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What's The Catch? // COMPLETED✔️ by GrownJayJay
What's The Catch? // COMPLETED✔️by GrownJayJay
A fire that needs it's fuel, a bull that doesn't chase after red, the devil that lost its touch. April Catch lost the only thing that kept her alive, and left her with a...
Love is Beautiful (She's so Ugly) by ForgottenStares
Love is Beautiful (She's so Ugly)by 月くん
How would you know if you keep looking the other way? ••• Merida Love Hollyn is a normal girl who lacks self confidence and she never fights back. And because of that...
The Cure To My Pain  by LikeToBe_Mendes
The Cure To My Pain by Kirti B.
Everlee Bridge, a scared, lonely, heartbroken girl, is in a mess she never asked for. Seven years in a place she never wanted to be in, broke her into pieces she couldn...
Our Corner of the Universe by fragile-nightmare
Our Corner of the Universeby fragile-nightmare
Melanie Anderson's specialty was going unnoticed. She was perfectly happy hiding away at the library for the next four years, exchanging her troubling past for the imagi...
HIS-Story by fantasy_differ
HIS-Storyby Dark-Chocolate
HIS-Story AJ is nothing but a thug on the streets. Ruthless, sexy, confident and cold-hearted as people describe him to be. But deep down he's sweet, caring and waitin...
Shortie & Knight by caitygotwords
Shortie & Knightby caitygotwords
I was walking to my locker when I heard someone calling for somebody. "Hey! Little cutie!" They called. I kept waking, since no one noticed me and I doubted...
Unintended Consequences by eim1993
Unintended Consequencesby El
"You just have no idea." His voice was thick with restraint. "W-what," I breathed. His gaze flicked to my lips as his thumb stroked again. The call...
Loving the Bad Boy (COMPLETED) by jules_anne_
Loving the Bad Boy (COMPLETED)by Jules Anne
Juliet Darling: -Good girl -Straight A's -Shy;Quiet -Doesn't drink -Doesn't smoke -Never breaks laws Lincoln Dean: -Bad Boy -Straight C's -Quiet;Rude;Usually Angry -Dr...
The Shy Girl And The Badboy by Alwaysrad
The Shy Girl And The Badboyby Alwaysrad
Riley is young , shy, and has no friends. A year after her mom dies she moves to a new city because people are getting suspicious about her father beating her once she m...
YUNGIN' | Dave East by Emiyalashae_
YUNGIN' | Dave Eastby Emiyalashae 🎠💞
Zaylee is a shy girl but she not scared to speak her mind she's 17 living with her uncle because her mother died because of cancer and father is in jail for life. She ha...
Masked Attraction by taylorcelanturxx
Masked Attractionby taylorcelanturxx
My Best Friend's Armor (OLD TITLE) From being incredibly shy and having parents who only care about her career, Emma Barnes has learned to stick to herself, her studies...
Whisper by Hannah5513
Whisperby Hannah5513
Shy nerdy girl. Hot guy. You all know how the story goes. Bella snow is in high school and has survived the past high school years going by as unnoticed by all. Of cou...
𝐎𝐩𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐢𝐭𝐞 𝐨𝐟 𝐥𝐨𝐮𝐝 (🚧)  by iam_madisonn
𝐎𝐩𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐢𝐭𝐞 𝐨𝐟 𝐥𝐨𝐮𝐝 (🚧 Iam.madisonn
This is a story about Jordan Brown when she was 6 years old she watched her mom and dad get killed right in front of her eyes. Since then she been quiet she only talk w...
In Love with the Quarterback by SunSetSunny
In Love with the Quarterbackby Morgan_Noelle
Evelyn is just your average girl who's also shy. She prefers hanging out with her two best friends and reading to parties and large crowds. Mark is the exact opposit...
The Bad Boys Angel by luxuryhoney
The Bad Boys Angelby luxuryhoney
"Y-you're my A-Angel." #1 in STUTTER #1 in LONDON
Trapped In Love ✓ by XoXo_girly03
Trapped In Love ✓by ItsStellaAdams
"C- Can you move b- back a little?" My words made him smirk and if it's even possible, he came closer. Why do I always have to stuck between him and the desk...
New Girl in Town // Archie Andrews by peachberryl
New Girl in Town // Archie Andrewsby Jo
Alessandra Jensen is the new girl in town. She is 16 years old and the shy, quiet girl in town. She has just move from her old hometown to Riverdale because her mother a...
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The Nerd Who Can Sing by xCherryBlossome
The Nerd Who Can Singby xCherryBlossome
Standing on stage in front of the whole school with a mic in my trembling hands, I breathed in and out like my dad thought me. Looking at my band, I spotted Rachael smi...
No Choice  by _Ntha_
No Choice by Nthambi Tahuna
"P- please Get off me.... Please" In attempt to push him away I slam into the wall which leaves me trapped between a rock and a hard place. "Your MINE got...
Beast Behind the Mask (Previously: My Dangerous Possessive Alpha) by Human-girl
Beast Behind the Mask ( Human girl
He's Ruthless. He's Dark. He's Dangerous. He's Possessive. He's the Alpha She's Sweet. She's Innocent. She's Shy...