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Confessions of a Queen Bee by Blair-Jade
Confessions of a Queen Beeby Jade
Completed ✨ *#1 in sexualassault 08/05/20 *#1 in meangirl 28/05/20 "Is this it then? It's true?" He spits out at me. "What's true?" I obviously know...
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Temptation (Larry Stylinson) ✅ by larry_love_ED
Temptation (Larry Stylinson) ✅by larry_love_ED
Harry just transferred to a new university and he's trying his best to fit in and make friends. As he struggles to come to terms with his sexuality, he develops a crush...
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Blue Neighborhood (bxb) by Ashton_Xander
Blue Neighborhood (bxb)by Xander and Ashton
"When I was born, I always knew there was something a little different about me." Being best friends, it comes with a consequence. You see each other every day...
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gentle ⋆ ddlb frerard by -necromantic
gentle ⋆ ddlb frerardby ⋆ 𝔬𝔩𝔦 ⋆
"if you really have nowhere to go, you can hang with me." "you're a stranger." gerard narrowed his eyes at the man on the ground. "how do i kno...
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I can't save you, unless you want me to (Demi lovato lesbian fanfiction) by GayShipps
I can't save you, unless you GayShipps
And there you go, another Demi fanfiction. I should probably stop, this is the third one :)) Olivia (Liv) - I'm sorry, I'm obsessed with the name - is a teenager with th...
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Forever by LynSmoulders
Foreverby LynSmoulders
After leaving behind an abusive, alcoholic mother and life on the streets Emily's life was on a good path, until she meets a man who sets her heart on fire. However, it...
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Savor the Moment by SeeItToBelieveIt
Savor the Momentby SeeItToBelieveIt
Quinn and Rachel parted ways long ago after high school. One day they stopped texting, emailing, calling or any type of communication. Rachel Berry had simply forgotten...
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All of us are humans (boyxboy) by Oompaloompa15815
All of us are humans (boyxboy)by strxnger_
Maybe his kisses were better than all the poison in his lungs
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Alcoholic Next Door | Min Yoongi X Reader by Karaleno3
Alcoholic Next Door | Min Yoongi kara-
What if you were the neighbor to the alcoholic that always pounded on your door every night? What if you had fallen in love with the alcoholic, and he had fallen in love...
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Dark Intentions│Daryl Dixon✔️ by TerryChiva
Dark Intentions│Daryl Dixon✔️by TerryChiva
Callie, or cal as she likes to be called, is the bastard born daughter of Hershel-another title she likes to give herself. During Hershel's drinking days, he made a big...
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Something to Talk About by thaliagrace-
Something to Talk Aboutby jay
❝I WANT TO BE YOUR OFFSCREEN KISSES TOO.❞ ━ In which Jensen Rhodes wasn't supposed to be famous and Miles Fox wasn't supposed to be anything but. © Jordin Verona, 2019 |...
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11:11 ♡ Make a Wish Eddie by JustFromQueens
11:11 ♡ Make a Wish Eddieby Spider-Man ♡
♡ ; After coming home from Derry for the last time, Richie finds himself in a deeper depression then he knew before. Show after show, Richie tries to live his life but...
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The Loneliest Corner of the Meteor by KarkatVantabulous
The Loneliest Corner of the Meteorby Karkat Vantabulous
Karkat was so lonely. Ever since Kanaya and Rose became Matesprits and Dave and Terezi became matesprits and the deaths of a vast majority of his friends and since Gamze...
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Broken and Beautiful by em_pow
Broken and Beautifulby Em
Isabelle Bavian, better known as Belle, used to live an average life, with a happy family, close friends and straight A's. However, when tragedy strikes she is ripped fr...
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Wailing Wall by chronicyouth23
Wailing Wallby chronicyouth23
It's a small town. Over the summer there was a fatal car accident which caused losses for two families. Is one loss more important and bad than the other? Who can be bla...
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On The Edge by Shay_3304
On The Edgeby Shay_3304
Leon Kahale is a fucking mess to put it simply. He's been a mess ever since he first picked up a bottle of beer. When he forms an unusual friendship with a native Florid...
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Long lost Threads: Angel Dust X Reader by TineeGamer
Long lost Threads: Angel Dust X Terribleawfulmathmatition
The first time you read the paper you wanted to laugh. It had to be a joke, right? Your friend walked like he was indestructible. How could he be dead? Being a friend to...
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I Hate Everything About You||KiriBaku by eijihoe-kirislut
I Hate Everything About You|| d u d e
[Completed] After a horrible breakup back in art school, Ejirou Kirishima and Katsuki Bakugo have barely spoken since graduation. Despite having been with his boyfriend...
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The Dandelion Days by buttercup-skies
The Dandelion Daysby t e g a n - l e a
"but with every high comes a new low, and soon enough he's ten feet under ground; lungs filled with dirt darker than any demon he has ever fought. he's drowning on...
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My Unexpected Love by MissKaylee96
My Unexpected Loveby Kaylee
**COMPANION TO MY LOST LOVE** Kendall Williams' life was perfect in everyone's eyes. She had a perfect boyfriend, she was on the dance and cheer team at school, she got...
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