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I Married A CEO? by lonlystranger
I Married A CEO?by SlaveForHangeSama
This is a story about how a girl is cheated on and how she gets back at them and falls in love again. Myra Sharma secretly catches her fiancee making out with her best f...
Second life and love by _MissClumsy_
Second life and Miss Clumsy
We shine together, Like the moon and stars by _mxrshmxllxw_
We shine together, Like the moon Navz
One day you'll realize you've lost a diamond while you were too busy collecting stones - Fateh I promise you, sweetheart, I will always be with you, I will always protec...
BROKEN by frinaenae
BROKENby pina
How do you forget someone who loved you with everything he had? The answer is simple really; you can't
Her Life  by Brindream
Her Life by Brindream
Tulsi- 27 year old middle class, calm and innocent girl. She is working as a teacher. She have one elder sister and one younger brother... From college days she have one...
Mafia Brothers And Agent Sister |BTS ff| by DoctorMalkayne
Mafia Brothers And Agent Sister | DoctorMalkayne
If you're a BTS and kdrama and K-pop fan, you're in the right place. Lee In Ha. If you think she's the new nerdy girl who trips on her own legs, oh boy , you're so wrong...
Rejected? Deuces! (ONC 2021) (Gay Werewolf Novella) by JayDioncelEvers
Rejected? Deuces! (ONC 2021) ( Jarrick DeWaine Exum
(ONC ROUND ONE QUALIFIER) "I am in the mood to dissolve into the sky" -Virginia Woolf **** Carson Hadley hasn't had it easy being an omega werewolf in the Four...
Perilune by quinntrillium
Periluneby Quinn Trillium
When a celestial body forms, its soul manifests as a dragon, and seeks out the nearest inhabited planet to hunt upon. The moon dragon's power is cataclysmic on Earth, a...
The Zodiac Series: Capricorn by charmrae
The Zodiac Series: Capricornby Charm Rae
After the fall out of her 5-year long relationship, Capricorn was rumored to be sleeping around-doing one-night stands. Nathan, the CEO of a well-known multimedia compan...
Can You Stay? - SakuAtsu by LittleAngevil
Can You Stay? - SakuAtsuby Clover
Atsumu loved Sakusa for so long. He loved him through middle school. He dated him for most of high school. He was engaged to him shortly after college. He had loved him...
Dear Daisy by Mira8526
Dear Daisyby Mira
After his best friend Daisy dies, Kai writes letters to her every day about himself and life and this is just a few of them. ALL CHARACTERS ARE FICTION
Torn (bxb) by RehtWood
Torn (bxb)by RehtWood
Mark has been in love with Tom since he was 15 years old. But Mark ghosted Tom after they had a moment. He was afraid to face his feelings for his childhood friend. 5 y...
A Heartless HUSBAND by Ipurpleyoukijjac
A Heartless HUSBANDby A.S.M
China Muarinne Alestre is not doing okay after she got married to her husband inside of 3 years marriage she suffered over than enough para magising sa katotohanang hind...
Hymn For The Weekend (MYTH SERIES #3) by liwanagsanight
Hymn For The Weekend (MYTH luna
Hymn For The Weekend (COMPLETED) Myth Series 3 Mahirap para sa atin kapag wala tayong kalayaang gustuhin at piliin ang mga bagay na makakapagpasaya sa atin. Mga bagay na...
Eight Boys and a Walker girl by dellie0209
Eight Boys and a Walker girlby Dellie
*COMPLETE* Eveline Walker's life is falling apart. The tragedy that left her brother-less is tearing her mind apart, and on top of that, her closest friend blames her fo...
Jensoo- Love Inevitably by thechosenone25
Jensoo- Love Inevitablyby thechosenone25
You all have watched and witnessed how their love story had evolved into something beautiful in the First Book- Love Unexpectedly. But have you ever wondered how it all...
Not Gone.... by itl211
Not itl211
Five years after Lilly's suicide everything changed. Mostly Daniel the guy that loves her. The guy that hoped she didn't die. They guy that wanted the surgeon to come ou...
New Drug by AspiringAlina
New Drugby Alina Rose
Logan Reed is addicted to drugs. He is obsessed with drugs and spends too much time with them, trying to forget his dark past. But one fated day, he meets Hayley who is...
MY Yellow by g_ouri
MY Yellowby pluto
YELLOW is the person who you are living for. the person who saved your life and the reason for your happiness. "I dream slowly so that missing you doesn't come &qu...
Broken By The Past (#2K's)✓ by ZainabFatima2525
Broken By The Past (#2K's)✓by ZainabFatima2525
"You are more broken than me, let me try to fix you," she said cupping my face......... ...