Colours by Ffionjx
Coloursby Ffion Jones
Racism was a big boulder we thought we tackled in the early stages 2000's. Although our world almost vanished in the famous year of 2067. The war on colours of skin cha...
  • feminism
  • sexism
  • racism
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Their Final Years; Or, A Tale of Hathley Grammar by OnyeNkem
Their Final Years; Or, A Tale of H...by OnyeNkem
Hathley Grammar is a picturesque boarding school in Adelaide and a whole world away from Molly Hall's rather poor home. Her elation at having won a scholarship to Hathle...
  • diversityinlit
  • freetheboy
  • depression
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Too Young by Kiana_Kiki_Valentine
Too Youngby 🍓Kiana V.🍓
The current generation is living in a world that is being destroyed by the generation before us. The generations our parents, our government, and most racists, bigots, s...
  • racism
  • schoolshooters
  • destruction
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RUN AWAY BRIDE by NomuraBriyai01
RUN AWAY BRIDEby NomuraBriyai01
Eliamia is the second child and only daughter of Count Victor and Countess Eliasia. She's betrothed to General William, who she hates with passion. She falls in love wit...
  • arrangedmarriage
  • stilltinkingonwithtagillput
  • racism
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A Long Way From Home by AngelCloudWolf
A Long Way From Homeby Aninayrt
"Mommy, where are we going?" "To a better place to live. It's a long way from home, but I'm sure you'll love it either way. It'll be tough, but we can do...
  • immigration
  • facts
  • realpeople
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R E V E R S E by 1-800-peach-love
R E V E R S Eby 🌸1-800-S A D🌸
Reverse what you did or done. Pretend It doesn't matter in the end what war is won.
  • suicide
  • pedophilia
  • stereotypes
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Rasict - Lucas Sinclair by coastercoaster
Rasict - Lucas Sinclairby Paris
in which her parents are rasict but she's in love
  • love
  • mike
  • milliebobbybrown
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Indian brides- the fairer the lovelier by haseenahaneefa
Indian brides- the fairer the love...by haseenahaneefa
Just something I wanted to say as an Indian girl.....
  • darkskin
  • desi
  • loveyourskin
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Gods' Wager: A Traveler's Fate by Become_a_villain
Gods' Wager: A Traveler's Fateby Matt
"Those shores are not for your kind, and you're mad if you think they are!" Jakko is wanted for murder. He flees the land he has called home his entire life, t...
  • dwarves
  • humans
  • magic
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The New Boss #01 by AmbrosesIfrit19
The New Boss #01by Yesha
Tara is the CFO of the prestigious Richardson industries and after the retirement of her best friend's father she, along with everyone else, believes thats his son-the h...
  • badboy
  • chicklit
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Fighting My School by NikGTFO
Fighting My Schoolby Annika (Nik)
NAME: Liona Bradford AGE: 12 GRADE: 6th GENDER: Female BIRTHDATE: September 8, 2005 RACE: Black
  • fighting
  • brave
  • middleschool
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That feminist over there and other political stories by TheaHanhivaara
That feminist over there and other...by Thea 📖🌏
a girl with a voice who just needs a microphone
  • lgbtq
  • racism
  • feminism
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Things That Piss Me Off by LoveIsLove2155
Things That Piss Me Offby Alex
Mostly things that I hear straight, white, cis, privileged white boys saying, but not always.
  • racism
Benumb || Speeches by safe-space
Benumb || Speechesby i love youuu
In this book will be included speeches against matters that we feel strongly about. Feel free to read the speeches and share your opinion concerning them. You may also s...
  • sexualorientation
  • abuse
  • stop
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A Real Kind Of Color by Jazzbird
A Real Kind Of Colorby Jazlyn
  • queen
  • plottwist
  • cliffhanger
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Dear white people  by -sinxng
Dear white people by αυвяι ♡
"No matter colour, sexuality, race or gender we all bleed the same colour"
  • racism
  • woke
  • racist
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Give Me One Reason by NaGisa_Espinoza
Give Me One Reasonby иαttie Drαgonige
Starting the school year as a senior seemed like an unrealistic dream. Making friends seemed even more unrealistic. Getting on Blake's bad side was the only realistic th...
  • nerd
  • project
  • popular
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My Story  by OMGeeNoWay
My Story by MemeQueen
Shit I need to share.
  • depression
  • art
  • racism
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