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I'm Still Breathing  by darlingberational
I'm Still Breathing by darlingberational
Lucian Adler, the youngest of three and the wild child of the family, struggles with alcoholism among other things. When he meets a young girl in a local diner, she com...
Let me help| DADZAWA by My1Music8IsBetter
Let me help| DADZAWAby N;
Shinsou's life was a neverending nightmare. Various foster families, villains, he got played all the bad cards, that is until Aizawa's and Yamada's home for boys came in...
Run Away by Urwrstnightmare
Run Awayby Urwrstnightmare
Madison has a pretty horrible life, but she can't see it. She deals with many problems many young teenagers don't have to. After many encounters with the different cast...
Dysphoria- An Umbrella Academy Fanfiction by euphoriaisinreach
Dysphoria- An Umbrella Academy Eve <3
"Time throws you out of its dimensionless planar like a boomerang. It unites you again in death." Octavia Hargreeves was one of eight children born on October...
Recovering - Gold x Silver by WeezyInk
Recovering - Gold x Silverby mfing king
Silver is a recovering alcoholic fresh out of college. He doesn't have a job, he's been crashing at hotels and occasionally his one friend's fake bar, and Silver could...
Where We Left Off by Monst3rs
Where We Left Offby Lindsay Alexandra
After escaping their abusive father, sixteen year old Stevie Greenwood and her younger sister Isabelle flee to the only place that they've ever called home, Greenwood Pl...
Saving Adam by knightsrachel
Saving Adamby Rachel
Sarah Campbell has everything she's ever wanted. She worked day and in and day out for her acceptance to her dream school, Vanderbilt University. And now that she's got...
I can't save you, unless you want me to (Demi lovato lesbian fanfiction) by GayShipps
I can't save you, unless you GayShipps
And there you go, another Demi fanfiction. I should probably stop, this is the third one :)) Olivia (Liv) - I'm sorry, I'm obsessed with the name - is a teenager with th...
Simply Broken | Michael Jackson by TheRainbowJackson
Simply Broken | Michael Jacksonby Aiden Gagnon
[Book 3 of 6 in the "Simply" series.] "As if I already wasn't going through enough hell! You're supposed to be my anchor keeping me grounded in life, not...
The Art Of Series by knightsrachel
The Art Of Seriesby Rachel
This is a spin-off of several works I have completed or are currently underway. This series of short stories will follow a few of my characters through the rehabilitatio...
SUNSHINE, jihope. [fin.] by vaugency-moved
SUNSHINE, jihope. [fin.]by buh bye !
❝please don't take my sunshine away.❞ two negatives make a positive, right? a jihope au. [completed on february 19, 2018.] 💫 cover made by @PETTAE 💫
Once Around the Carousel by Borden23
Once Around the Carouselby Borden Barrows
Never doubt whether miracle workers walk amongst us. They always have and always will. We feel a need to give them titles like genius and savant, to classify them as vir...
Violet Hour by myjesticmoon
Violet Hourby myjesticmoon
Raina is a catholic raised girl who is attending the local university. One day, she practices piano in a park where she meets a drunken man. They soon become acquainted...
Fire and Flame🔥  by michelle102106
Fire and Flame🔥 by Brenlyn14
Twelfth hour of the first day of October 1989. Lilith and Landon are twins, some of the kids born on that day. They are known as members of the Umbrella Academy. Lilith...
Sincerely, Mike by paperletterbombs
Sincerely, Mikeby Jay
- After an embarrassing meltdown at the IHeartRadio Festival, Billie Joe Armstrong is sent to rehab to seek treatment for suicidal tendencies, mental illness, and years...
Whiskey Lullaby by ashcravo
Whiskey Lullabyby Ash
* #1 in stevetony 09/18/20 * Tony and Steve have been secretly sleeping together for almost two years, before Steve has had enough of it. He knows Tony cares for him, bu...
Bad Habits by seekabsolution
Bad Habitsby harley lynn
Sometimes Reagan drinks too much and sometimes she under exaggerates, but we all have our flaws.
Stealing Kisses by tmcgrawfhill
Stealing Kissesby tmcgrawfhill
In a twist of fate, the chance encounter that set Tim and Faith in motion is derailed, changing their lives. Instead of becoming steadfast lovers, they're industry rival...
Lost and Found (A Castle Fanfiction) by stana_lover
Lost and Found (A Castle stana_lover
Katherine Beckett's life completely shattered before her when her mother was brutally slain in an alley way when Kate was nineteen. Two months later, her father has been...
Shattered by irrwhim
Shatteredby irrwhim
Tord is self destructing. Ever since the "incident" he just hasn't been the same. That's what Paul calls it. "The incident" Nothing more... Nothing l...