Bit of Charm, Pound of Sexy...
#10 among all Sly Cooper fanfics Being A Cooper, life is tough. It's always on the up and go. Enemies and Plans based off your heritage and ancestors. But what about bei...