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Shortie & Knight by caitygotwords
Shortie & Knightby caitygotwords
I was walking to my locker when I heard someone calling for somebody. "Hey! Little cutie!" They called. I kept waking, since no one noticed me and I doubted...
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Saved by the Bad Boys by bookworm101702
Saved by the Bad Boysby bookworm101702
Blaire Willian has lived with her dad ever since her mom died, suffering from physical and emotional abuse at his hands. She never thought she would get out, let alone h...
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Loving the Bad Boy (COMPLETED) by jules_anne_
Loving the Bad Boy (COMPLETED)by Jules Anne
Juliet Darling: -Good girl -Straight A's -Shy;Quiet -Doesn't drink -Doesn't smoke -Never breaks laws Lincoln Dean: -Bad Boy -Straight C's -Quiet;Rude;Usually Angry -Dr...
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Signing Love (#Wattys 2018) by Love1026
Signing Love (#Wattys 2018)by Bhav😘
Preview: I looked up, and smiled at Cole. I knew what has happened to me. I just didn't want to show too much of it. Ever since I started to know him, I was really happy...
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She's His by thegoat3000
She's Hisby Imperfect beauty
"With all the smiles you brought me I never thought that you could cause so many tears 🥀 " - unknown
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Their submissive mate (BXGXBXG, GXG, BxB, BXGXB, GXBXG) - Finished by graugaard
Their submissive mate (BXGXBXG, graugaard
Sophie is a normal 17 year old teenager. She is shy and likes staying out of trouble, she is what you would call a good girl, never done anything bad in her life. Coming...
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HIS-Story by fantasy_differ
HIS-Storyby Dark-Chocolate
HIS-Story AJ is nothing but a thug on the streets. Ruthless, sexy, confident and cold-hearted as people describe him to be. But deep down he's sweet, caring and waitin...
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Cold Burning Hearts (Dark Chaos MC #1) #Wattys2019 by mysteriouslove_xx
Cold Burning Hearts (Dark Chaos Blandina
Highest rank #1 in darkpast Highest rank #1 in bikerromance Highest rank #3 in cold Highest rank #4 in shygirl Highest rank #8 in hunter *Previously known as Fire and Ic...
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My over protective brother by shy_fangirl_16
My over protective brotherby Crystal Witch
Diana is a sweet, shy, nice, lovely girl she loves her family but when her parents die she has to go live with her older brother Alex she loves Alex so what's the proble...
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The Sun and it's Darkness (Completed) by QueenTea0825
The Sun and it's Darkness ( Queen
"Mommy am I your child?" My mom looked down and chuckled at me. "Of course you are Theo." She said continuing to cut the vegetables that I hated. ...
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Becoming Baby by babymunro
Becoming Babyby babymunro
A naive young college student finds her calling in the ABDL lifestyle. Warning! This is a work of pure fantasy. If you are easily offended by some of the themes you see...
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The Bad Boys Angel by luxuryhoney
The Bad Boys Angelby luxuryhoney
"Y-you're my A-Angel." #1 in STUTTER #1 in LONDON
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Our Corner of the Universe by fragile-nightmare
Our Corner of the Universeby fragile-nightmare
Melanie Anderson's specialty was going unnoticed. She was perfectly happy hiding away at the library for the next four years, exchanging her troubling past for the imagi...
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The Shy Fat Girl  by Blossomingtoinfinity
The Shy Fat Girl by Blossomingtoinfinity
Shy Tamika going through it all in high school crosses paths with a drug dealer named king. What will happen when the two crosses paths? Will sparks fly? Read to find o...
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Bad things  by preachoseok
Bad things by Hobigalore
AMBW Is this that cliche story with the shy girl and the bad boy? Yes but y'all know me.... There's always a plot twist
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The Queen of the Dawn by PhenaPoo
The Queen of the Dawnby Phena
1509 Princess Azora is sent across the ocean to marry a foreign prince, and eventually she will become his Queen. Her new husband seems cold and uncaring and prefers spe...
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Photo by itz_dayanara
Photoby itz_dayanara
Chloe smith just a girl that wanted to be alone with her best friend summer.and take photos it was her passion she love capturing a moment in a photo. Wanted to go to He...
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Trisha's Psychological Adventures by Arse-Nato
Trisha's Psychological Adventuresby Nigward
A story about a girl named Trisha. Trisha is a short, sweet, sober, and super shy girl. That all changes when she has her first drink. ...
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Lemon Book by runaway1222
Lemon Bookby author out 🖖
Reagan Lee has the worst day of her life. First, her beloved dog, Shadow, dies. Second, she gets gum in her hair and she has to cut it. And third, she sums up all her co...
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The Shy Twin by winterinspringtime
The Shy Twinby winterinspringtime
How does a sister FAIL TO MENTION HER TWIN? Noah's homecoming from boarding school to finish out the last half of high school brings both drama and romance. She never f...
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