NIGHTBIRD !by blaine .
❛ prejudice is just ignorance. ❜ (( smbq+))
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My Mistakes by ShadowWolf1046
My Mistakesby ShadowWolf1046
What would happen if Glee's Sebastian Smythe ended up in said 'Earth 1' and met Barry Allen? I do not own any of the characters pulled from Glee or The Flash. Enjoy th...
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need time by lunachristian0
need timeby lunachristian0
Isabella Anderson is the little sister of Blaine Anderson. there parents had gotten a divorce and there mom got custody of Blaine while there dad got custody of Isabella...
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Kill List //iZombie// by Wren-Harley
Kill List //iZombie//by 》Wŕęň《
With an un-used Doctorate in Epidemiology, Sarah is recruited to travel to New Seattle to find a vaccine for Zombie-ism, when she stumbled open the truth her blood runs...
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Blame It On The Alcohol ➳ klaine fanfic by mayaandviolet
Blame It On The Alcohol ➳ klaine Maya and Violet
Everyone at McKinley high knows that Kurt Hummel is out and proud. However, how about the new transfer from Dalton Academy? Blaine Anderson is hot, has an amazing voice...
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Pretty Little Gleeks by bellaandtrinity2k17
Pretty Little Gleeksby bella1232k17
A crossover with Pretty Little Liars and Glee hope you guys enjoy
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What If She Lived Instead? A Seven Deadly Sins AU Fan-fiction. by Littlepinktiger93
What If She Lived Instead? A is this real life?
What If She Lived? A Seven Deadly Sins Alternate Universe Fan-fiction by Littlepinktiger93. Before I start, this is an AU so characters will be OOC. I haven't seen Seaso...
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Klaine One-Shots, Fluff, and Smut by BrittanasKlaine
Klaine One-Shots, Fluff, and Smutby R5 and Glee ❤️
Just some Klaine things... Take requests for fluff and smut😉
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"Moonlit Dancer" by SpaceGiraf
"Moonlit Dancer"by SpaceGiraf
She is smart, pretty, but unnoticed. He is bullied, unwanted, and noticed. Together, they are an unstoppable force! Elora is 10 years old when she meets Adlai, a 14-y...
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Rachel's brother by Sandyhugl
Rachel's brotherby Ivet
Kurt Hummel meets Blaine Anderson, who is charming, amazing, handsome and crushing on Kurt. Little did Kurt know, that Blaine is actually Rachel's brother who transporte...
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Blaine x Reader One-shots by SexyPorkCutletBowl
Blaine x Reader One-shotsby SexyPorkCutletBowl
One-Shots of my favorite iZombie Character.
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Loving You Is Like A Teenage Dream  by Emma_Grace_24
Loving You Is Like A Teenage Dream by Emalee
Love Story of Kurt and Blain from Glee <3
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