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Baby Daddy | Jonah Marais by PimentelsPrincess
Baby Daddy | Jonah Maraisby Adrianna 💕
After Mars' previous relationship didn't work out, she falls in love again with the boy of her dreams only to find out she's pregnant. But what's to come when her lover...
The billionaire's ex-wife✓ by xoxek_12
The billionaire's ex-wife✓by Essi♚
"How could you!" Xavier exclaimed. "Please no, it's not what it looks like," I said with tears running down my face. "With my best friend. Get o...
Running with His Child by ItsLayLayH
Running with His Childby ItsLayLayH
After being involved with a cold-hearted mafia boss, Robyn Lehman decides its time to run. Little did she know, she was carrying the future heir to his entire empire. Wi...
Hold My Girl by AWritingStyle
Hold My Girlby AWritingStyle
A one night stand with Harry Styles: What's the worst that can happen?
FINE LINE ✿ H.S. by mothertruckerdudee
FINE LINE ✿ care
✿ In which Mia is having his baby and it's none of his business. ✿ Mia and Harry were completely different until a one night stand changed their lives forever. A baby is...
Neighbours  by bwsforyou
Neighbours by bwsforyou
Being a single mum isn't easy, but do things get easier when you meet your neighbour?
The billionaire want me ♡ {Completed} by LovelyShifah
The billionaire want me ♡ { Shifah
"Give me your hand." He ordered and i looked at him confused. He sighed before taking my left hand. I gasped when he suddenly put an engagement ring around my...
Why I love a thug  by queev_kayla1
Why I love a thug by Theonly_kayla
They have been through ups and downs but can they survive and help each other find out by reading no spoilers ‼️‼️❗️
Baby Daddy |Bakugo x Reader| by lovelyxkatsuki
Baby Daddy |Bakugo x Reader|by 😊
You had a one night stand with the number 2 hero, Bakugo Katsuki, and a couple weeks later you're looking at a positive pregnancy test. Started: 24/06/2020 Ended:-/-/- I...
Nobody Cares💔 by nya_best_life
Nobody Cares💔by Nya Layla
What happens when Breonna finds out that she's pregnant by her cheating ass boyfriend and he leaves her for another girl. What will she do? She don't know what to do bec...
.One Night Stand. (SLOW UPDATES) by AubriannaMiShelle
.One Night Stand. (SLOW UPDATES)by Aubrianna ❄ Snow - Lowe
One night leads to two kids....what will Sky tell the famous YouTuber when she sees him again after their one night rendezvous?
My brother's best friend's Baby. || (MBBF - Book 1) Completed ✔ by A_Poisoned_Pen
My brother's best friend's Baby. | Vicky_Rose
Hit 1 million on 4th June 2020 Highest Ranking *as of 22nd March 2020* 7th_ British *as of 4th December 2019* 8th_ Teen Fiction 20th_ Romance 1st_ Secret He's my brot...
In life we go though many trials and tribulations but you would think a fourteen year old girl had anything to be stressed about until one night all is taken from her th...
Bnha Baby Daddy Scenarios by Shuus_Daughter
Bnha Baby Daddy Scenariosby Author-Chan
{REQUEST ARE OPEN} It's all in the title, you get knocked up, they stick around to help with the kid. Now, the guys that have the pleasure of being in this book are: Bak...
parenthood | c. evans [✓] by smilesforhoya
parenthood | c. evans [✓]by AMI | I.A BC UNI
❝You need to be calm, you're carrying my child.❞ ❝And who's fault is that?❞ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ chris evans fan fiction [SOCIAL MEDIA]
Ka'June | NBA Youngboy Book by kiikiisaidfuckyou
Ka'June | NBA Youngboy Bookby KiiKii🤍
Ka'June and Kentrell met on Instagram even though June wasn't that big on social media. That's what attracted him, he liked her low key cool vibes. Ka'June knew about K...
Love Don't Change (Unedited) by Lyn_Corbett
Love Don't Change (Unedited)by Lyn_Corbett
After Frank gets out of jail.. he discovers what happened while he was away.
My Babydaddy by arleth1125
My Babydaddyby arleth1125
y/n gets pregnant at 16 and her boyfriend leaves her before he finds out...... What happens when he wants to come back...... Will she let him in her life and the baby's...
I fall apart||Post Malone by meaXunderhill
I fall apart||Post Maloneby WeridoXgirl
Austin and Camila use to be high school sweethearts but what happens when Camila broke up with Austin but saw each other again will she ever tell him why she actually br...